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Invention: The Mother of all Necessities?
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
 by Bel Suave

Day Four: the Phony Coup

    It's now apparent that the producer's of what may well be the greatest hoax of all time have succeeded in their aim. Uniform acceptance of a transparently false storyline across all of " the media" - a media which has abdicated all responsibility to truthful reportage and factual investigation. Even a week ago, this would have been impossible to believe. And yet, irrefutably, the case is clear. No accurate reportage of the situation from domestic sources. Even the formerly well known "opposition" press is fully on board with the military coup hoax. Those few holdouts remaining have simply been taken off line by order of TIB.

    No international coverage of this - the biggest news story of the year by far - hoax coup has done anything more than repeat social media rumor and recycle regime-approved soundbites. Independent reporters remaining on the ground - zero. Or as good as zero - since no accurate assessment of the situation will be allowed to see daylight in the western media.
    There's been shock after shock looking in on all of the sources which used to be credible relayers of real news. Each and every one of them now parroting regime propaganda. First, the Dogan(Hurriyet)story on
    Thumbnail for MURAT YETKİN - Anatomy of a failed coup attempt
    MURAT YETKİN - Anatomy of a failed coup attempt
    A military helicopter carrying an infantry team landed on the empty parking lot of the Doğan Media headquarters in Istanbul at around 3 a.m. on the morning of July 15. As later understood from security camera footage, 14 soldiers emerged from the helicopter.


    A pitiful attempt to present a staged attack on the headquarter of that media organization as a real part of a real coup - long on drama and short on any sense of what a rational, organized coup would look like. The guy who wrote the story is neither an amateur nor a newbie - but he's let it all hang out with this peice of tripe! Bullied, blackmailed, bought> or is there "something in the water?"

    CNN Dogan was, after the forcible shut down of Zaman, the last outlet in Turkey to publish an english language, internalional audience oriented internet broadsheet, with perspective lightly critical of the regime. It is now, as of last weekend, a parody of it's former self - stooping even to using fake video and foto images from far distant time and places as pretend live recordings of a coup in progress. Like this supposed shot of the bombing of an Ankara police station - a stock image, it turns out of an Israeli bombing strike in GAZA! Could that possibly be any indication of who "the producers" of this show really are?
    2 years ago
    Thumbnail for Turkey coup attempt: Six fake images that are being shared
    Turkey coup attempt: Six fake images that are being shared
    One of Turkey's leading fact-checkers, the journalist Mehmet Atakan Foça, spotted a number of fake images being circulated this weekend following the attempted military coup in his country. Some 6,000 members of Turkey's military and judiciary have been arrested after a faction of the army tried to topple the government on Friday night.
    The France 24 Observers
    Other media outlets were just as liberal with the stock film footage - this shot of a showdown in Ankara Friday night supposedly, turns out to be from the Egyptian revolutionary coup of 2011 - once a coup always a coup huh?
    2 years ago
    and pictures of the scene at Istanbul airport allegedly - are really from Korea!

    Now that a regime flunky has twittered a list of reporters said to be soon rounded up -Can Dündar, Hayko Bağdat, Oğuz Karamuk, Dilek Hayırlı, Yusuf Bülbül, Ayşe Altunköprü, İsa Şimşek, Burak Kılıç, Perihan Mağden, Gökhan Özgün, Cevheri Güven, Başak Çokan, Ergun Babahan, Murat Aksoy, Mahmut Akpınar, Hamdi Alkan, Dr. Fevzi Özgönül, Oğuz Karamuk, Yılmaz Odabaşı, Sevil Yavuz, Hacer Özkaya, Cem Güler, Abdullah Kılıç, Mehmet Bulut, Değer Özergün, Cuma Ulus, Ahmet Çakır, Mustafa Ünal, Turgay Oğur, Aslıhan Erkişi, Atilla Taş, Arif Erdem, Cafer Solgun, Cemil Tokpınar, İhsan Yılmaz, Hilmi Yavuz, Mümtazer Türköne, Şahin Alpay, Mehmet Kamış, Levent Köker, Abdullah Aymaz, Melih Arat, Selim Işıklar, Kerim Balcı, Can Bahadır Yüce, Ali Ünal, Hakan Şükür, Mehmet Özdemir, Ali Bulaç, Atilla Dorsay, Ahmet Turan Alkan, Mehmet Çetingüleç, Nurullah Öztürk, Oktay Usta, Ahmet Kurucan, Süleyman Sargın, Yavuz Baydar, Tarık Toros, Kemal Cengiz, İbrahim Öztürk, Sadettin Orhan, Ali Demirel, Behram Kılıç, Mustafa Ünal , Abdülhamit Bilici, Nuh Gönültaş, Ali Ünal,Faruk Mercan, Mehmet Kamış, Nazlı Ilıcak, Mehmet Altan, Erhan Başyurt and Eser Karakaş,
    we can anticipate that the government will be expediting the legislation needed for the return of the death penalty.

