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— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro

Appreciate the lucid writing.  Now I can understand everything you're saying.

Re Dunbar's Number.  I personally think that people who don't share the same goals, lifestyle and ethnic background shouldn't be expected to coexist in peace.  Family and Tribe (the sum of the above values) are necessary to the survival and wellbeing of human beings, as evinced by everyday experience and history itself.  Another reason Jews (sorry  Bel, not just, or only, Talmudic scum) are pushing the mongrelization of races and one-parent households EXCEPT for themselves because this results in disenfranchised weak people unable to come together to protect and defend themselves.

Taking this line of thought to its logical conclusion, the present-day dogma that Republicans and Democrats; the Left and the Right; blacks and whites; can together underwrite a prosperous unified people in a democracy is a filthy lie that's anathema to me.  The only way to fix a de facto divided country is to accept that fact and de jure divide it.

My 2 cents.