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Love and strife! Science and Magic. Bruno and Newton, Rabbi Loew of Prague, and John Dee and his familiars - this is the real story of the history of "Enlightenment Era" Europe - not advances in intellectual accomplishment and rational awareness of the world and our place in it... but rather, the return to the most primitive state of human madness and necromancy - all driven by the compulsion of talmudically inspired men to seek control over forces of nature which they had zero understanding of or empathy with.  
Having traced the outline of an enterprise which involves 'gold,' guys with a lust to 'live forever,' the techniques of psychological and psychic manipulation by which one persons' will may be imposed upon anothers', from the times of the Hellenes through to present moment.... I shall briefly review the circumstances which may have allowed me to stand aside from such follies and observe with detachment the decline of a culture once mine own..."

I had actually reached the point where I was googling the possibility that these folks—these Frankist-Sabbateans—are some kind of human-alien hybrid. Indeed, they have even been accused of being the children of the devil himself. Could this be due to some kind of genetic engineering, or spiritually transcendant alchemy? Or does it remain just a figure of speech? Is having a visceral reaction as if there is some kind of admixture which so subtly undermines the feeling of human to human contact just a result of conditioning or of inherent inferiority? Is it purely psychological?

Then we get to the matter of shards and sparks, broken vessels and ‘kellipot’. As if these sages, who go the extra mile to have the appearence of being able to penetrate the most profound mysteries of existence that lie beyond science and mathematics and even see behind or beyond the tetragrammaton itself (as has been noted that even God himself stands at attention when the elders convene)—do I detect a con? How could a person without a soul even divine the ontological necessity of razing of Syria and Yemen? Does that have to do with errant sparks at the beginning, like quantum fluctuations in the early universe that precipitate material reality?