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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Hail & Well Met Horn!

This post could simply never come to a natural conclusion without your input. Pleasing to hear that the 'digestive process' has not been unduly difficult - when managed in the proper spirit!

It seems that from your viewpoint anything that has cabalistic elements in its foundations, or recipe, is suspect or downright intentionally corrupt.

You may be right that this be no "drive thru" presentation, but I've always pictured myself a kind of 'short order' server-upper.... as exemplified on my final trip thru the BENIGHTED STATES, when I fell in love with a ribs cart I found on a Georgia backroad ... and wanted to take with me back to Florida to express my itinerant self with - doing up spicy dawgs n ribs on the roadside!

Tis all in the mesquite coals and the sauce, you see, what make a mans belly(the 'second brain!') feel well treated.... and the world all good agin. No 13 course Etruscan banquets in my lexicon. Kabbalism is fancy fanfare gourmet kitchen 'packaging' of things which a)have no right to exist of themselves... or b)need no symbologic or metaphysical explanation in order to exist of themselves. And in that 'foundation,' or 'recipe,' the inversion of both inevitably starts to happen...

so that what looks to the gentile mind as b) has bee come a) and vis versa, such that in their hands it is now capable of producing only the opposite of what might be intended. All of these flights of fancy are to be avoided at all cost... in concocting a vision of 'the real.' But the westerling simply cannot stay way from HYMIES' HOUSE O CARDS... the VEGAS NIGHTCLUB... THE CASINO OF DEATH... wherein the subtleties of kabbalist talmudic necromancy lay on sauces and spices way too rich for the digestive tract.

Inveigled thusly into reappearing in the place where "the house ALWAYS wins"... generations of sucka smart guys who are usually 'our best minds' get straight up taken to the cleaners... and then... turned into helpless hand puppets at the service of those same who wiped them out. Never ever changes. If I'm bearing bad news... well - you know the drill!

 An `original sin’ mind virus perhaps? A modern day tower of babel built on talmudic sand? I’m almost there as well, although I do have some issues with some of the interpretations of Bruno’s work, especially around, perhaps, a mistranslation of `eros’ and `binding’ into something more `shades of Weinstein grey’ than was intended. But I need to search through my Bruno volumes before I can firmly state that.

De vinculis in genere is not one of BRUNOs' better known works. It is,  however, his most profound, as it foreshadows all of C20th mass-marketing, mass psychology "advances" to amazing degree.

Vinculum quippe vinculorum amor est - if your latin is up to the task, you must give us your alternate take on the meaning of our mans' message. Enchaining through desires - modern marketing in a nutshell, first put on for purposes of moving goods through supply chains to end users, now adapted to moving end users into GOLDMANITE SUPPLY CHAINS where the electorate is stripped of even the dignity of pretense in having a voice every four years or so... the "liens" of the trade turn out to mean "swamp leans on you!"

was a practice of magical intent... and still is! Bruno practises it for personal reasons... yet the question which inevitably needs asking is - who/what was pulling Brunos' "chains/strings"...

which is an 'unknown known.' As I've been at pains to point out lately... guys locked in kabbalist hell realms don't NECESSARILY know THAT THEY ARE! And I'm sure he was a nice enough guy on a personal level.

As for Eros... Newtons' subsequent concurrence as to Eros' singular power to drive all before it is a good giveaway that the chances of its meaning is misinterpreted here are slim... to ... well, again - I invite/invoke`your alternate take! It's astonishing concordance with the theory and practice of esoteric "tantric" buddhist cults leaves me in little doubt of the presence of a necromantic tradition - under whatever name one wishes to call it - that took charge of 'seekers' both east and west... and dropped them right down a rope into a bottomless well o vice. But perhaps I'm being harsh. Seen too many 'good people on the personal level' go 'bad.'

The TCM model certainly is based on a true nature observation formed in a period of time when sensitive people were still capable of feeling, if not perhaps seeing, the energetic flow in and around the body. Even in correlating functions of specific organs to planetary movements. I can certainly attest to my own growing ability at sensing energetic changes.

Are you referring to changes in the external environment - people places etc? I've been meaning to ask you if you thought it would be possible to - as you had mentioned - put your musings on the topic of 'weather' -
 - in that expanded sense  - on paper in the form of a 'guest post' here. Including 'elemental beings' as part of it hopefully? Topic close to my heart at this time.