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— by reante reante
There is no "middle," bel. That doesn't mean anything.

I do have two suggestions.

Don't be negative. Don't make proclamations about the fragility of situations you know nothing about, just because you've been put through the wringer as a result of your own actions. Don't encourage fragility. Don't be fatalistic about other peoples' shit by  analogizing their refuges to a doomed fictional city. Have some respect for mature Life under pressure. Bear witness to the potential of Greatness (not mine) rather than cynically trot out neitzsche.

If you have valuable information to share about particular dangers then share it, and then share what you think might be done about it (the second suggestion). That would be leadership. The subject would be non-violent self-defense. Saying "get light" is a start, i guess, but it isn't actually saying anything concrete.

Not sharing your horror story and in the process laying the specter of doom on people is the opposite of leadership.

There's nothing more unconstructive than negativity.

You mentioned somewhere that you run livestock. When the space opens up, do you think vertical transhumance would be a good option for you where you are? Occasionally i wish we were more mountainous here than we are.