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Hornofind, regarding "Vinculum quippe vinculorum amor est" a good translation is "Love is the strongest of all bonds." This is from Heinz Schott who wrote the essay, "Kunst des Bezauberns" in 2014 if you read German.  His essay underlines the importance for Bruno of the absolute detachment required of the enchanter and the necessity of manipulation. This Bruno piece is no paean to "love" or the divine love of the creator of the universe but more a recipe for the Tavistok institute, as could be infered from the article by Schott who was writing about a Romanian professor at U of Chicago who was shot to death (I hope it wasn’t due to his views on Bruno.) Here is the url:

You mention that there was a change of direction in the 40’s. I remember in the 50’s as a young boy when I saw rock and roll dancing for the first time. Even if it makes me sound like a prude, I recall being shocked by the eroticsm. That for me was when it seems like people came to view others only from the waist down. I sensed in my little soul something akin to a threat that I recoiled from. Meanwhile, everyone seemed to regard the overt sexualization of society and culture as a liberation. If anything it made us slaves to our passions, easily manipulated and controled, as E Michael Jones argues.