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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
To which previous - allow me to add:

Being hypersensitive about receiving 'valuable information'/aka hard won knowledge as to the weaknesses inherent in ones survival strategy = negative. If you operate under a sky (hint:you do)then the info I shared with you is supremely CONSTRUCTIVE. Construing it otherwise is simply - as reference -

IF THAT information has made you feel 'fragile' - it is 'a result of your own action/inaction' - and hopefully will spur you to think that thru... once your outrage has lessened. I'm NOT expecting thanks... but I sure don't need the projection.

The Gondolin reference came up for me in the course of learning about Horns' situation. And I expect it would be apparent to he as well that I was sending a direct message into a nofly zone. Nobody said constructive dialogue here was going to be always 'pleasant.'

 That would be leadership. The subject would be non-violent self-defense. Saying "get light" is a start, i guess, but it isn't actually saying anything concrete.

Leadership is not what I am interested in here - at all. In fact, I'm allergic to the idea. It might be due to the years spent running a business which had to employ people. Most people are energy vampires... looking to 'leaders' to suck the juice out of.  

What this space is about is mutual aid... tween equals. That's not negotiable - and anybody who dislikes the principle is free to fly.

Not sharing your horror story and in the process laying the specter of doom on people is the opposite of leadership
If you think you have a better idea about the limits to my personal safety in sharing...
this one's for you:
"Don't make proclamations about the fragility of situations you know nothing about"

saludos companero.