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BACK IN THE SADDLE – No More Creek - No More Paddle
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No More Creek - No More Paddle

[reader note: a prologue of sorts is needed here, due to the length of time between when this posting was first drafted, and the current evolution of things, couple months down the road. Similar to one of my posts in the aftermath of 2016s Summer of Terror, as I scrambled to reassemble an identity in some kind of working format, I may indeed have to insert commentary/addendum along the way, so as to make my current thinking clear, relative to what was originally drafted here]

That draft starts here:

In my previous posting – AN EVEN BIGGER BIG BANG THEORY – an outing, as always, in search of the elusive ‘real’ in a desert of howling phantasms and irruptions of necromantic distortion…

 I took brief note of the facility by which location can provide a point of leverage from which a person might hope to catapult themselves out of the aridity of  globally ascendant ‘post-reality’ hell realms[my neologism for talmudic kabbalist world hegemony] and  back into ‘the land of the living.’

While acknowledging that there are next to no ‘cracks n crevices’ wherein one might hide from the overwhelming  weight of kabbalist-talmudism upon the bodymind, nevertheless I hoped to impress upon the reader the legitimacy[as in - possibility] of the struggle to cast off that burden and reclaim ones’ birthright of freedom.

Neither folly nor fancy, in other words, fighting back against the talmudization of our world is a matter of practical application – one which in and of itself serves as antidote to the continual erosion of the real from our lives, and its’ replacement by greater and greater degrees of abstraction. Practical – as in – everyday actions within a lifestyle which cumulatively rejects every imposed mental hobble which the modern communications medias slyly insist imposing pon their victims via a raft of tricks age old in application, but reformatted to extend the victories already gained by means of the current ‘dictatorship of scientificism.’

That, of course, is what this space was designed for - one persons' project to introduce into the minds' of those few in whom might still linger semi-lucid notions of freedom from talmudic hell realms, a METHODOS of arriving back in to 'the really real.' That said, however, part of what is indeed - 'really real' - I have discovered along the way -  is that  ministering to the wounded psyches of westerlings caught in the web of kabbalistic necromanctic magic is akin to trying to free a wounded and rabid pooch from a coon trap without getting bitten/poisoned oneself. Necessity dictates the careful approach, with many a pause for observation of the situation. Airing out the clubhouse from the stench of kabbalistically-controlled provocations is part n parcel of that careful approach... to the long game of SOUL SURVIVAL

[1st addendum]Had to laugh at that paragraph - I'd totally forgotten  I had written that, but the phrase....'ministering to the wounded psyches of the westerlings' has been rolling round in my brain for a couple of months now; I was going to apply it to a new or modified post, but now I'll just treat it as a modal key to riff off of when the moment is right! "Airing out the clubhouse was my initial way of understanding whatwas going to develop into a longer than anticipated hiatus in communication. Eventually it would become clear to me that said 'clubhouse was gonna need more than an airing - a new floor perhaps, was in order, to replace the one stained by the rabid pooch of the intellectually incontinent kind!]

Having been informed at the beginning of May that the 15th of that month was to be the day when a seven year cycle of hard going was ended, I was not too surprised when that same date turned out to be the one which nature appointed for the beginning of our annual pilgrimage to higher ground. Unknown to myself at the time I started this draft, however, the effects of this important seven year cycle completing were to be immediate - profound - and satisfying.

"Uranus spent these years in Aries, from 2010 to now, and you’ve had so many changes and challenges to your career or workplace that your head must be spinning. You might get up every morning and wonder what you will face that day – it’s never been predictable. It is hard to work under the kind of pressure you were under , but you shouldered the responsibility and with a good nature, plowed forward. You may have undergone a career shift, or changed the kind of work you did through learning new facets of your specialty ...Uranus in the tenth house pressed on you to step to a new, futuristic beat. You may have had to learn new equipment, new software, or other elements in the digital world. Nothing was easy . After seven years of this tutorial, you have proven your mettle"

[Well, whatever it be I've managed to 'prove,' in the end - the proof is in the puddin - and the puddin has set at last, for my Soul Survivor Strategy with which I set out those many years back, in hopes of finding myself "free at last" from the acrid accretions of a life lived under the control of a kabbalist social project to destroy human freedom and even so much as a memory of our real history. A 'new futuristic beat'? Sounds like the incipient 'post western world' to me! Will it be a talmudic nightmare land, or a return to the mighty times of the forbears?]

 Saddling up for the trip back into the high country – and an Anatolia time outta mind – dropped me immediately back into the age old rhythms of trail and tradition –the clinking of bells on the lead livestock, creak of leather saddle on a four legger friend sharing fully my eagerness to be done with the lowland season, the turning wheels of our grand mobile motel and all the ancillary equipage by which we make this hejira once again into the misty mountains...

living once again becomes reduced to the simple  search of water & pasture, as well as tranquil, ancestral  vibes. To sleep, once again, next to the noise of rushing brook, hoot of owl, swaying pine bough – and then wake  to a predawn stillness where no machine or or silly human doings impedes the quality of meditative musings which a freshened mind can entertain.

Musings which inevitably come round to wondering why urban agglomerations were ever invented, let along considered desirable places to park oneself. When life is mobile, each day occupied with movement, the way that nature intended, the mind is at ease, able to reach impeccable stillness in the midst of all that physical motion! What embedded evil genes would induce one to suppose that idleness is an achievement, freedom could be found in lethargic inactivity, or truth in turgid ponds of malarial mentation?

 Lifes’ largest concerns reduced to the search for fresh grass and water, wood for cooking, a shaded bower out of the sun, and shelter from the occasional rainstorm – our truest human identity revealed as simply pirates of photosynthesis, hauling away the spoils of our daily raids upon those beings which actually produce something of value via their [real!] alchemic transformations of sunlight & soil into ‘material abundance.’

For thousands of years here its been the same; immediately once the hay is cut and stored away for next winter, fall-planted grain threshed, and straw baled, the heat and humidity of the coast are abandoned for cooler climes. Yet only few of us are left who follow that path. Yoruks - the traditional travelers whose black goat hair felt tents once bounced up the steep mountain tracks on the backside of camels - are being bullied into complying with the demand to 'settle down,' less and less families every year head into the hills with livestock and kindred in tow. Kabbalist values are incessant viral external motion and no stillness inside, the bondage of the hamster wheel. Freedom of movement, freedom of mind, are anathema to its' ethos of enchained gentile servitude. Only the outlaw retains the dignity of self-possession in these degraded conditions of life. Only those whose first principle is mobility retain the will to fight back and the means to do so.

"Fighting back," however, is far from a struggle of matching weight against weight, power against power, or even majic against magic. All such mismatched effort leads only to a permanent berth in Shelobs' Lair, bones whitened to perfection amongst the gallery of fallen "heroes" before ye! Nor do impassioned pleas for action, stinging indictments, or emotive railings against injustice serve to make any impression at all against such implacable foe.

