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Re: "Anti-Cosmic revolt:" An even BIGGER "BIG BANG" theory!
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave

I don't see any reason to claim that the talmudist doesn't mean having sex with a 3-year-old girl when he's actually written down in the Talmud about having sex with a 3-year-old girl.

Reference? Since I anticipate you having a tough time applying the quote to anything I've written...
either this is an example of 'voices whispering in the head'... or you are carrying on a conversation with someone whom you have mistaken me for. (In which regard I refer back to a previous conversation between us here.

 Now, it's not impossible (but still improbable IMO) that the Jew might also be alluding to some hidden meaning when the words of the sentence in question are interpreted allegorically but that would be in addition to the depravity depicted therein and not to the exclusion of it.

"There are no hidden meanings in kabbalism"
What part of what I DID ACTUALLY WRITE  - "there are no hidden meanings in kabbalism" are you having trouble with grasping squire?
More evidence of a misplaced dialogue tween parties not actually present on these pages(at least one of em!)

  In other words, their employing of symbolism doesn't in of itself abnegate nor alleviate their conscious decision to use the ugly and the vile as their preferred medium of communication -- especially if the talmudists intended to camouflage their ultimately despicable intentions, as you suggest.

To put it bluntly; you cannot hide ugliness WITH ugliness, can you?  That's what you're saying according to my mind which you say you hold in high esteem
. [man jumps shark here]

All[even further]downhill after that

Let us know when you're back buddy!