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>Hello, and welcome.

This space has been conceived as a project by which to counter a great deal of misinformation. Much of what you will read here is contrary to the stream of "news," analysis, and commentary which flows daily from media sources around the world. In this writers'  opinion, far the great majority of that information stream is designed to conceal more than reveal the actual nature and direction of 'current events.'

With that precis in mind, and with the year which we have just entered beginning in such dramatic fashion -with the renewal of protests in Iran - and war in Syria - it seems serendipitous to be starting off on a platform with a mandate to 'see behind the mask' at what is really going on in the world of geopolitics! As several of the stories on the old site have detailed, the "Iranian Revolution" deception ranks as one of the biggest psyops of all time. And as we will be continuing to discover on this platform - it also ranks as a masterpiece of talmudic deception of the kind which my associated - history oriented - platform, BARBAROUS RELIQUARY, is designed to uncover in tandem to this -current events oriented- one.

In the course of writing the hundreds of stories which will gradually get moved over to this new site from the old one now, it became clear to me that there were two parallel and interlocking tracks which intersected in the strangest manner. As a writer upon financial themes, I had picked up the scent of a psyop whereby the theme of precious metals and the manipulation of financial markets would be central to an effort to delude western readers about the agendas of certain state players.

In writing about themes of geopolitical import, I recognized the same under current of disinfo running beneath a storyline which consistently place that world of political machinations on the level of a comic book struggle between 'good' and 'evil,' rather than an arena where humans compete for power and influence! With the same cast of characters and motifs appearing in both venues, I knew that there was something to be said for taking a trip down that rabbit hole. What you will read on these pages is it the result of those explorations - of the underside of finance and politics.

It's important to state from the outset - this is NOT ANOTHER of the many websites which choose to take sides in the dialectical battles between state interests - economic systems - or ethnic groupings. I have discovered that ALL state players, financial interests, and ethnic factions are riddled to the same degree with corrupt leaders, phony markets and jaundiced medias. So why play their game? It's my intent to simply leave that game behind - in search of an elusive 'truth in media' which has been all but forgotten in this age of internet communications.

The need for a counterweight to these media-run programs of 'mass deception' is desperately overdue. The actual formation of such a platform is something I've put off for a long deal, fearing it would interfere with projects already active. In point of fact, however the space which is now being create will dovetail nicely with the directions which those other projects have taken, and therefore be a natural continuation of them.

In particular, it's been overdue for some time to bring my previous platform into some kind of cohesion; although the interests covered there have an underlying unity of content, it is not a unity superficially apparent to the casual reader. Somewhat ironically, in the hope of bringing that underlying unity out, I've decided to start two, parallel and complementary platforms which will separately focus on the competing strands of stories which have captured my attention.

This platform - Geopolitics behind the Mask - will cover all of the thematic  elements which involve current events and unfolding directions in geopolitical aspirations. It's parallel platform - Barbarous Reliquary - will allow me to continue with the detailed historical researches necessary to correctly analyze those events of the moment, and to be able to make some progress upon my intended book of the same title! Together, they will encompass the task set for me - to examine the roots of our historical record, the deliberate distortion of that record, and the motives and methods of the parties responsible for those distortions.

But perhaps most importantly of all - this new arrangement is designed to be conducive to reader input; in fact, to be a means of cobbling together the collective insights of those drawn to the chance of being able to work collaboratively in pursuit of successful counter-strategies to talmudic communications psyops. I invite, therefore, all of like mind to consider participating in what unfolds here.

Finally, excuse the mess. The rush and hustle of getting what amounts to a decades' worth of writings moved safely over to a new home has created no end of confusion and untidiness. This will gradually all get sorted through. But since I am no web monkey, the learning curve - of trying out and having to abandon several potential new homes, and now learning to work even this bare bones one, has been steep. I'm committed to achieving a new level of cohesion, and ease of access for readers new and old! Even if the opposite seems to be unfolding at first glance.