If finding the broken shards of ones' own mental powers is the first step to reforging a mighty weapon of revealed truth... and the grace of true humility is the scabbard in which it rests, it is the strength of immutable purpose which provides the physical staying power by which to win the long game.
Immutablis - one side of the double edged sword which wins the day - Mutablis is indeed the other; the former is impersonal, belonging to the race, or 'volk' at large, as a serene collective of souls which have passed thru aeons of Anaximanders' 'goings and comings' into the light. The latter is the gift of ones' own, embodied 'soul' - mutablity being the ability to change, adapt, reform and thereby outplay the opposition. To possess the power to willfully change is a characteristic intrinsic to organic life, but within which category only certain elements are fully capable of the full range of 'mutability.' "Change," outside of the purely psychic manner of mutability, implies form, and change of form involves action. "Action" in the dynamic sense of that term means movement, and it is in 'mobility' that the full power of "Mutablis" as active principle of resistance is found.

As creatures possessed of that full power, we - the fully human - change and adapt in our personal quest in a manner exactly analogous to the way we - the full roster of those before and after us -  change and adapt over time in the grand genetic cycle. We change, and move on - in stomping grounds, cultural attributes, even physiognomic parameters.  In movement is found freedom - and in movement will be found the secret to soul survival. As 'prime movers' in both time and space, we have the grace of adapting to every one of our enemies moves as like to 'kung fu' fighters who have learned to both act and withhold action, move with impeccability and stay still with it likewise. All of that is comprehensible to the average person. What we of the modern era have never been trained in understanding however, is that impeccable performance is a quality of grace which only adheres to those who act in the impersonal capacity - or, it might be better said, I believe, - in the 'supra-personal' capacity whereby one acts as executor for the antecedents and the descendants, at the very same time as for one's self.

Completely unburdened by the care of ones' personal preservation of beingness, not motivated by anything other than  'becoming' a reflection of the combined 'well-beingness' of the full streaming thru time  of our people, lightened, indeed by the 'carino' of boundless love for those both before and after our brief "moment in time." THAT love is power... and the fearlessness which it engenders is what provides one the potential of a 'happy lifetime' - living one's time to the fullest, and then leaving without remorse or regret!

For most, such a perception of the world and ones' place in it will seem  a hopeless abstraction, a mere 'idea' amidst the ocean of ideation by which they  hope to somehow find safe passage home; for those few who simply 'feel it in their bones,' how happy the world has become! Available to increasingly few, it is  a \fate\ standing in stark juxtaposition to the one otherwise acquired, by those who shirk from their free capacity[of choice]and thereby 'inherit' the standing of one neither dead, nor living - the multitudes of modernity for whom waiting to see which way the wind blows is the default response to danger... and who -incredible as it might seem - are always 'surprised' when their straw houses are tossed and tumbled by the resultant kabbalist 'whip of fire.'

[On the topic of "love,"  as it applied to my initial sense of release from the burdens and cares which those seven years of ministering involved... I owe to the provocateur who nested among our small congregation the thanks due to one whose vituperative spewing of the entirety of their existential angst was of sufficient manic strength to seamlessly CUT thru the knotted accretions of my endless compassion, patience, and solidarity for the brethren back in the fallen lands. It released me at last from those emotional ties with surgical suddenness & precision. And then - equally suddenly and precisely - I became aware that the profit from all that time and fruitless effort spent had accrued indeed.... to me! I trust that the reader will understand... and indulge me, if I have taken the interlude since that dawning moment of noesis to relax into and enjoy the fruits of all of my choices, and stubborn refusal to bow to subhuman drives such are as now being 'installed' in all human cattle/chattel]

It needs be noted that the parameters set on the term - 'ones own people' - do not intersect in any way with notions of a political nature .... the nation state, the empire, the tribe, satum, or even, as it pertains to politics, an ethnos. Accordingly all the malicious usages of the term applied by special interests in hopes of achieving THOUSAND YEAR REICHS, REPUBLICS OF FEAR, EMPIRES OF TERROR OR DOMINIONS OF CORPORATIVE HARMONY are at odds with the meaning indicated here.

Likewise, an attempt to misapply the notion of 'a people' with regards to HOLY ROMAN EMPIRES, ISLAMIC CALIPHATES, or NOAHIDE PROTECTORATES such as of the present moment is a doomed enterprise. Bonds of religion as applied to statecraft are the exclusive province of fantasy, much like the fabled "crusades" were attempts to bring supposedly about taking "Holy Lands" from infidels. The glue which bonds a population into a people is either pecuniary - as in the case of the judaic, wherein a people of mixed ethnic background invent a unitary 'pedigree' to which an unseen but omnipotent supernatural actor grants charter of 'first right' over the earth and all upon it...

or it is cultural, in the way of a shared perception of the 'goodness' or 'badness' of being 'enworlded' - as in - embodied in time and space. Here I return to the recently enunciated theme of "Gnosticism," as a much undervalued marker of the degree to which humans accept - and make maximum benefit to themselves of - their condition of embodied being-ness! Stripped of the accretion of centuries of religious polemic, the stark simplicity of this distinction between cultures of life and those of death is apparent to the observer, even after accounting for the many and various 'bleedings' of gnostical contempt for life and living which have reached into almost every cultural stream of humanity.

[Discovery of Voegelin - that hidden treasure of towering intellect and insight unknown to all but few in the west, to its extreme loss - set me on a new course, which, along with the necessity to slow right down and read both his work and Coulianos' with the measured and serious pacing such a challenging presentation deserves/requires...

partly accounts for my absence... but only a small part. More on that as we go along here

What is not so obvious, (and it continues to be the clear precis of my own work that this is by design more than 'accident' of history) is that the cultural constant (as well as hidden) trajectory of 'our people' - whether as 'pre,' 'proto' or near present "European" in styling - has been one of happy acceptance of mortal life, and advancement of that culture  on the world stage has for most of its' life been a result of that same embracing of mortality. Resilience, growth, and vision were in other words, largely a result of the overcoming fear of death.

Until the final five centuries of the journey that is. As a result of the muddying of that western culture with 'orientalizing' currents arriving in the form of 'kabbalah' and associated 'magical' technes, during the later part of the so-called Renaissance Europe came to abandon its grounded acceptance of the good and bad elements of mortal life, and started in pursuit of mastery over all which had previously nurtured that culture.

[this reference back to previous concerns with the replacement of dialogue between physis and techne by a unifocal obsession with technology will be too obscure to most unless amplified upon briefly. In addition to reviewing the story "Physis and Techne - Resolution of False Dichotomy" I might suggest that the interested reader review my thoughts upon "millennialist madmen" from the same portfolio of more recent vintage - which I attempted to organize in this interlude for easy online access... and failed at so doing - going forwards, this aspect is most likely to get further attention, as it is the crux of that nexus tween kabbalist konceits and the passion to evade mortality! One juicy quote to end this for now- "Jean Baudrillard’s reading of what Voegelin called “the scientization of society” would help illustrate, among other things, what it means to think about technology. Thinking about technology, we said, means thinking beyond technology, beyond the mode of perception that defines us as moderns. This is a monumental challenge, given not simply the “prestige” of modern science, but that its social power is anchored in a vision of the nature of reality, a perception that has been fully absorbed into the contemporary zeitgeist. We are more deeply embedded in the technological ethos than we think. Technology constitutes a hegemonic power, and is its own advertisement" as a hint for where that be going!

