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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
I gather that you don't think much of 'dreams' or faculties beyond the rational; I've grown to depend upon them as the only real guidance which I can trust through thick and thin. I don't proselytize, or advocate that position for anyone else, but I do try to locate and communicate with those whose life experience directs them to the same sort of 'supra-rational' perspective

In what I sent to your and Horn, I've given you a taste of what it means to find meaning and purpose out of some dark experiences. I coulda gone down... and not come back up, but that would serve no one. I'm not calling it anything "noble" ... I took on 'revenging' the inequity done to one soul... and spun it into revenging the inequities done to a plethora of 'souls.'

In darkness I found light. Have enough to share now. Sharing I've found to be way more fun than hoarding. I'm into fun. As in - innocence and eros. That's big fun - for me.
 "Kabbalism in action" is my way of reverencing the grace I was given in finding my way back, and fulfilling my duty towards someone who saw a much bigger and better "me" than I ever imagined myself to be. I expect that I'll be thanking her for that - every day I live - via my action.

What started in Mexico was the beginning of a twenty five year period of 'divination' which came to a conclusion a year or so - the effects are rolling towards completion as we speak. And they have sped up exponentially as a result of me cultivating a situation where I could communicate with others just as we are doing here. It's sometimes 'fun,' sometimes hard work, and I'm grateful for the both. Thank you too.

You won't believe how big this gets. I prolly won't either.