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— by Catalysm Catalysm
Bel, so glad you are back, and yes, this essay confirms the wisdom of your absence! Absolutely brilliant, and I'm stupefied by the absence of readership--the absence of connoiseurs of these very dense gateaux of stunning insight and beautiful writing. Please don't detach the electric cord and draw down the the shutters to your carnival wagon just yet! Though the hour is late and the crowds are thinning, there are still enough passersby who may yet wish to carry home a large stuffed animal.  

Some of the themes you mention with respect to Kabbalism, namely the hoarding of energy to evade mortality, immediately called to mind those giant rogue (Talmudic?) waves the spontaneously arise in the ocean even when there are no mighty winds present to stir them up. Accounting for their origin may be impossible but their subsequent development and behaviour, it turns out, are expeditiously modelled using Schrödinger's equation. They essentially steal energy from nearby waves to build themselves up. A fascinating "dunamos" in its own right.

Concerning the following paragraph,

"In truth, we are not even granted the assurance that what confronts us as an implacable enemy is something which belongs to our own 'dimension' of time and space. There are compelling argument which place those same enemies in dimensions otherwise, intruding at will and to our total obliviousness, into our own on missions of mischief and malice. Once again, that can hardly be a concern of ours; if we are not granted the ability to see beyond our own 'neighborhood,' we cannot be accountable for what happens anywhere beyond it. To the extent that talmudic diabolism is a phenomena conceived and executed by beings of our own world, we have the ability to defeat it - if it's source is elsewhere... we will likely need to call in help. I don't have any connections of that sort... do you?",

I'm just going to throw out there my own take what I can only imagine to be extra-dimensional phenomena that seem to be more intimately tied to whatever is the source of the evil you speak of which has, and can have, no name. Namely, the issue of spectres that appear in all respects to be just human beings seen in ordinary street settings in plain daylight, but which, upon reflection and analysis, may represent some kind of higher technology than just scalar waves projecting voices in the head for some people. These belong to the "gods, monsters, spirits, and elemental forces" you mention. Do they have a human origin representing an incredible advance in technology--modern technological demonology, as you term it--or are they supernatural phenomena that have always accompanied those who are cursed with the ability to see them? Are they aimed specifically at those who question the Talmudic construct they are embedded in? Why do they always provide the key for discerning that they are not real, which is only realised on reflection well after they make their appearance? Like gang stalkers, they enjoy taunting their victims in a way that completely blocks third parties from taking the victims seriously and induces those third parties--without fail--to recommend the psychiatrist's couch and his pharmacological ministrations--a sure means of removing from the scene those who uncover the ongoing "complot" for themselves.

Thus, I'm wondering if--at the risk of losing all readership--the primary focus should be on these background dependant (to use a favourite physics term) intrusions which do not require, to my knowledge, a talmudist in a nearby van with a dish on top to sustain them. Their human (hybrid?) counterparts are nefarious enough to deflect all attention from these dei ex machina who are the essential actors in this tragedy. These topics are hors de discussion precisely because no serious-minded person is willing to risk exposing an entirely natural curiosity about the shoals of a reality that is perhaps bounded but not closed.