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— by reante reante
I was not decrying mutual aid insofar as it simply means cooperation. But when mutual aid is used in place of cooperation, it signifies Petr the Fake.

Which is to say, when political terms are used in place of organic terms, the discussion veers from the context being EVERYTHING to the context being politics, veers from Life to worldliness.

Life does not do politics. Outside of humans living for too long in compacted ecologies, Life does not do polities, does not institutionalize itself. Anarcho-takeyourpick are all politicized institutions. They are all paradoxes and paradoxes don't exist. If you want to go through them one by one we can do that. The fundamental reason these anarcho-blahblahblahs are unrealistic is because none of them understand ecology (Life), and for the obvious reason that they have never seen what IS. All they have seen is the inside of the cereal box. Even the primitivists rule out, with their reactionary post- Left politics, everything not H-G, such as pastoralism or any kind of mixed subsistence living. Hell, permaculture in place is a legitimate and new mode of subsistence borne out of the co-creative process, ananin and of itself doesn't signify man's dominion over the land anymore than H-G. Even though PinP has the technical potential to create the richest ecologies of the future, it still would be my last option because it is the least resilient because of its high level of dependency on the wellbeing of the human symbiont.

What do you mean by ecological accumulation, and how is it equated with capitalism? Ecological accumulation is for purposes of obtaining temporary 'surpluses' to get an organism through non-growing seasons in a subsistence paradigm, whereas capitalism is the most ecologically destructive system of extracting structural surpluses, out of sheer greed, that Life has ever borne witness to.

"Question is - are they 'mimicing' "us" - or vis versa? Or are we all operating on pretty much the same level- whether verta or invertabrate? When I studied life in the topsoil, the relationships were fascinating. Intricate games being played out between root systems, microorganisms, fungi, - real live 'negotiations' of who got what part of the resource base, who gave up control, who contributed what... and the best part... the fake outs where one of the participants attempts to 'fool' their working partner and/or cheats on a working agreement! This is human society in a nutshell - but operating in the plant kindom! "

What is an example of plants or microbes cheating on a working agreement? I am unaware of any relationships that could be characterized that way, even in compacted conditions. They do not have the metaconscious ability to cheat because they do not have the metaconscious ability to reflect metaconsciously on their simultaneously symbiotic and competitive working relationships. Which is to say, we can only use metaphors to describe in our cultural terms the dynamics of what they are EFFECTIVELY thinking, but we cannot take it a step further and suggest that any of those dynamics metaphorically represent cheating - to my knowledge.

Plants are at the top of the immediate organic soil hierarchy. Their job is to lead; no plants, no microbes. They put out food that feeds what microbes they want feeding them in return. When not dormant they put more photosynthetic energy into feeding others than both growing themselves and reproducing, because feeding others is also feeding themselves. Howz that for recursive! Anyway, you know this already.

Who might not have been a fake anarchist? Whoever they were we never heard of them, by definition of their keeping it real. Like us, True Folk exist independent of history.

I wasn't saying you were of two minds about hierarchy. Hierarchy in and of itself is meritocratic, as in, may the egos be set aside and the best idea win. The thistle plant and the dandelion, both from subsistence culture, had the first and therefore best ideas at the time, which was, metaphorically speaking, 'if i build it they will come.' and both did and the microbes did come, and Life grew. Then the grass plant from subsistence culture had the best idea: 'if i add some fungal food to the weeds' bacterial food, i'll grow and reproduce and eventually there will be more fungal acids in the soil than the weeds can tolerate while also having to compete for space with us.' and it was so.

Political hierarchy is what i was talking about.

I'm also an entrepreneur in the literal, non-fascist sense, but for the purpose of avoiding risk rather than inviting it.