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— by reante reante

I've thanked you numerous times already for your splendid efforts, and the generosity with which you give your time. Any further thanks could, if not should, go without saying. Thank you!

You know me well enough by now to know i wouldn't relish the future die-off of most people even if it is a good thing for biodiversity in the long run. My comment was a reflection of the fact that we as band and village species are incapable of conceptualizing truthfully of people we either don't know well enough to care enough about, or vice versa. Dunbar's Number. (Maestro, i think that if you just apply dunbar to your theory of unassailable human lostness, you might grow your thinking again after a lengthy period of stasis.) I can sympathize, bel, with the poor sods trapped in their cultural cycle of poverty every bit as much as you. We both shared that poverty in our immaturity. Almost everyone i know love and work with is in that category.

Mutual Aid. kropotkin isn't it? Kropotkin was a spook no doubt. One in a long line of fake anarchists who erased natural hierarchy -- meritocracy, DIRECTION -- from humanity. A leader is nothing more than the person in an ego-less group of two or more who has put the most focus (AC) into the task at hand. Everybody is a leader and a follower depending on the situation. That is the core of community life, and the core of egalitarianism, because it works.