Once the almost total feeling of helplessness before the activity of supernatural powers - 'gods,' monsters, spirits and elemental forces, had dissipated to the extent that humans were convinced they could act in a manner that influenced those same forces, this world became divided between those who regarded it as but staging point for a supposed 'better place,' and those whose vision of being embodied was one of contentment. While superficially it would seem that our (European)ancestors have had more in common with the former rather than latter model, as expressed in the Christian views of sin, embodiment and heavenly virtues, cutting through the dross of centuries of propagandized 'fakelore' would give us a more balanced picture of the forbears, countering the small slice of 'history' which has been the result of the veritable 'talmudization' of Europe and Europeans since the C17th which is now mistakenly portrayed as our 'judeo-christian' cultural heritage!
[Baudrillard correctly assessed the pursuit of 'perfection' as the portal by which 'evil' enters the stage of human action... the kabbalist talmudist quest for immortal life, tied to the technological pursuit of ever-greater powers over 'nature' and life itself is the personification of that same 'evil'... and the 'devils' whose aim this site is to expose and scourge are but exactly those who most loudly seek out silly schemes for perfecting an earthly dimension already 'perfect' in its imperfections. We don't... in other words... need no stinkin "tikun olums!"]

Which of course is exactly the work which I set out for myself in opening these two parallel platforms earlier this year. Getting to grips with what amounts to the almost total misapprehension of the DEGREE of  permeation by kabbalist diabolism into the midst of a culture of the living(but now dying)wester world has turned out to be first and foremost task confronting me. Kabbalism is the most primitive and horrific magical necromancy... and AT THE SAME TIME the most modern, scientifically-driven technological 'advancements' - of the CERN kind.

Kabbalism is primitive feudal autarchy delivering the spoils of [stolen]wealth to its' chosen cabal and enslaved misery to the rest. Kabbalism is 'voices in the head' brought to you by the most modern technological demonology, at the very same time it is the evocation of mantras, spells and numerological devicing thru the pages and screens of medias presenting their deviltry as 'news and information' for the modern consumer. Kabbalism kills the mind without ruining its encasing shell; it likewise kills bodies yet leaving souls hung on hooks of horror in dimensions of terror unknown to the many who carelessly dismiss evil and magic as left overs of a distant age. Yet, in the end, kabbalism (talmudic diabolism)has no more power than exactly that which its victims grant it. Neither over nor under - estimating the power of tamudic diabolism over us, individually and collectively, the conscious awareness of both strengths and weaknesses of that sinister cult are all that are needed for us to bring an end to it for good.
[that last line - written in the first blush of freedom - from the demands of posting, from daily interaction with humans, from the trappings of modernity which would  fall away one by one on our month long peregrination ever higher into the hills - seems now somewhat 'over' optimistic as a dictum. However, it distills the very heart of who I am and what has driven me forwards ever since dropping the scales from eyes which never imagined what it was that was surrounding me like a fog, all the years of my working life.

 One of the things I did in celebration of this liberating interlude which arrived by surprise in May was to finally look back in at the life which I had left behind in the fallen lands - to find out at last what had happened to the old landscape of my business life . Once we had settled in to what would prove our ultimate seasonal pasturage, I could relax a bit and explore the slender connection to the outside world via the shaky internet connection I located in one small dip in the hills. As incredible as it may seem - looking back into that EVERY step... judaics surrounded me - looking to profit from my enterprise, my vision, diligence and execution -  to steal if possible, buy if necessary, offer 'partnership,' or scorched earth otherwise, to all of whom/which I remained completely oblivious!

When I was four or five years old, accustomed to cycling along the beach road where we spent the summer months, I would come back from one of my trips and talking to my mother, refer to what EVERYONE called "Jewish Beach" - for the rather obvious reason that jews had purchased all the beachfront properties on that stretch, and built their exclusive enclave thereafter. She would chastize me for using the term, inculcating good gentile manners in the small being who would dutifully wipe out all distinction in their mind between "us," and those who were by self-definition - not "us." I know she meant well - but then tis said that the road to hell is paved with "good intentions." It would subsequently take me half a century to wipe out my 'training' and wake up.

Perhaps it was all the years spent working inside of an allegedly "free market" system which gave me the initial impetus to wake up and smell the gelfite. The glaring contradiction between the way that system was presented - a merit-based level playing field of entrepreneurs where competition and innovation were encouraged and rewarded, and the way it actually worked day to day - the relentless drive of finance capital to accumulate more of same by quashing competitors and discouraging new entrants, forced me to realize that not only was the system which I had idealized as a youth corrupt and socially destructive, it also advantaged people who were immune to the the principles of fair play and disadvantaged the person who measured 'success' by some other yardstick than mere capital accumulation and market monopolization. "Capitalism," as it turns out, is merely "Kabbalism" in applied action - the manipulation of markets, governance, consumer and medias, so as to give unfair advantage to a class of predators unconcerned with 'the greater good' whereby societies maintain balance and longevity. No longer fooled by the fiction that this or that "political" solution provides a means of - if not eliminating, at least ameliorating the effects of applied evil upon the affairs of humankind, I could at last turn my attention to the real source of the malaise I saw overtaking the once wonderful world I had been born into. Ethno-religious hegemonism, as practiced in stealth via a covert culture war seeking to corrode common human values and replace them with a sick talmudic standard of corporo-fascist 'privatization of profits and socialization of losses' such as now has become the norm. Cutting off the head of that snake - judaically inspired debt/usury/interest 'capitalism' would put paid to that war and return us to the point where we might once again make 'free enterprise' a real practice instead of a hollow slogan designed to cover up its absence.
[from my 2015 series MYTHS OF CAPITAL - wherein I present the legacy of the wests' true culture heroes of the C19th... the self made men who fought back against the taint of spreading talmudic kabbalism over Europe and America both, and whose names and works are now forgotten in this devolved and spiritless age when fighting back is no longer even attempted]

Which is not to say that by so doing, we might forever end the existence of evil itself on this earth, or be done with the problem of human beings who fall into connivance with it. One manifestation among many, doubtless kabbalism has been preceded by other forms of terrorization of we human beings, and almost equally doubtless it will be followed by others. But that cannot be the affair of us who are 'present in time' for such moments of brevity; we are accountable for no more than the time we are given here. Discharging that responsibility would be quite enough to make of us heroes of epic proportion. I'll settle for a small footnote in the future chronicles of our times which makes mention of an anonymous person who developed a technique of employing animated characters as empowered glyphs of counter-kabbala majic, befuddling his opponents and ridiculing their pretensions to omnipotence!
[Tis of the essence here to realize that what we call 'kabbala' is a magic system which goes farther back and take up more human timeline that the adaptations and deviations particular to the talmudic mind frame. Many others have tapped into that tap root of evil(see for instance my "A Visit to the King of Hell") and the refinement of my thinking  that fact has necessitated means that all investigation into "kabbalism in action" must go further than the simple[ton] 'jew hater' can imagine.]

