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— by J J
Reante- I will refer you to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief and his work on self-receptor cells. Intricate to the issues that arise when someone receives, say a heart transplant and then start having memories of the donor. A reception is going on, from some source other than the brain or body.

As far as the effects of cell towers, it's all about frequency. Been well proven that basic music can affect the emotions of a person so it is at least assumable that other frequencies have the potential to affect as well.

I do recall seeing a SwissRe article many moons back about the nature of cell towers and how none of the insurers would touch them. Even the cell companies themselves have to turn to third parties to construct and maintain the structures thus limiting their own liability of the inevitable.

Even Hollyweird, which is tasked with putting out foreshadowments of what is to come, have touched upon this topic. The Kingsmen as example. Broadcast a frequency that makes people go mad and kill each other. And the John Cusack vehicle, The Cell.

Bel- have you tried Brave browser? It's my go-to browser for mobile usage as it keeps data consumption to a minimum. And always best to create a lengthy article outside of a browser in some text editor and then cut-n-paste to the browser app. Again, saves on data consumption.