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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Maestro - the only thing I've called you is 'a bull in the china shoppe.'

Because some of what you say is not comprehensible to me, I don't assume you are 'out there'... in the sense of space cadet, but certainly out there in being far from easy to understand. I know it cuts both ways!
Which is why I say dynamic potentialities which come from the interaction.

We can all afford to practice getting more 'economical' - comprehensible - and so on, but without sacrificing the essential style which each brings to the table. Sometime in the last two years I pretty much gave up trying to write on places like the hedge in a way which would 'make sense' to the average gomer there. It was not rational to write in such a way - for an audience desperate to be directed away from the truth, &

instead, i starting letting myself just go at it in the manner which best flowed. I'm more than happy with the results, and the audience I have - quality versus quantity you might say.

I've seen the same dilemma with your writing there - you go to great lengths to explain some phenomena in a manner you think will cut thru the dissonance and reach pretty much everyone paying any attention at all. And it doesn't make any difference -no comprendo - so you just let er rip!

nb. Through the first part of 2016 I was sending Jim dispatches from the muddled east - where I live. He called me by that name in introducing the reports to his readers. I was fine with that. Still am.