In truth, we are not even granted the assurance that what confronts us as an implacable enemy is something which belongs to our own 'dimension' of time and space. There are compelling argument which place those same enemies in dimensions otherwise, intruding at will and to our total obliviousness, into our own on missions of mischief and malice. Once again, that can hardly be a concern of ours; if we are not granted the ability to see beyond our own 'neighborhood,' we cannot be accountable for what happens anywhere beyond it. To the extent that talmudic diabolism is a phenomena conceived and executed by beings of our own world, we have the ability to defeat it - if it's source is elsewhere... we will likely need to call in help. I don't have any connections of that sort... do you?

I harbor the increasing belief that the 'source' of our enemy is indeed located here - on this earth and in this very dimension(even if not necessarily restricted to it), and uses the disturbed and psychotic among us as tools for its' warfare against us. The dementia of 'burning bush' Abrahamic nut jobbers of whichever religious flavor is indeed the perfect vehicle of evil. Absolving themselves of any notion of responsibility to anything other than their controllers who place the voices in their heads, the zealot and jihadi have cut off all ties to humanity outside of their fringe cult. What is hidden to us - the presence of an intelligence, or, if you like, a consciousness which does not 'take shape' in 'embodied' form yet nevertheless exudes a presence which works through objects and people both - is not so hidden to these heretics from human-ness. Falling under the sway of said consciousness as a result of freely made decision, the talmudic diabolist appears to adopt the fervent hatred for our kind of his new masters, and doubtless generates endless recharges of that emotion through their awareness of having freely chosen to cut themselves off from the living.

Inanimate life. Inanimate living is what I am talking bout. Beyond the superficially apparent oxymoron of 'inanimate' and 'living' lies a territory with no shortage of clues for our quest here. Trained by convention to dismiss the notion of consciousness unconnected to motile formats, we may have been deliberately steered clear of the 'methodos' by which to at last understand the dynamic behind talmudic diabolism. Steered clear of understanding 'evil' as the conjunction of quite 'earthly' forms of consciousness beyond our(hobbled)imaginations with human 'helpers' who have chosen to jettison any core solidarity to that state of being in the expectation of 'rewards' of sundry nature. Since this sounds something more in keeping with a Borges story than a definition of a systemic tool of political hegemony, I might ask the readers patience with the unfoldment of this train of thought, one new to me only in the sense of never having been applied to talmudic diabolism.  Since few, if any, took up my suggestion to read Colin Wilsons' "meta-fictional" account of how these inanimate Colin_Wilson_-_The_Mind_Parasites.pdf work to control humanity (using the weak links among us as their tools of mischief and deceit - ring any bells?)even westerlings acutely aware of their perilous position have not the slightest idea of what to do about it.

In the biologic world, we are used to seeing outcroppings of intra-species mayhem - the attack by one troop of gorillas upon another, for territory, sexual prize, or perhaps, aggressivity needing release outside the group. Nothing new there. How is it however, we are confronted within the annals of kabbalist talmudism itself by stories of murderous genocide, attacks without rationale beyond 'wiping out' all traces of a neighboring people, followed by development of specious doctrines to do with the 'dog-given' right to rule and judge over all humans outside of the core group? These are 'biologic' impulses? I fear not. Instead, I find it plausible to take these pathologies of power as quite anti-biologic manifestations of the malice of 'life forces' which we are not even aware of the existence of...

yet can still trace through time the concordance of human tradition as to  vague recognition of their possibility. The intrusion of voices of directed by that same timeless pathology of evil onto this small but sacred space of resistance was all the prompt I needed to simply saddle up and ride away to the long-neglected researches which will form the necessary backbone of my book project. And the interval has been wonderfully productive! Far deeper than ever before I've been able to penetrate into that shady past where our ancestors met forces of evil with anti-dotes of their own devicing. Retrieval of that story proceeds apace, now that I'm back focused upon that work.
[Actually - was not back, nor focused pon anything other than livin large and free! Prior to the events of the summer of 2016, when I was called back into the world of reportage, I was accustomed to taking the summer months as an interlude away from the internet and the electro-magnetic impulses now so conclusively proven in that summers wake to be harbingers of mind control on the mass scale. Lack of discipline kept me from returning to that salubrious habit till this year. Those who have sighted my comments on the talmudic-kabbalism HQ blog recently need understand that I use such outings as a form of getting back into shape after a period of writerly inactivity. Rust sets in quickly. If I get this posting completed and published some time this month I think that will be a sufficient output]

And immediately upon our departure from the modern world, I also took note of the need for a measured assessment of all the work of this decade of writing which the end of the 7 year cycle now allows me to make calmly and without stress. All those stories, spread chaotically over so many spaces are now being brought into harness, so as to be readable in a coherent and comprehensive manner. Soon I will have them ready for presentation, as not just a body of work to be reviewed for its own merits, but also as a record of the progression of one mans' movement along a road leading out of Dodge... and into a post-western world that challenges talmudist hegemony using ropes spliced to the wisdom of our forbears!

[that journey - a wandering... if thou wilt... through deserts of the really real, is one without fixed goal, other than to wander long and free - lost birthright of a thousand generations of our kind, out of the fringes of forest/steppe lands in the heart of Asia, along the passageways which snake still across that continent, into its westernmost extension - a Europa brought down now into the final stages of a plague far darker than bubonic ones. In so far as it be a personal quest... now is where, after 8 years of intensive execution of that plan which for purposes of description I'll call my Schematic  For the Soul Survivor, has reached the happy point of completion. For that, I have taken this interval as a moment of grateful acceptance, to be lived to the max. Yet the personal element of this hejira has always had its parallel track of concerted effort towards the liberation of all kith n kin - a holdover perhaps, from my days of repeating over and over the buddhist dictum of 'may all sentient beings share whatever merit may accrue from my actions!' With the aid of our kabbalistic torture toy and Resident Evil, that need for parallel wish fulfillment may have finally run its course. Part of the purpose of this time out for pause and reflection will doubtless prove to have been the need to evaluate where things stand in that troubled relationship tween me and the west.

