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— by new game new game
you say;it seems to me that the gnostical kabbalist has come into contact somehow with 'anti-matter,' and in becoming it's plaything and dogsbody, thus is rendered irredeemable in all respects!
so, irredeemable. yes, they are rewarded from their viewpoint, as demented as it is.
they appear to be trapped on the other side as shards of the broken vessel, conscienceless, nonredeemable, no hope. death be just.
from the web link below:
The broken vessels tumbled down through the metaphysical void, trapping within themselves sparks of the emanated divine light. These entrapped sparks became shrouded in layers of darkness as they fell into the Sitra Achra, the "Other Side." The world, instead of being composed of the pristine archetypal values of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Love, Judgment, Beauty, etc. was now formed of the broken, displaced, and obscured lights and vessels as they coalesced as Kellipot (Husks, complexes). As a result, our world (Assiyah-"making"), is, as Adin Steinsaltz has put it, "the worst of all possible worlds in which there is still hope," yet paradoxically it is the best of all possible worlds because it serves as the arena for redemption (see "The Mystic As Philosopher").

is this a good foundation for further understanding or have i happened unto a spin, spun happy happenstance?
i come bare of understanding...
not to miss the point of your comment, antimatter, anti-cosmic- so he shook a little dust out of the coonskin? part 2 coming-i'm tuned.