    Because, apparently I wasn't just kidding around when I wrote, back in spring :
    "But how can you remain content to adhere to a loyalty to 'just the facts' reportage, when facts themselves are now forbidden, and those who report them accurately are imprisoned as 'terrorist' enemies of the state? Now, more than ever before, the writers themselves have become the story! As journalism becomes a "criminal activity," journalists are a hunted species in this Orwellian nightmare world, sentenced not just to jail, but to public execution for loyalty to the truth."

    Apparently - we're there now. All that will be left will be the toadies, the accomplices, the willing abettors of the crime against all of us. "What else could I have done" will be their mantra!
    But the ultimate award for deceitful, faux journalism has to go to Metin Gurcan - once the go to guy for inside word about the Turkish military - but with this effort

    Thumbnail for Why Turkey's coup didn't stand a chance
    Why Turkey's coup didn't stand a chance
    Author: Metin Gurcan On the night of July 15, Turkey passed a major democracy test that included a coup attempt, an uprising and the worst terror ever against its citizens. Thousands of Turkish citizens who took to the streets that night - despite the warnings of the coup plotters to stay indoors and obey the curfew - gave the clearest message: Those who came with elections, will leave with elections.
    has sunk lower than a snake's belly. When his publisher -, barred me from commenting today - I finally knew the fix was in. Cui Bono from all this deceit?

    Some 72 hours before Friday's "showtime" began, I was writing - in SYRIAN ENDGAME-
    It's essential to our task in rounding out any picture of the current situation that we find the owners of these false storylines and identify their motives. For that, we need turn to the just finished Warsaw meeting of NATO. Where, for the first time, Israel has been legally allowed to participate, since Turkey dropped it's veto. Since May, the zionist entity as well as Bahreïn, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait all have representation at NATO headquarters. This de facto alliance of Arab and Israeli state terror is a development which furthers the developing pincer movements against Syria, Iraq and Iran.
    after having predicted accurately again that this major development would be ignored by a media which takes it's cues about what is "news" from a power with the heft to control both mainstream media and it's designated stage assistant, the "alternative" one. A power which has successfully hidden news of the most explosive of all the bombs sitting in Ankara's closet.

    Thumbnail for Is corruption suspect's US arrest bad news for Erdogan?
    Is corruption suspect's US arrest bad news for Erdogan?
    Author: Fehim Taştekin The March 19 arrest of Iranian-Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab in Florida came as a bombshell to Ankara politics. Zarrab allegedly was the key figure running a money-transfer network in 2010-2015 that was designed to evade US sanctions against Iran.

    by rushing a botched effort at staging a phony coup in the aftermath of
    Thumbnail for Turkish gold dealer Reza Zarrab not granted house arrest
    Turkish gold dealer Reza Zarrab not granted house arrest

    Maybe money can't buy freedom. Turkish gold dealer Reza Zarrab won't get house arrest as he faces charges of laundering money for Iran, Manhattan federal judge Richard M. Berman decided Thursday. Zarrab, as well as alleged co-conspirators Camelia Jamshidy and Hossein Najafzadeh, illegally shuffled hundreds of millions of dollars for Iran and Iranian businesses with bogus transactions, Manhattan U.S.
    Victoria Bekiempis

    Meanswhile - their southern farm team is in deep camel dung as well!
    Losing Hit earlier cut off Daesh’s southern route between Syria and Iraq, but a few pockets in Jazeera Hit remained. Along the Euphrates, Iraqi units are positioned west of Haditha to capture the three remaining cities east of the Syria border. This would effectively eliminate Daesh’s middle route between Syria and Iraq. (The northern route, between Mosul and Raqqa was largely cut off before, including by the Peshmerga/YPG victory in Sinjar and the YPG capture of much of northeastern Syria.)

    Taken together, the implication of the stories is that Iraq is now committing the forces to clean up central Anbar and then move on to the northwest, supported by airpower. Iraqi units would then be positioned on the Syria border and the border area could become a major focus of US anti-Daesh efforts. A “squeeze” strategy would then be likely, with movements toward Raqqa moving up the river through Deir Ez-Zor while the Syria Democratic Forces and allied militias move south from Manbij. Daily Daesh July 15th

    The end is in sight for the Turco-Saudi joint venture in Syria/Iraq. Which in turn means that Tel Aviv no longer sees the jihadis as it's primary political weapon in the middle east. Attention is therefore turning to the Kurdish situation, as the next phase of Yinon 2.0 unfolds. We'll being going there.
    Release date: July 19th 2016