In the course of this past six months I developed the firm perception that the wester lands had fallen ineluctably into the grasp of the kabbalists, its denizens no longer even a potential fount of collective action or even fruitful discussion. Resistance - if there ever really was any - to the talmudic behemoth stalking those benighted lands - can be decisively said to have COLLAPSED. And there is nothing under the rubble which will surface later. It's over. I have to come to grips with the meaning of that - figure out how and whether to relate to whatever holdover phantoms of men may loom out of the darkness in apparent living form. No one left to write to - write for. I'm not there yet ... but its got to be gotten around to.
Not today. Today is still the time to be joyful and carelessly abandoned to the life I dreamed of making years/decades ago, now a dream come true. In all the time spent ministering to, pleading with, westerlings to wake up I never lost the hope that some would be cognizant to their peril, and bold enough to ACT. I never stopped trying to communicate the worry which I carried in my heart for them. In the end, I needed to wait for those I endeavored to save, to push me away...

so  sufficiently disgusted at the puerile posturings of moralizing complaint, hysteric, random attack, and hypocritically employed faulty logic as to - at last - simply ride away to a cleaner, happier place outside the imagination of the pornographically possessed westerling. Of all the amazing dividend which has accrued in the short months of this platforms' existence - above and beyond the precise, and now confirmed detailing[via a kind of divinatory technique developed and explained in the ongoing course of the old platforms' story board-the "Dupin Approach!”] of hyper-real phenomena such as "The Syrian Endgame," the morphing of "Arab Street/Muslim Town" into a series of talmudist-controlled satrapies such as we can now plainly see such failed states as Saudistan and Turkiye to be, the banal but ongoing transformation of the worlds' "superpowers," as well as its most economically "advanced" nations into kabbalist-controlled puppet-regimes directly controlled from the s e Med...

yes, even more amazing than all of those accurate prognostications religiously ignored by an army of failed 'analysts,' 'experts,' and their coterie of mind controlled fanbouys DEAD WRONG in everything they wrote and/or predicted over the same time period..

was the precise substantiation of my lingering, until now unprovable suspicion that the bodymind of any and all of those who stayed behind in the wester world is subject to external and hidden influences which are now directly capable of CONTROLLING the thoughts, perceptions, and actions of just about..... anybody.
THAT - is "kabbalism in action!" as demonstrated before our eyes via the online breakdown of that prototypical "resistor"[c'mon down - ] who - once capable of clear sighted insight into the nature of their personal and collective malaise, once rationally participant in a sustained discussion of both philosophic background to that same malaise, and the geo-political consequences of those fatal deviations from truth which have led the wester world to its incipient end - turns a sudden into a caricature of the "pornographic mind"  in all its base and erroneous conscription into evil. The true face of 'dyybuk possession' as a patterned social virus overtakng the denizens of the west one by one, until all are truly reduced to mind-controlled puppets capable of being turned into Sirhan-like drone attack weapons on demand!
 [Took me a couple of months to digest the outrage incumbent pon seeing the small oasis of civility and decorous compartment which I set up this site to be, invaded and sullied by the totally pornographized spewings of a zombied former participant - till once again able to 'compost' that shite via my proven ability to turn every one of the enemies sallies into another case of - taking the battle to them!' Only with the benefit of the Maguses magnifique teachings - as broken down by Andrew Ross in this essay "Baudrillards' Bad Attitude"
could I at last begin to define what had gone down in May.

A victim of over-education-induced intellectual atrophy begins to rag on me for being "soft" on talmudism, whilst moralizing witlessly about the horror of child abuse... in so doing needing to violate the simplest code of conduct inherent to any public venue ... and I was stumped as to what was going on. "The loss of scene" - what a wonderful, pithy way of bringing forward the innate state of the Merikan Mind/Westerlings Weltanschauung - reduced now to purely mechanistic, mechanized perceptions which eschew all "constructions of subjectivity" for a vision and manner of being totally in accord with the talmudic kabbalist sex perversion. Relations tween the sexes reduced to a grinding of gears, expression of fears, collection of sneers - the sad territory I covered in the essay Duende,_or_“this_happy_sadness”___vestigial_vision.pdf- a decade ago ... with the penultimate insult of the 'virtual orgasm video' replacing even the need of actual physical touch!

That revealing quote from the modern master of Kabbalistic studies himself, the mystic 'penetrating' the mists of history on their sacred mission to 'reveal' gives us much insight into both the diddler and the talmudic scholar - a shared mission behind the 'mask' - of historian, of sanctity, of probity - to "penetrate" that which needs no key. All is in service to a "holy cause."

What frightens them then about Sabbatean-Frankism then, is the overt embrace of the pornographic, of the antithesis of 'the sacred' - then put to use to bring about the arrival of the same desired ‘place of imagined grace’ as the more 'orthodox' talmudic seeks. While the orthodox judaic talmudist seeks to conspire with the Frankist in using the pornographic to degrade the westerling, they themselves become “Epsteined” in the process... criminally insanse psychopaths parked on a mountain of money which must all disappear eventually into the lawyers bag o loot!

THAT - is "the decline of the west" in micro imitation of the macro level of decay which haunts every waking moment now of a Drumpf-driven descent into collective social madness and suicide  suitable for the canvas board of a Poe or even more macabre Lovecraft-like author. Where once were men, now are the ruins of men, the torture toy victims of their own mistaken sense of immunity from being taken over - turned - and returned then, as hostage puppets of the very  evil that they once took a studied effort in exposing and defeating; right before our eyes we witnessed a guy so careless as to place the details of his own personal identity online for all to see, and then advertise the fact. A carelessness - a witlessness - duplicated dozens of time over in the course of the years I've been actively chronicling the talmudic behemoths advance... as time after time, this once vibrant and incisive investigator, this collaborator and friend, that once prove stalwart opponent of evil in its modern appearance...
become strangely transformed into appendages of that same villainy - the same, yet not 'the same' at all!

Thank you “maestro” ... for that most  trenchant demonstration of everything which served to confirm my worst nightmares about what could - and would - happen were I to have stayed in the wester world any longer! Along with the "Jim Stone" and "Lasha Darkmoon debacles, your cautionary example may have finally instilled the proper sense of disdain inside of me, for  self-created victims of resistance to kabbalisms advances. "Ignorance" is not a defense in the court of survival, any longer. He who hides best, lives longest, in freedom that is!]

Ten years - a decade now, since I knew it was time to go, and no longer could procrastinate about doing so. I needed, and am now taking, the time to pause and reflect, digest it all. All the ruptured acquaintances, budding collaborations suddenly cut, the mysterious disappearances and/or 'transformations' of people I'd once been close too... spookier, crazier, darker than even the notion which developed over time in my mind all those years ago - that something terrible was happening to us all right before our unseeing eyes!

It was indeed crazy - this idea, this plan of escape - leaving behind the kabbalistic kontrol gulag, getting out and getting free. But I did it. Along with two other decisively momentous depositions of 'grace' in my life.... first, pulling the plug on any more 'fool school' indoctrination at the age of 18, and thereby fortuitously avoiding the kind of advanced mind rape which recovering victims such as our pals 'reante' and 'maestro’ have demonstrated to be the consequence of "higher education" - and shortly thereafter, refusing to countenance the suggested 'abortion' of that being who would become my own daughter, thereby fortuitously escaping the stain of moral error which be unerasable no matter the brand of exculpatory bleach employed. Sin of that kind 'don't wash out!' As it turns out - the only thing crazier than what I did would have been to stay behind, and acquiesce to the slow erosion of faculties of body and mind, till there was no more thought nor ability for escape!

