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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

You say: "A maiden aged three years and a day" is a 'number,  letter, syllable, no more or less - since there can be no psycho-motor satisfaction in the act of piercing thusly, it's entirely 'symbolic' an act with meaning best known to those same devils and their rebbe 'familiars.'"

Nothing 'charitable' at all in my reading Maestro. In penetrating thru to the heart of the matter I'm relying upon your proven skills of reading with attention and exactitude;if I were responding to someone who I thought not familiar with the subject or my take upon in, my answer would be differently structured.

Reading back to you the way that the talmudist 'understands' their action is difficult to take as an 'endorsement' or apologetic for said act Maestro. A sadist interprets their actions thru the lens of an ideology of sadism as appropriate human behavior(for some.) A kabbalist lacks that basic honesty and therefore must cloak their actions in a veneer of pseudo-religious special pleading designed to place psychopathy in the realm of 'holiness.' This is not a new topic here, as its exactly the special pleading done to place Tsevis madness in the realm of 'revelation' and holiness.

Since kabbalism changes the world into symbols - dehumanizing it in a matter of course - the result is that - for them - nothing takes place in the realm of the merely 'carnal.' Again - to deliver this observation of the perpetrators self-perception to you is hardly to be taken as an 'endorsement.'

So you are saying that the kabbalists/talmudists are not actually talking about sexually abusing children because it's impossible for them to derive "satisfaction" from this sadistic act.  But sadism is a human reality and it's an established fact that psychopaths enjoy torturing human beings and animals alike for pleasure.

I did not know I was saying any of the above Maestro. I believe that I was saying that in the absence of any possible physical satisfaction from such an act - the only possible motives can be those using a dynamic of power to explain. Not sadism in this case - the aim is not to cause pain, or indeed the satisfaction of the kabbalist talmudism is not thusly gained... the fragile and malformed ego structure of the kook causes them to seek the 'satisfaction' of total power over another which they are unable to gain from relations with any one remotely equal to them. The 'charge' therefore is in the unequal power dynamics which they seek out in lieu of normal human relationships. When the dementia of the kabbalist talmudist mindset fully sets in, then -men such as Josef Frank- repackage their madness as 'the holiness of sin' and the inversion of human relations such as pedophilia implies is duplicated on the macro level as a philosophy aspiring to form grandeur and nobility out of base and vile subhuman traits.

Conversely, if the purpose of the kabbalists is "to bring men's mind to the gods" then why would the kabbalist conceal their words and thoughts and thus defeat said purpose by couching and dissimulating their message in (awful and offensive) concepts they do not literally mean?  Why not say it loud and clear?

It's not at all uncommon that I employ a measure of ironicism in my writings... the subtle implication that their might be another way of looking at 'bringing mens' minds to the gods' could be looked at as a tip of the hat to your own facility with that device as a useful element of our conversations... or... a mind bending indication of my compliance with the kabbalist agenda. I'm confident I can leave it up to you to sort that out!

The manner in which 'the Greeks' - and in particular - those "philosophers" such as Plato and Aristotle spoke in high n mighty terms about the lofty realms of knowledge and 'the gods'... whilst acting in most base and carnal fashion themselves... is a subject of no small fascination to me... and good reason in itself for my current trajectory towards linking up "Greek" philosophy with "Hebraic" kabbalist talmudism in such a way that we finally reverse the long standing smoke screen whereby the Greeks "hellenized" the world of the hebrew... rather than, in fact, the other way around!

I rather hope that you'll be atop ships deck for that conversation....
if your urge for flogging in response to imagined semantic crimes can be sated in time!

Thankfully, here at last you are asking me what the deal is with the kooks... rather than asking me why I am 'abetting them!' Let's see if we can end this on a note pleasing to all...

Why use acts of depravity as both grammar and vocabulary for their message if the kabbalists do not actually revel in said acts, but only see in them an evil world to be escaped from and transcended -- such as you ascribe to them?

You do not transcend 'shit' by wallowing in the sewers of hell on earth, do you?  It's an analytic truth that one cannot get white out of black.  Such endeavor is synonymous with insanity.

More and more I see the Kabbalist as voluntary(or 'self chosen')minion of a dark power which they have aligned themselves with/given themselves over to... and the pathological framework which expresses in these 'crimes against nature' are the playing out of the wishes of those forces
in this plane... helplessly caught up in an endless web of self-defacing as well as 'other-defacing' outrages.

Again ol buddy... you COULD read that last line as implying that the kabbalist is an 'innocent.' And if you did... you would be dead wrong.

Once again - as per my original reply - "judaisms strange gods"... are they really 'gods'... or more "beasts" of the subterranean kind!?