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— by Maestro Maestro Maestro Maestro
Interesting, Bel,

Your reply raises more issues than it answers.

You say: "A maiden aged three years and a day" is a 'number,  letter, syllable, no more or less - since there can be no psycho-motor satisfaction in the act of piercing thusly, it's entirely 'symbolic' an act with meaning best known to those same devils and their rebbe 'familiars.'"

So you are saying that the kabbalists/talmudists are not actually talking about sexually abusing children because it's impossible for them to derive "satisfaction" from this sadistic act.  But sadism is a human reality and it's an established fact that psychopaths enjoy torturing human beings and animals alike for pleasure.


Why the charitable reading of the Jew's written word as representing mere symbols relating presumably innocuous (or at worst, meaningless) thoughts on your part?  What purpose does that serve, to portray in a relatively benign light that which is pure evil writ large?

Conversely, if the purpose of the kabbalists is "to bring men's mind to the gods" then why would the kabbalist conceal their words and thoughts and thus defeat said purpose by couching and dissimulating their message in (awful and offensive) concepts they do not literally mean?  Why not say it loud and clear?

And lastly,

Why use acts of depravity as both grammar and vocabulary for their message if the kabbalists do not actually revel in said acts, but only see in them an evil world to be escaped from and transcended -- such as you ascribe to them?

You do not transcend 'shit' by wallowing in the sewers of hell on earth, do you?  It's an analytic truth that one cannot get white out of black.  Such endeavor is synonymous with insanity.