That 'something terrible' has more than just 'happened' is now obvious - if you are outside looking in! But the nature of that something... a profound transformation of the perceptual faculties of people once my contemporaries by which they would become unable to even see themselves devolving, was still in doubt, until now. As student and initiate of that Last Magus – M. Baudrillard - I could feel blessed to understand and perceive evil as a tangible entity loose and at large in the post-911 era of terrorization. I could even motivate myself to confront it, by means of leveraging myself outside of its 'home territory,' to a place from which the rough outlines of the beast would be visible. And, as I gradually gained in divinatory technique, I could even describe - Precession_of_simulacra_–_the_new_Tenochititlan___vestigial_vision.pdf - what was to come; yet just as Baudrillard himself maintained a studied ignorance of the elephant in every room of his mansion of theory, so I remained in a state of suspended judgment about the nature and goals of talmudic kabbalism and its modern practitioners; it was possible, I still believed, that I 'had it all wrong' - that the people of the west could still muster a collective response to their peril, wake up at last to the extinction event happening in plain sight, make that last concerted effort to overthrow the goldmanite godzilla before its rampage was complete.

That dreamy state of denial - of my own instincts and inner mentor - is now over. All the various and sundry 'premise checks' I've felt obliged to engage in over this interval of completing my personal survival strategy are over too. It all 'checked out' - down to the gritty details. BUT being proven correct is not a cause for happiness in this case! Just as a mother can no more resolve to disown and abandon their reprobate offspring, no matter the proven nature of the criminal tendencies, so its' with a motherly outpouring of love and concern that I continued to seek an audience among the hemlock eaters and Jonestown junkies of the fallen lands. Can't be turned off. But I've at last managed to turn it down! It's time to now really consider the meaning of "post-western world" - as in a world most likely soon to be bereft of all or most all of the folks who once made up the "developed world." That prospect now longer scares me - it just puzzles me. Whatever I've dreamed up and made manifest in the way of a personal utopia is clearly going to be rendered void if and when kabbalist talmudism slips its garrote over the entire world. No man an island, no island a refuge from TERROR STATES\STATES OF TERROR.

That is the dilemma which I will be seeking to dissolve, during my contemplative hiatus. Stripped of any possibility of co-conspirators, left without allies of any description, east or west, last man standing in a movie set spookily identical to Vincent Prices' "LAST MAN ON EARTH" I stand witness to the probable demise of a people who managed to extricate themselves from every previous effort to eliminate their dna and collective consciousness from this world.  No audience, no survivors. A life behind enemy lines. Clearly, the clock has run out for those few who had lingering expectations of being able to still pull something out of the hat. Little attention was paid - as usual - to the story I posted this winter past as to how the talmudists are busy putting the last touches pon the technology which will track[prior to eliminating!?]any and of those which their all-encompassing communications network deems in any way '''anti-semitic.' That catch-all term for the few lingering folks lucid enough to question the post-reality stream of fake EVERYTHING will be the tool used to quash any of you who suppose yourselves still immune to discovery - or - you will silence yourselves and simply wait for the day when "round up" happens.

Unable even to coalesce in a manner of collective THINKING - let alone collective ACTION... the last few villagers of GULAGISTAN appear to be simply waiting for their "pods" to arrive via the melon wagon. Though I highly recommended a review of COLIN WILSONS' masterful meta-fiction THE MIND PARASITES in the course of last winters' goings on, that bit of essential reading into how the "inanimate evil" behind manifestations like kabbalism hobbles the human race [using the 'weak links' within it - ring any bells?] too fell on deaf ears.

I will dispel that gloominess - my residual realistic pessimism always manages to creatively intersect with its confrere, optimistic realism. The way to defeat the kooks will be found. Or, more probably, and in accord with my chosen "wu wei" way of 'doing nothing,' the kooks will defeat themselves. As with the "glad tidings" brought home via the "Dybbuk Dateline" duo of stories this winter past, the scions of the ol judaic mobster mafiya are busily transforming themselves into imbecilic cretins unfit for further existence! Just as with our witless examples of Sraeli 'LBGT lifestyle artists,' so the real life justice league account book is being written - how bout this offspring of the Pritzker monster ashkenazi mafiya of the midwest, who has publicly changed their identity from .... to ....?
 The Evanston billionaire and heir to Hyatt Hotel fortune formerly known as James Pritzker is reportedly beginning a gender transition to live as a woman.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, a statement released to employees at Tawani Enterprises and the Pritzker Military Library read:

"As of Aug. 16, 2013, J.N. Pritzker will undergo an official legal name change, will now be known as Jennifer Natalya Pritzker. This change will reflect the beliefs of her true identity that she has held privately and will now share publicly. Pritzker now identifies herself as a woman for all business and personal undertakings."

 That's cute.

So how did a drudge, a nobody, and a 'non-educated' one at that, who spent the entirety of his working life deep in the bowels of judaic monopoly capitalist "enterprise" become possessed of the means by which to divinate the way things have really worked out, report the 'news' uniquely flavored with a quotient of 'truth-in-media' now almost TOTALLY absent in other venues, large or small? Where ALL others failed to report the real story about Syria, Turkey, and the muddled east in general, why did an uncredentialed nobody scoop story after[still ignored]story, to the point of running away with the whole race?

Beats me. I never really ever left the world of Deputy Dawg, QuikDraw, Heckle n Jeckle, Boris n Natasha; those ol toons and comix were my political science tutorials, Mad Magazine my sociology seminar, the adventures of Rowdy Yates my graduate school. I never lost the simple childish joy within me, for some unknown reason. By not 'growing up,' I stayed mature where all my contemporaries became immersed in the falsitudes necessary to 'get ahead in life.' And now, at the end of it all, the payoff.

I write what I like, live how I wish, avoid all those who would impinge upon my bespoke manner of doing so, find the heart of things in the forgotten places which modernity has passed by in contempt of. In attempt to share any or all of that, I've discovered that I am universally reviled, by those who might have most profited from the hard won experience it has been my lot to accrue. Twenty years ago, still slaving away in the bowels of 'the system,' I simply could not have even imagined being here, living my dreams, my life at last given some formative grace via simply being outside of the fallen lands. Wishing to share that dividend, and all the lessons learned along the way, was as natural for me as eating or drinking.

The diligent sniping, sneering and general phobic fear which greeted my every attempt to do so was a remarkable thing to witness. But gradually, I realized that the enemy embedded in every stitch and stricture of society in the wester world has mandated an information blackout, by which to better convince their chosen victims that no other life, better choices, exist outside of their fishbowl existence. They infect every site, every possible venue by which to communicate with the former kith n kin; with time, I learned to relax and let the writing proceed as a thing in itself - much in accord with NGs marvelous dictum - I am responsible for the effort - not the outcome! Detachment from reward, recognition, or even readers breeds a satisfying acceptance of the small pleasures of life, no longer modulated by the tastes or opinions of others. Tis enough to witness to what one knows, and let the rest go.

