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The Pre-Socratics tackled the fundamental problems that the universe presented itself as, and never let go of them.  The philosophers that followed, Aristotle and Plato chief among them, assumed that they had true knowledge of the basic nature of the universe, and proceeded to build great edifices of words and concepts above this illusion, without any real solid foundation to support them.

Post-Aristotelian and post-Platonic thought is the bankers' fiat money's equivalent in philosophy, consisting of the peddling of wares (words and concepts that pick out things that actually exist instead of mere illusions) that do not exist in reality.

This lack of presumptuousness informing their unwavering focus on the real issues yet to be solved is what really distinguishes the Pre-Socratic philosophers from those that followed them.  This also explains why the modern world prefers the original impostors Aristotle and Plato to Anaximander and Thales.  (I never understood why they killed Socrates; not anymore than why 60 million human beings killed each other in WWIII just because Hitler and Churchill said "jump!"  Because Socrates was on the right track perhaps, going in the opposite direction, when he said, 'all I know is that I know nothing.'?)

Before you can point to the Boundless and know and say that This is the Boundless, you must be able to distinguish the Boundless from everything else that is not the Boundless.  This requires that the Boundless be the OPPOSITE of what the Boundless is, that the Boundless have boundaries.  In order for the Boundless (Apeiron) to exist, in order for the Boundless to be known, it must transmogrify itself into its opposite Peras!  

Literally EVERYTHING consists of the fundamental subject-predicate pair 'I know' followed by all the things and thoughts populating the universe, or the set of all things extant.  This is the atomic form of the known, and only possible, universe.  Everything that we feel, think and experience merely consists of additional items grafted to this fundamental node.

Having thus had their intellectual institution hit the rocks of reality and torn asunder upon the unassailable reefs of truth, most men continued to 'go West, young man,' instead of turning back from the illusory road to perdition.

For the impossibility of Apeiron also entails the illusoriness and non-existence in reality of Peras itself!  How can the limited or Peras exist where the unbounded Apeiron does not, to help set off the limits and boundaries of the Peras by virtue of its juxtaposition?

The examination of Apeiron and Peras leads to the extinguishment of both.  For both Apeiron and Peras posit each other as a necessary premise and constituent of their very own existence [and not just for purposes of mere delineation or distinguishment to render them observable] whereas their opposite natures are wholly incompatible and exclusive of the other.

You cannot mix Apeiron and Peras without destroying both.  But, with either absent from the mix, both disappear.

Mankind has continued to erect the proverbial Tower of Babel ever since the beginning of written history at least, without ANY foundation to support it.  Dichotomy presupposes unity and vice versa.  Therefore both are FALSE since incapable of existing independently of the other.  

Like the tusks and the trunk of an elephant which cannot exist without the elephant.

Philosophy is the continual denial of the elephant in the room.

I don't know what to say anymore.