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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As I gather the old research notes together for what comes next ...

more of that 'veil' which I have recently referred to here is getting lifted from the parts of my past which had needed to be forgotten, so as to heal and 'move on.' And move on I did - till finally, it came time to move on 'right thru, to the other side'... and return to 'demons' of my past.

In so doing, tis only fitting that we return to our old guide to hellish situations - Mr Poe - whose short story “Into the Maelström” will key us into the appropriate mood for this portion of our passage.

On the surface level, it involves the protagonists’ struggle to stay alive whilst being dragged down into the raging vortex of the maelstrom, during which he notices that those objects which are lightest are the ones’ able to float above the danger. He organizes his survival strategy according to his powers of seeing what really is… and survives to tell the tale!

The story, narrated by the survivor of a hellish storm at ses, is one which witnesses to the authors’ facility with mixing modalities- of fiction/fact, past/present, imaginative/practical.  "A Descent into the Maelström" was believed by readers to be true and one passage was reprinted in the ninth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica – ironically, it was based on a passage that Poe had lifted from an earlier edition of that same encyclopedia.

Rather than merely ‘impish,’ I trust the reader with therefore view my own mixing of modalities here as an effort in the direction we have pursued on these pages via Poes’ metafictional dectective - Augustin Dupin. To see - what is, and not see....what is not.

Where others are pretending to see events in the muddled east as spontaneous developments arising out of human action, they are - in fact - scripted performances with no more authenticity than a puppet theater or a fairy tale. Those who see not such pathetic performance art, see instead the interweavings of a great multigenerational mysterium, whereby the peoples of the west are to be successively defrauded, then degraded, and ultimately, destroyed, all by enemies who never stray into plain sight.

Watching the seamless convergence of my own personal history with events of the moment, knowing that fate has waited till the perfect time, to bring things together at last, now every day my purposeful amnesia is passing, the dialogue here is jogging memories out of hiding, just the way I'd hoped it would be in setting the platform up to be more 'interactive.'

Whereas previously I'd been content with the 'description' of settings and timelines... at this point its necessary to switch to enscription - epigraphic deciphering of he details of what needs be known, as read on the ruins of the social collapse we silently witness now.

And to update Rummies list of knowns. Known knowns, unknown knowns, known unknowns. Now... we need to add 'forbidden unknowns' to the list. Knowledge of the crimes of kabbalism, how it all works, how it plays out - is forbidden; if and when one finds out too much - no place is safe. But - what is safety? Even the safest setting can get outta hand!

The safest place, I have found to be - is the place where the least distortion of perception takes place - do you know that space? It is where the real cohabits with the dream state. Their intertwinings and secret liaisons provoke a retreat by evil. When the opportunity thus presented is fully grasped to advantage… all sorts of benificent action can be undertaken. In this case, such action is to report upon the real. As the neo-journalist best equipped for such a task, I have long awaited the moment when the cue comes to move into full speed upon it.

And  our friends with the Russo-talmudic disinfo site have been cooperative in this it seems!

Like the Duke, at Salamanca, watching his opponent move the flank division over to try and cut his line of retreat... seeing this clue pop up yesterday was the ‘chicken bone’ moment I thought might never come. Our kabbalist-talmudist buddies have gotten either more bold – or desperate, and the clue has not been missed on my part! BZ you say?

Apr 07, 2018; 9:31am Re: Amerika - Pulling Out - Or Pulling the Pin 

My response to reader Cataclysm provides the necessary ‘proof’ if you like as to where we are in the game:

"BZ as a super-hallucinogen, which really is not a good way to describe it. It's a deliriant, basically" - said Ketchum in his interview. Has "BZ" been secretly mass produced and delivered in a form which minimized the overt symptomolgy at the same time as increasing the scope of the delirium  to induce a mass social substitute reality?

Or is it something else which is making the entire wester world disappear? Inquiring minds wanna know!"

Did I know -  -that one week later that oblique reference I slipped in there would become the most explosive topic of the news cycle? No – nor did I need to. I told you that we had embarked upon something very different from ordinary channels of investigation here. You believed i was kiddin around?

My previous excavation work here has been on the level of  societal archeology = digging thru the muck and debris of millennia worth of distorted history, looking for clues as to where the 'real' past was hijacked, and by whom. In the course of which we've visited some times and places, crimes and faces, which have recycled themselves thru the ages with a remarkable consistency of character. "Crimes" against humankind, committed by "kooks" whose invented mythologies of toxic bloodline hegemony have been handed down generation after generation in unbroken lines of succession. Places where those tribalistic passions have brewed, spread from, and been returned to. A "rogues gallery" of faces staring out through time's hall of infamy with the same gleam of mischief and misanthropy in each mug. 'Demons' of OUR past.

Good stuff. Important work. I've enjoyed the ride... and seeing my faculties of mind/body returned to me in full as a result of doing the work has been profit enough, already. But, inevitably, 'shit gets real.' And now it has.

AND THAT - was Part One of a Post which was assembled Sunday here in the muddled east - in response to the events of the day previous - and a dialogue with reader 'reante' which had pushed me farther into the past than I had previously wanted to go. The second part of that post will not appear here.

It was a detailed description of the personal circumstances which brought me here - to the point where "I" - ["WE" if you'd like it to be so] am ready to blow the whole psyop right out of the water. BZ -wise - SYRIAN ENDGAME -wise .... and a whole lot more. I can only succeed at that if I stay hidden. Something about the story I wrote yesterday violated that rule; and I still don't know just what. But I've learned to respect the signals. Four times I pasted that piece into this space - four times it disappeared fore my eyes. I was angry. I'm not now.

I am thankful.

When the time is right - that information should get to appear here. I don't know when that will be, but I do know that I'm about to run the voodoo down.

Don't touch that dial.

Joe Henderson -
Lead off track from 1968s Power to the People

the smoothest, hardest... bestest 4:34 minutes of tonality your ear is ever gonna hear.