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Two suns\ One totality\No more "alt" medias\ Soul Survivors, Enquire Within
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Yesterday I finally decided that the only way to find out whether "Jim Stone" was still the 'real Jim Stone' - or not -

was to email the man and ask him! So I did. And, it got through to him. His response((as posted on his web site)?

I got an E-mail from "the man from Turkey", only it is a ruse, it is not him. Nice try.

From which I am forced to conclude that ... like any number of other once fabulous fellow resistors I once knew to be 'real'... Mr Jim Stone is now another hollow shell simulacra of himself, golemized and recycled into service to the powerz he once opposed mightily.

Is it sad, is it scary, is it both... and much more? I guess it's just - real. As in the really real dirty deal I have been attempting to relay to westerlings for some years now. Down down down they go - one by one picked off and destroyed - cause they didn't wanna get serious about security on the personal side, and/or depended, like Jim, on 'other peoples' money to survive!

Nevertheless, there is profit to be gained - as always - from this revelation of sad reality. In full accordance with our subtheme here of 'acausal synchronicity' the storyline takes us 'south of the Rio Grande'... where cactuses, corn, and cabrones of all sizes come from. And even... on one side of the 'family tree' - G├╝eros like myself!

so I know the territory pretty good - far better than gringos like Jim, who become the go to experts on everything they touch, simply because they are Merikan exceptionalists to whom the whole earth belongs! Yes - "I"... whom am no longer "me" it seems... and therefore 'free' to be the guy who actually calls another casualty of the war upon reality out -

Unlike Jaime... who appears to be... after dawg knows how many years of viviendo en Mejico... unable to speak the language...
hablaba la lengua desde hace mucho / and found myself therefore roaming about from Jalapa to Jalisco, from Tuxtla to Tepic, many a time in the  70s, 80s, and 90s, in search of an elusive dreamscape.... till one day in July, I needed search no more. Most of what has happened to me in this present lifetime has been dreamed beforehand. I do not know whether this is a commonality to other people, unique to myself, or whatever. I do know that the major events of my life were told to me in dream time before they 'happened.' Some were 'crystal clear' - unforgettable 'monster' dreams which remained etched and available on my consciousness 24/7/365...

others, hazy, incomplete glimpses, which fade in and out of consciousness. Some were what I came to call 'repetitive' dreams... always the same scene, the same players, others 'one off.' Some took years, nay, decades to unravel and match up with waking events... others were connectable instantly. Up until THE DREAM OF THE CAVERN - which I an NOT going to go into here - THE DREAM OF THE TWO SUNS was the biggest of em all. It was one of the repetitive types. Kept coming back, sometimes a different mode, but always the same hyper reality pointing me somewheres I needed to find but had no (conscious)idea where to look.

In it, I was sitting pon a tractor, plowing a field ... UNDER A SKY WITH TWO SUNS in it. On July 11th, 1991, I found the field... side by side with the "ballplayers" site at Dainzu, Oaxaca, although, up to that moment, I did not (consciously)know I was looking for it. Dainzu is one of the lesser known - and understood - Mexican archeological sites which have been extensively dug and documented over the course of the past half century. It lies a short distance south of Oaxaca city. We were not heading for Dainzu on that day we climbed the steep windy highway up to the plateau from the seacoast village of Puerto Angel. We were planning to view the mid day eclipse of the century from a much more famous site close by.

When we reached that place however, it was crowded with folks who were, in my mind, totally out of place with the surroundings, and what was going to take place...  in sacred space. So I said  to the girlfriend - 'we need to leave here, go somewhere else to see the eclipse.' A short bus ride away, Dainzu was the obvious choice - in fact, the only choice as an alternative setting to be present at, as the clock was winding down close to show time!

