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OK, Bel,

I disagree with you on this one.

I don't see any reason to claim that the talmudist doesn't mean having sex with a 3-year-old girl when he's actually written down in the Talmud about having sex with a 3-year-old girl.  Now, it's not impossible (but still improbable IMO) that the Jew might also be alluding to some hidden meaning when the words of the sentence in question are interpreted allegorically but that would be in addition to the depravity depicted therein and not to the exclusion of it.  In other words, their employing of symbolism doesn't in of itself abnegate nor alleviate their conscious decision to use the ugly and the vile as their preferred medium of communication -- especially if the talmudists intended to camouflage their ultimately despicable intentions, as you suggest.

To put it bluntly; you cannot hide ugliness WITH ugliness, can you?  That's what you're saying according to my mind which you say you hold in high esteem.  🙂


Where do you perceive "a veneer of pseudo-religious special pleading designed to place psychopathy in the realm of 'holiness'" in the raping of a 3-year-old girl eludes me completely.

Furthermore, if the kabbalists believed that "nothing takes place in the realm of the merely 'carnal'" then all they'd have to do to transcend the illusory/unworthy carnal world would be to meditate and still their mind (and flesh) like a yogi of the East would -- instead of fucking people's minds and bodies at the behest of the evil masters that they presumably serve, as I'm sure you'll agree the latter is what they are doing instead.

Lastly, I have to strongly disagree with you on this one and I do not share your belief "in the absence of any possible physical satisfaction from such an act" for anyone, as ample empirical evidence exists in the form of adults in positions of authority indulging in the practice of raping babies to death for pleasure, in the very country you reside in.  There is an epidemic of "three-year-olds" getting raped in Turkey, in government-run orphanages, isn't there?  With the blessing of Sunni Muslim clerics I understand.

Here is some further evidence:

Now this one just might be a kabbalist:

In my view which I think is reasonable, the Talmud isn't trying to hide anything because it simply cannot when it's not wearing any clothes, as it were.

Looking forward to the next leg of the journey you are leading us on.