And that’s what I did for these past seven years – write down what I knew to be true about business, finance, politics, and religion... and by some kind of fortuitous accident of fate turn out to have more truthfully and accurately analysed what had happened in the past, was happening in the present, and would happen in the future, than ANY of the “professional” pens for hire have or will ever will do! A track record – whether acknowledged or not – that simply makes the world of punditry and “experts” of all kinds look silly. To no effect, of course – the truth remains, and will likely remain, buried.
All of which is to say - it's probably too late in the day to continue with discussions of such meritorious meditation on the hidden truths about science and society both. The damage is done and too far reaching, for if there was ever to have been a determined attempt to proactively correct the record in such a way as could affect the outcome of the culture war which is now in its' final stage, it would have needed to have started long before now. That's why I've gradually had to accept my role as being more that of the scribe - chronicling the stages of downfall which led to the collapse of a soon to be forgotten wester world, than my much preferred vision of being an active co-conspirator in a guerrilla war against talmudic kabbalist takeovers.

It was that vision of active pushback against talmudic fakelore and the poisonous connivance of academia which led me to produce work like the MYTH OF CAPITAL series - rolling back the lies and distortions of our history, reintroducing the giants whose legacy of alternative social constructs which cut the feet out from under the judaic isms of the 'social' 'communo' and 'capital' kind was deliberately buried by complicit 'scholars' in the pocket of the $power.

In PART TWO of that series I presented the work of those heretics of the C19th whose practical -EXPERIENCE-BASED - alternative socio-economic visions would, if not deliberately buried, have saved us from the bloody explosion of judaic "isms" in the following century. Theses self-made men deconstructed the falsities and distortions of "social," "communo," and "capital" isms with a precision and clarity which must have put real fear into the hearts of those who bankrolled the imposition of those unworkable political fantasies via their buying up of politicians, educators, and media scribes.

Now almost totally forgotten even amongst the 'educated' classes, these C19th rebels reflected a time when brave men and women still dared to challenge the hegemony of the $power. That capacity of resistance to evil now seems eliminated from the genetic stock which follows in the wake of the C20th culture wars which set the stage for the dumbed down present generations. That trend is not the friend of continued existence of the Europoid peoples. And it is no fun at all to be witness to an extinction event in progress... particularly when the prevailing social norm in the west appears to now be... suicide, personal and collective.

I paid such careful attention to chronicling the hidden events which took place in the course of the C19th ...

whereby the integral, carefully empirical-based investigations of Beauchamp into the root causes of disease - the concept of the pleomorphic - are suppressed in favor of the commercially profitable and endlessly toxic mistake-laden work of Pasteur...

whereby the speculative, unsubstantiated[and now disproven]theories of Darwin replace the careful work of Lamarck, Mendel, and the other investigators of natural science

whereby the riotously corrupt and irrational 'science' of Freud reduces our psychology to a series of 'drives' which are to be treated as pathologies best laid to rest via a 'talking cure' on the couches of judaic confessors

and whereby the meticulous calculations of a Maxwell, written in quaternions and anticipating what Hertz would later "prove" decades later, are watered down by the vector equations of Heaviside, so as to miss the implications of the Scotsmen scientific genius by which he actually wrote out a unified field theory of electromagnetics and gravitation - which would - if not buried, have put science on the path to shaping space creatively rather than shaping weapons of mass carnage destructively so as to better manage the transition of society to its present state of terror and permanent war upon 'the other.'  Ironically, Einstein himself was left trying to find a way to reintroduce electromagnetic fields into his general relativity, and to provide a unified field theory of gravity and electromagnetics, without the critical benefit of Maxwells' forgotten breakthroughs.  The sionist philanderer and part time plagiarist had made the incorrect assumption of a locally flat space-time, which effectively ruled out the very thing he needed for confirmation of his precious theory via actual empiric experiment. His 'unified theory' was a failure, therefore, but because the media marketed it otherwise, his record was allowed to remain that of the heroic genius, rather than failed dabbler....

because they were all key steps in setting the stage for the horror which became the C20th. By the end of which, intellectual orthodoxy had systemically wiped out all opposition to its’ monopoly over the way the record gets written. Nobody – literally – knows anymore, how our entire civilization got hijacked by spooky creeps with an agenda of mass destruction.

Leaving all that madness aside, it has remained an interesting and admittedly enjoyable constant over the years, to see manifest in action the truth of that old adage, sit by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by. Piecing together the grisly fates of those who had for so long tormented us with their endless dirty tricks in pursuit of market monopoly by eliminating the competition, learning what had happened to those of my contemporaries who had eaten the poisoned candy by agreeing to sell their businesses(and souls, it would turn out!)to the kabbalists who now own the entire [redacted] "industry," the lack of success which accrued to the people who had taken a less than gracious approach to dealing with us, all of which I've only recently learned of, a dozen or so years later, has evoked not so muh schadenfreude as a wonder and thankfulness for having somehow gotten out of that stew pot alive and whole!

On that personal level, for those who have fallen into the maw of kabbalistic-talmudic 'capitalism' I feel but sorrow and pity - even if their own pecuniary choices made that fate unavoidable. On the level of the geopolitical, however, for those who have succumbed to whatever threat/blandishment/or bribery - and are still working in thrall to the enemy - I have no pity or sorry at all. Watching them ALL now line up in sequence to whore for the current NEW WORLD ORDURE phony narrative -

Erodogan considering a reboot of Ottoman empire
Jim Stone, July 6, 2018

"The Ottoman empire ruled the middle east for centuries, up until world war 1. It was a great, extremely well run empire that was taken out by the West, to divide the Muslim states into small zones which were easy to control. Erdogan wants this giant pan-arab state to return, there is little question in this." Huh? Ok Jimbo... now please - just get yurself beamed back up to the mushroom mothership!    What is there to say about the "progressives for moar war" who not only steal other peoples' journalistic work, but shamelessly pretend to be 'anti-sionist' whilst covertly working for that same power?

 and finally,

Mr Big Bird (Guano)himself:
who - having fallen prey to one of my more sharpened and well directed arrows in the course of this winter past ... apparently has felt the heat enough to attempt to increase his cred as well as try to keep up with yours truly - and in a truly delightful gambit, during my holiday time decided to pull in Mr Michael Hoffman himself - so as to be suitably insulated from the serious and well-founded charges made about the Saker Psyop.

In the course of doing so...Mr Bird has given away more than he probably would have like to. After his 'Anglo-Zionist Empire' Bullshit was put in tatters, he and his clique of 'Russo-talmudic Fanbouys' have been hard pressed to regain their wind. And with the going over that they received via the "Wagner Debacle" from me... the staggeringly obvious lack of punch from that direction has resulted in the kind of stasis which dries up 'contributions to the cause' and raa raa fanclubs rather fast/ what to do what to do!>?

Indeed, it was thanks to having read Sakers interview with our hero MH that I became aware of the new corpus - coming out at the perfect time - and most harmoniously blending with my own direction of the moment, that Renaissance Era where the strings of kabbalism fully encased the western intellectual tradition in binding ties of talmudic skullduggery!

