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"Reante- I will refer you to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief and his work on self-receptor cells. Intricate to the issues that arise when someone receives, say a heart transplant and then start having memories of the donor. A reception is going on, from some source other than the brain or body."

I did not feel the urge to look up bruce lipton.

When i previously said that consciousness and energy live and die together in reality, because they are the symbionts that together constitute the Applied Consciousness that manifests bodily Life, i was not implying that when an organism 'dies' in the conventional sense, its applied consciousness dies with it. If AC also ceased then the body would immediately disappear in holographic reality.

Metaconsciousness is the umbrella term for the biological (self-)awareness tool that shapes the particularities of the holograph. Metaconsciousness is the creative cutting edge fractal of AC and as such is embedded in the bodily AC mother whose job it is to hold the everchanging holograph of the Collective Past, including the organism's metacobsciousness. AC does this via its links to both the consciousness and energy dimensions that otherwise exist separately in god, whereout there is no Metaconsciousness and, incidentally, no Selfishness.

Memories are the metaconscious translations of the organism's (AC) Past. The (bodily) organism is, on this level, memory in the pre-cognitive state. It should come as no surprise that a still-fresh heart should come to a donor recipient with its own memories, among other things.

The reception IS coming from the body -- the transplanted heart -- which itself is an extract of a still-living AC recently become subject to decomposition/recomposition.