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— by J J
Certainly not a drive-thru menu selection you present to us Bel! LOL. A hardy, full course meal needing to be set with intermissions and stage entertainment in a quiet grove to be properly enjoyed and digested. Not consumed.

It seems that from your viewpoint anything that has cabalistic elements in its foundations, or recipe, is suspect or downright intentionally corrupt. An `original sin’ mind virus perhaps? A modern day tower of babel built on talmudic sand? I’m almost there as well, although I do have some issues with some of the interpretations of Bruno’s work, especially around, perhaps, a mistranslation of `eros’ and `binding’ into something more `shades of Weinstein grey’ than was intended. But I need to search through my Bruno volumes before I can firmly state that. But for now…

I do have some recollection of the energy patterns of the tree of life having a correlation to a Chinese medicine energetics discussion I once encountered. A process of unity forming a duality stage with proper channels and return circuitry built in. A holistic electronics diagram that would bring a smile to Carver Mead’s face. A man who would journey through his woods and ask silicon what it wanted to do next. The rest is silicon valley history.

The TCM model certainly is based on a true nature observation formed in a period of time when sensitive people were still capable of feeling, if not perhaps seeing, the energetic flow in and around the body. Even in correlating functions of specific organs to planetary movements. I can certainly attest to my own growing ability at sensing energetic changes.

Have to wonder if these talmudic devils developed, or `devil’ed, a way to use symbolic language to encapsulate the energetic flows of certain forms that make up the energy of the body and then started to weave a mythology around this. A trick they perhaps gleamed from whomever implanted the ancient, ancient Egyptian symbols where they stand today. Strip out the balancing middle meridians and plant people firmly in a duality of you-versus-me with a box of ACME explosives set between them with remote triggers controlled from the Pirate Lair. Leaving the West today with nothing other than a `confessional’ as depicted in THX1138.