In fact, Hoffmans' turning of the spotlight onto Pico, Ficino, and others of the rogues gallery which I began to enumerate and deconstruct with that brief focus pon Giordano Bruno is a total vindication of that direction which the site had recently taken, wherein heroes of religion, science, politics and philosophy have all fallen under the axe of 'truth in media' and the recovery of our real history! What a treat it is to see this rare confirmation of and solidarity with the work performed. Saker and the others seeking shelter under the shade of real anti-kabbalist pyrotechnics will find themselves cast out into the desert of the real along with the rest of the assortment of djinns, demons, fakirs and malevolent spirits riding the evil wind of sionist mafiya psy ops - no rest - or resting place for the wicked ol sock!
I've made little or no mention of events in Syria in this piece - there is no need to! "Events" are few and far between - the roll out of exactly what was predicted here is proceeding apace. Ever since their "gassed civilians" narrative fell to pieces, there has been nothing to report. All the "Elijahs" and the rest of the paid scribblers will be proven fibbers -again- and the roll out of the Sraeli-led Eurasian Energy Cartel will proceed on schedule... with pseudo-Islamic Iran as firmly 'in the bag' as faux-Islamic Talmudic Terror State Turkiye is!

Well, that's probably enough for one go; I suppose I should stop here and prepare this post for publication. Which will have to wait until I travel somewhere that signal strength is great enough to allow me to use my usual proxy. Because of the tenuous nature of our internet connection, I've not been able to do that - anything security enhanced, like banking, my secure email, proxies, etc., simply do not open in our present location. In fact, most even ordinary html urls do not - leaving me rather limit for choices in where I go for news and information. If you've seen my commentary on ZeroCred lately, that is indeed why - for whatever reason, it's one of the few sites to open readily when I get online. Even my own site is nearly always hard or impossible to open. A couple of years back, I would have considered this a major drawback... now I just go with the flow. Less time spent in "enemy country" means more time available for my historical pursuits- and the nitty gritty details which lie behind all of my premises as to the true nature and beginnings of the Europoid peoples - and their predators.

With the money saved from no longer wasting expensive bandwidth sparring with moron exceptionalists, I purchased what was needed to get down to the job of transferring the chapters of the book which I photocopied page by page in the library of the Georgia University where one of the very few copies of Ethel Stewarts' masterpiece  Dene and Na-Dene Indian Migrations 1233 A.D. : Escape from Genghis Khan still was to be found. In the face of determined opposition and scorn from all levels of academic orthodoxy, this intellectual heretic profoundly changed the nature of our understanding of native American roots - tracing them back to the diaspora of central Asian refugees fleeing the Mongol terror. Her work inspired me to begin doing the same kind of exegesis of our true history as European descendants of Altaic Central Asian tribes which moved west in waves still poorly understood and/or misinterpreted. All of which - believe it or not - dovetails nicely with the parallel work I've been doing of tracing the congruence of Semitic and Turkic Terror.

Perhaps the most unique - and indeed the most important element to come out of the several years work which the platform produced, this tracing of the historical and racial roots of semitic talmudic "Angry God" sectarianism and pan Turkic "Islamist-style" Angry God ethnic supremacism has become gradually more and more supported by the evidence which dna research is rolling out more of each decade. When one reads the following -


 and realizes just how many ethnic mythologies and made up pedigrees are blown out of the water when real historical research starts to challenge invented fakelore...
the implications are staggering. So much work to be done. So many fakers, disinfo artists, and psy-operators to expose and dispose of!

it still amazes me how long I held off from nailing Saker and the rest of these suckas for who they really are! Yet caution is a necessity in the analytic game - letting your targets out themselves makes the end game much more satisfying.

Oh - the reference to Creeks n Paddles; at the time I was originally writing this draft, the image of my many trips up the creeks and riverine scapes of Florida was prevalent in my mind. All of the myriad winding waterways one can explore off of the navigable channels are an enchanting part of a blissful boat trip everyone should make at least once. To see the manatees frolic in the clear waters of Blue Springs, tread the mossy undergrowth of a southern pine forest, journey among the riverine bird life - but -
well hidden among all that natural splendor are the peeping eyes of hungry amphibians whose taste in snacks is that of the omnivore rather than the vegetarian.

I well remember the time I took the square stern canoe that hangs off of the back of my sailboat up a promising riverine artery, to make a couple days exploration of the dark and overhung banks. Pitching a tent close to those same banks, and bedding down for a pleasant nights slumber in the silent forest, I had no idea I would be waking to the apparition of a family of sharp-toothed neighbors sliding one by one into the creek from which they would stare back at my astonished gaze. I felt with every cell and artery the slimness of the nylon barrier which had separated us during that long night, and wondered at just with what ease at any point they could have made it disappear - and short work of me.

I put the idea of a quick morning dip out of mind pretty quickly - indeed, all of my dips in the many different waters of coastal and inner Florida were always thereafter a short and nervous affair. I doubt that I ever strayed more than 5 yards from the stern ladder ever again! You know, the Russo-talmudic blogger and agent extraordinaire hangs his hat in Florida I believe. When I think back upon the naivete and general lack of awareness which accompanied my first forays into the jungle of international political intrigue, it reminds me ever so much of that same watery experience. Peeping, malevolent eyes are always a part of that landscape, as are disguises, camouflages, and false trails of all kinds. For the unwary, or indifferent to survival, a world of deadly peril, populated by beasts of prey.

Much of the earlier part of this past decade I indeed spent in a naive and fruitless effort to find and rescue whatever two-legger lifeforms might still be alive and well within the hungry jungle of talmudic terror which the west has become. The effort is one I do not regret - it was an essential part of the journey which got me here - but I can certainly see, in hindsight, that chasing the will -o-wisp of imagined fellow resistors  where none in truth actually still exist, was a trip that left me perilously close to being up a creek - without a paddle.

In putting this post together for final edit today, I just noticed the date... and realized the significance of this fine bit of "acausal synchronicity!" What better way to acknowledge the second anniversary of the phony coup by which Anatolia would be thrown under the bus of talmudic terror - and I become the sole on the ground reporter of the death of the really real! When one digests the evidence presented above - of trance-formed former truth-tellers now shillin for da man....

and realizes that ALL are being directed to turn the wanna-be caliph and his talmudic TERROR STATE into another WHITE HAT SUPERHERO for the gomers to cheer for... it will finally become clear why states and puppet potentates around the world were quick to support the fiction of a COUP THAT NEVER WAS - and why the real story of that time was embargoed by ALL media through to this day!(You can read my detailed chronicling of the real story of July 2016 in the archives here - the triumph of real [neo]journalism over the faken news mediaz!)

Reporting from an Anatolia time outta mind...

this remains - the very last caravanseray on the long trek thru the deserts every soul survivor must make - in search of that same lost connection to the real.

Colin_Wilson_-_The_Mind_Parasites.pdf                         (never say I didn't do my utmost for yas!)

The Michelson-Morley experiment did not work because the retro-reflection set up standing waves that were locked onto the mirror surfaces and so their energy was dragged along by the apparatus. That energy affected the speed of light in those standing wave components along the beam. Michelson and Morley did not know about those standing wave properties, because standing waves as such were only discovered by Wiener. The Trouton-Noble experiment did not work because it assumed the Lorentz force law applies to non-circuital charge motion, whereas it is empirically based on effects that demand such a circuital charge motion.