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— by J J
Greetings Bel,

Hope this all gets read before the crazies scourge us all! Been grabbing moments to form this as I can so forgive any errors.

De vinculis in genere:
Not in my awareness but I searched and found this description of it:  
Man, created by nature as a being who “desires” and tries to find fulfilment and completion outside of himself, is at the centre of Giordano Bruno’s work. Man’s desire is of a connective nature, it seeks union, and thus is primarily erotic – in the most spiritual and all comprehensive meaning of the word – and is capable of accepting both instinctual elements and ethereal and mystical contemplations.

One could probably prove to without the shadow of a doubt that man’s biology is constantly sending and receiving signals, to and from; the `where’ is up for speculation. Bruce Lipton’s work on self-receptor cells is utterly fascinating. The esoteric practices within Zen and other forms of deep meditation are working to short-circuit this tendency to be constantly seeking outside and to become at-one, atoned, within themselves. Where does the Ark of the Covenant wrap into THAT? If that thing was not a receiver then…
Vinculum quippe vinculorum amor est: Latin. My last exposure to Latin was roughly 50 years ago so I must turn to outside resources on that one. LOL. A seemingly universal definition I encounter for it via the `internets’ is:
Inscription Content
vinculum quippe vinculorum amor est
Inscription Translation
Love is the bond of bonds

Bruno Enchaining Through Desires:
So to me, Bruno, like many of his time and previous to him were of the believe that a divine Love is what created the universe. The who and why are certainly unknown to us all, but I am firmly of the belief, based on my own journeys, learnings, loves and betrayals that love is the fabric of our world. It is through love that we all find `home’, solace, etc.

Now any advertising copyrighter could take that and spin the bejesus out of it and turn it from a James Bond bondage scene to God only knows what.

`Enchaining Through Desires’- certainly could be a way of looking at it, and looking at that statement from the higher perspective one could interpret it as: a desire to seek union with God, to understand life and one’s place in it is a process of intentionally `chaining’ oneself to that pursuit and outcome.

Bruno, like many of his peers, were always seeking funders for their work, so its not out of the possibility to me that he would change the `pitch’ on presenting an idea for a book so that it fits-the-bill for whatever the funder might be desiring, such as control over his populace. I think John Dee may have also succumb to that as well.

Not here to defend Bruno as I have no idea who he really was, but I just dislike the whole tossing the baby out with the bath water stuff as it smacks of the current age of hate of anything and everything, or so it seems to me, we are immersed in.

A lot of these cats who we would deem to be alchemists were cloaking their more esoteric philosophical works under the cape of chemical alchemy to keep the hell-hounds of the Church off their doorsteps. AND with the scent of alchemical gold in the mist. LOL.

Love as the Fabric of the Universe:
Where did this idea come from? Was it a feeling state by an ancient people while in deep communion with the evening sky? Why would it be love? Is it a biological trigger in us that stems from our source point? A Golden Thread leading us back to source, home? Many have written about the purpose of life on earth. Is it to learn to love and thus find one’s way home? I found it intriguing that if you drop the H off the back of Earth and put it in front you get Heart. IS that the purpose of life on earth, to really understand Love? Is Evil a derivation of Live/Love backward?  Play the same game with Mars and you get SRAM! Ha. But that’s another tech-tale for another time. A vibration? That’s where I  believe the trailhead begins! A vibration of purity and innocence that allows us access, like an electronic logic-gate that tests ones state of purity before being allowed to proceed.

The Withholding of Knowledge from the Profane
Just as basic knowledge of electronics can quickly lead to an advanced knowledge of same, that in turn can lead to the building of a guidance-system to guide a plane carrying loved ones through a dangerous fog and land safely, it could also be used to land square on that plane a missile that destroys all onboard.

It’s all about who gets to drive-the-bus. Who’s in charge of it all. The lower reptilian self or the higher God-seeking self. I remember learning about how a reptile views something new in its environment: a logic gate of: Do I eat it, sex it or kill it. Taken to the current state of madness the world is in, many would look at that as a menu where items can be combined.

Lower self and higher self. For me, much of what passes as religion or conservative beliefs and morals is to work to keep people having their higher self driving the bus. The current bunch of crazies, call them liberals, new-Bolsheviks, commies, talmudic devils, all want the lower self in control to generate madness. Which then THEY can step in and control like a guided tornado with a Goldman Sachs vacuum system following behind to vacuum up the left behind loot.
Can we hide these tools from the profane? Too late. To me, beneath all this cabalistic/kabbalistic stuff is an understanding that the energies that created this world came in a sequence and had associated with them forms, structures, and yes, elemental beings. More on that as we progress.
“Are you referring to changes in the external environment - people places etc? I've been meaning to ask you if you thought it would be possible to - as you had mentioned - put your musings on the topic of 'weather' -
 - in that expanded sense  - on paper in the form of a 'guest post' here. Including 'elemental beings' as part of it hopefully? Topic close to my heart at this time.”
My most profound experience in this regards was being in a place that was at least 200 miles or more away from any power grid. Spending just a few days in that place changed my perceptions entirely. I remember the air as being thick, like an ultra-thin membrane. I could sense things like nobody’s business, but actually EVERYBODY’S business. LOL. And storms coming that would raise the hair on my arms, serving as an advance warning system. It was all there. There’s something in the electrical grid that either grounds out or filters out this ether level.

Let me know what you’re thinking of in regards to a `weather’ guest posting: sun cycles, what actually is the sun, angels as angles, torus field manifestation artistically presented as angel wings which then lead us all down a path. Sound, music. Why did they change A440hz to A432hz. It’s all in the same package. Vibrations that create and form our world, which then get represented as art designed to keep us in harmony with creations, which then took a massive u-turn in the late 40’s or so and led us down the road of complete disharmony. Just look around to see the after effects of THAT one. LOL. Can't even go to a restaurant anymore as the food is designed to destroy one's digestive track. Slow kill while vacuuming up $$$.

’til next time. Pondering the view of Moray Firth!

Buried clearing fields and other such tasks. But always have some moments for the Quest!