Indeed, the shadows were already creeping in on the midday light of day as we walked the long dirt road in to the site from the highway. Little by little, the insect and bird noises would drop off, an aural accompaniment to the visual progress of the eclipse of the sun. In that shadowy, silent half light world, we walked thru the area of the ruins, and ...

from top a cluster of stones - just before the full darkness imposed itself - I saw the field which I had plowed in the dream. After the dark had lifted, the world returning gradually to some state of apparent normality, I walked to the place I had seen in the dream... and knew that nothing from this point on in my life was gonna be 'normal' at all.

Fast forward a bit. I'd brought a tent - we were gonna stay on site. A man came by - he was a villager with some kind of caretaker function for the place. I got mixed messages from him. But I got one message clear - he said it wouldn't be a good idea to stay around at nightfall. I don't really know how all the rest shook down... but I do know that we got out of there. And that if we had not, we would not have been around the next morning. The weird shit started happening in the bus station in Oaxaca.

A few days later, back down on the coast, and after having taken the girlfriend to the curandero in desperate effort to find a solution to her delerium*, I was piecing together the puzzle slowly.

It's now more than a quarter century later - those pieces still are not all in place! But they moving in an impossible sequence of vibratory humming and buzzings... towards being made visible to those who need to see - that which is.... and not see... that which is not.

*It's a deliriant, basically" - said Ketchum in his interview.
[postscript] incredible 'friction' in trying to get this one finished up.

I switched on the "delusive-net" and read the messages from Horn and NG|

Either you guys 'broke on thru to the other side' before me... or we did not notice each other breakin on thru together. Nice work. We're 'in the zone.'

I suspect that Bro R has taken the measure of what's goin on here - and after receiving my pointed reference to the 'air-borne' delivery ... of a of a soil-borne pathogen
 resulting in the death of the person who was nearest to me in this dimension(yet remains so in adjoining)which I forwarded to he and Horn yesterday...

has decided to retire from the field - too late - however, to guard against the ether-born delivery of the knowledge which he came here to find out... about. As he himself has noted - everything has a cost. In this case, the knowledge that each persons' Gondolin is as fragile as the sky above them! And... as you follow deeper with me down this sewer to shambolic soul safety...

you gonna learn just how fragile indeed that is!
Rather bizarrely - I've just now discovered that a movie was released... in 1991... titled - Two Suns in the Sky  here's a review of the film which appears on the IMDB page -

"Two Suns in the sky (Dyo Ilioi ston Ourano) is a film about the time (4th/5th centuries CE) when Hellas (Greece) was transformed from a country of philosophers/free thinkers and heroes (the first sun is Apollo) to a country of slaves to a non-hellenic, non-human, non-aristocratic way of fatalistic thinking of pseudo-equality and pseudo-metaphysics (the second sun is Jesus). It was a time when the schools of Philosophy were closed down and the Olympic games were banned. The film shows that this transformation was violent and not peaceful as the church argues. 1600 years have passed since the time depicted in this film, yet, the Christian occupation of Hellas continues"

which describes the films contents. Boom. "Free thinkers and heroes".... get me some dat!

Inevitably... some will rue the day that they first caught site of that ramshackle shoppe with the battered sign on the window - SOUL RETRIEVALS - ENQUIRE WITHIN - curse the moment when they first entered to make the acquaintance of the dubious looking proprietor in the jaguar-skin cloak, nose bone, and loin cloth, loitering rakishly inside.

Others will be aware - in hindsight, foresight, or the endless now sight... that NOTHING in this world is as it appears. And therefore remain calm in the face of many devious ploys to make them lose sight of

the really real.

Even a year ago... the notion of losing allies like "Jim Stone" would have been a dagger in my heart. Now it's just another passing signal of the way things be. The cloud lifted a bit here two hours ago -for the first time in almost one week. Right about the moment I read Horns' notation of the presence of real weather... in a real place.. outside of cell hell.

Thanks... you have no idea how much I needed that respite!

It's a deliriant, basically" - said Ketchum in his interview. Don't forget! We goin -there!