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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

I think it would greatly expand the audience and the actual amount of ideas shared if you'd clean up your writing style and be more economical and orthodox with your usage of words.

One thing I share in common with reante is the dismissal of chance for the billions whose antennae were flattened long ago, and already exist in semi(soon complete)half-life. Only difference would be where he relishes that brutal fact... I'm sheepish about expressing it, and crestfallen that it has to be that way.

Expanding an audience past the demographic that is able/willing to benefit from the contents thereof...
is a mugs' game. I would like to stay 'unmugged' ... so I avoid thugs... of the intellectual kind as well as the usual suspects. Bearing down on the target audience -

potential soul survivors - gives this site a unique purpose and mystique.

Just look - you... who admittedly don't understand half the contents - are here like a be-ing to hon- ee. Because the half you do understand  - combined with the quotient which you understand and we earthlings don't -

is gonna be dynamite when we get it all sorted out - and our dynamic interchange in full sync!