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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
As usual, NGamer,
you're 'in the money' =

"The 12th glyph of the Dreamspell is 'Human' and the 13th glyph is "Skywalker". The sacred calendar is 260 days and the civil calendar is 360 days with 5 unlucky days that are not counted. The Maya were well aware that a solar system is 365 days but chose to memorialize the number 360. Their simultaneous use of two calendars with astrology arrayed sets of ratios and sequences yet accounted for each day of the year in a way utterly foreign to the European calendar .

The number 360 symbolizes space in a 360-degree circle or sphere. When a 360-day civil calendar symbolizing space is arrayed with a 260-day sacred calendar symbolizing fourth dimensional time, time-space ratios (coordinates) are discovered. The civil and sacred calendars synchronize every 52 years, so 52 is a central fractal of the calendars.

The number 20 used in a Fibonacci matrix and factored with 13 and 18 produces internal sequences and cycles in the 12th and 13th places. With 12 solar months to 13 lunar months, the 12:13 relationship is part of nature's planetary design.

The European calendar mandated by Pope Gregory in 1583 is the only world calendar that did not intercalate at least two celestial cycles."

Your previous reference to "Oaxaca" did not go unnoticed by these lyin yeux! I've simply bin biding my time as to when and where to fit that part in. The above quoted extract from

"Vincent H. Malmström" (he he heh - no... I'm not making that up - his name appearing in this Maelstrom post is simply part of the 'acausal synchronicity' theme I never tire of referencing here!) -The Maya Inheritance

 is part of the puzzle which leads back to the day in July 1991 when I gazed upon the Oaxacan landscape/dreamscape darkened by THE BIG ONE which those same Maya had managed to predict the coming occurrence of ...

in 775 AD!