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Re: Two suns\ One totality\No more "alt" medias\ Soul Survivors, Enquire Within
— by reante reante
Y'all are funny, man. Firstly, y'all still give a fuck about billions of people you don't even know, because you were taught to by your overlords. Secondly, y'alls response is apparently to reminisce, and walk down memory lane. It's all meta- here. As in New Age. As in mind over matter. If my home cosmology of Applied Consciousness appears materialistic and unfriendly, it is only because that's what holism looks like to a new age metromind that can't feel the Animist Reality of the Recomposition Cycle of Applied Consciousness in Evolution.

Don't overindulge in mental masturbation.

People who live in the past are defeated people. Be forward looking because that's where Creation lies.

Y'all have given me no indication that you know what it is to really co-create Life. Your 'nature' reminisces are all based around RECREATIONAL experiences.

My salient connection with god is through my ACTIONS and as such, i can never be taken alive, because when i die they cannot take my godly Recomposition from me. The best they can do is forestall it by embalming me.

If i need to steam clean my lungs with some antifungals i'll get on with it. If i need to squeeze my bull in a chute and do the same for him by god i'll get it done, and i'll clamp down on his fuckin nuts if he's not breathing deep enough.