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— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro

1. "...NOTHING in this world is as it appears [to be]."  That's exactly what I mean when I say that this world is an illusion made up of a body of illusions known as 'knowledge.'  'Knowledge' is the building block of the universe yet 'knowledge' itself is the fundamental epistemic fraud:
2. The ONLY truth consists of the view summarized above.  "The really real" is INACCESSIBLE to rational or empirical inquiry for both methods are instrumentalities of Knowledge or illusion and untruth.  The truth is none other than REALITY as in what exists as opposed to what doesn't; what is the case as opposed to what isn't.  Taken beyond this helpful descriptive role and elevated to the level of any kind of prescriptive and authoritative principle, the concept [i.e. form of knowledge.  Yes, no escape from it.] of truth loses all credibility and meaning.  The truth is only this fundamental dichotomy; the impossible division of unity (check out the above link for detailed explanation).
3. Using too many esoteric words ascribed non-standard "personally customized" meanings on top, results in a Tower-of-Babel-like breakdown in communication where no one understands no one else, with everyone flailing about addressing their own misconceptions of what they think was said.

Bel, Reante, my friends,

I don't understand half of what you are saying (and I'm being charitable about the real quotients).

I think it would greatly expand the audience and the actual amount of ideas shared if you'd clean up your writing style and be more economical and orthodox with your usage of words.