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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Hello Maestro,

You're clearly quoting from Hoffman, who is my go to authority for anything to do with chosenite scripture & doggerel, so I've nothing of value to add to his own take on those matters.  I am willing to posit, however, that the short answer to your query could be right in the books' title itself - "judaisms' strange gods" - as only through inferring some kind of hook up between the rebbe kooks and a force of awesome malignancy towards all that is human could we even begin to imagine whats really behind these extrusions of evil.

Whispering 'voices' have been a feature of that 'theology' for millennia, who ever is doing the whispering clearly has those nutters in thrall ... so as

"to regulate our behavior in ways conducive to peace, happiness and enlightenment"  for those devils!

What is the kabbalists' interpretation of the passages below from the Talmud?  What is their hidden meaning?

No 'meanings' exist outside of symbols in kabbalism -

"A maiden aged three years and a day" is a 'number,  letter, syllable, no more or less - since there can be no psycho-motor satisfaction in the act of piercing thusly, it's entirely 'symbolic' an act with meaning best known to those same devils and their rebbe 'familiars.' The Greeks were 'judaisized' to take the same tact towards things of the flesh, and thus move forward the GNOSTICAL quest to prove that our world is but a living hell - by making it so for all those whom they encounter who are unable to protect themselves from said malignancy. Result - generation after generation, eon after aeon of revolving pathological degeneracy.

We seem to bee moving towards consensus on these pages, I note, that the pathology of the kabbalist-talmudic kind has to be some supra-rational intrusion - of 'aliens', genetics, or some other 'foreign bodies' - I'm working out my own take on it presently, pulling the thread through the gnostical eye!