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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Mutual aid as a political stance cuts a wider swath than K or any particular person/party/platform.In fact, it resonates with your theme of symbionts mightily. In nature, we find a lot of organisms which practice mutual aid - and parasitism - and mimic competition, accumulation(capitalism in action) and even - psyops!

Question is - are they 'mimicing' "us" - or vis versa? Or are we all operating on pretty much the same level- whether verta or invertabrate? When I studied life in the topsoil, the relationships were fascinating. Intricate games being played out between root systems, microorganisms, fungi, - real live 'negotiations' of who got what part of the resource base, who gave up control, who contributed what... and the best part... the fake outs where one of the participants attempts to 'fool' their working partner and/or cheats on a working agreement! This is human society in a nutshell - but operating in the plant kindom!

"Kropotkin was a spook no doubt. One in a long line of fake anarchists who erased natural hierarchy -- meritocracy, DIRECTION -- from humanity." Interesting - care to tell us who might not have been 'a fake?'

Even within 'anarchism' there's a wide spectrum of inclinations - I recently mentioned my underlying "Stirner" type of personal character, but it mixes with a whole lot of others. Proudhon I believe to have made much the same inclusion as you here bout 'meritocracy' and the leader in an ego-less group. When I allow my emotions to be included... Makhnov is the hands down winner of my heart - but I'm a sucker for great military commanders.

I split from every co-op, collective, spiritual group - any group setting at all - eventually, because deep down I was a hard core entrepreneur with a need to take risks based on visions unique to myself. Hierarchy - indeed - I am of two minds about. Working jointly on agreed projects with assigned principles - not at all!