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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Greetings Catalysm,

I'm going to take the measure of your words - point by point - as they mesh well with where this essay has taken my mind to next. And as you have more than once now addressed this phenomena of "shades" on these pages, I'll start with that subject.

To do so, I'll be drawing heavily upon already written passages from the decade past - wherein I addressed the subject of "Duende," in one of the very few English language essays to take on that theme. Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca momumental exposition of same, from the 1930s, I sought to tie together this cultural substratum of "the unseen ones" [so seminal to our disappearing western tradition]with the immediate subject of \the Paradox of declining womens' happiness/so as to better understand for myself why I was evacuating the west.

Both those themes - the world of unseen beings around us, and -the psychic collapse of the feminine 'spirit' in the west - are worthy of separate essays of themselves here. I may get around to one or both, but at any rate, returning to the theme of Duende right now is heavily in concordance with your questions. The reason?

In mentioning the 'overcoming of fear of death' in the present essay, I wanted to underline the vital distinction between the ancient acceptance of 'death' as a part of our 'journey,' and the modern model of striving for both 'perfection' and immortality. Western versus talmudic values.

Your 'shades,' or "an incredible advance in technology/ supernatural phenomena that have always accompanied those who are cursed with the ability to see them"... are both ancient and modern manifestations of the sundered relationship to 'death' which kabbalist necromancy employs to - as you say - 'gang stalk. They are projections of the kabbalists psyche, trained... in the manner which Bruno was training himself to engage with and manipulate 'phantasms'...

which take on the appurtenances of real beings via the power of necromantic magic. No vans/no dishes needed. They come to 'exist' as a result of the corruption of our relationship to death - the corruption resulting from 'angry dog' religious fervor refashioned as tools with which to defraud others of their most basic elements of being-ness. Like "souls?" Yeah - exactly like souls.

But what are "souls?" Save conciousness on an extended timeline. Socrates, in one of his more accurate bon mots, said that philosophy is the preparation for meeting ones' death. But indeed, we are 'meeting our death' constantly, or would be, were we aware of the duende - of the spirits which surround us and would be 'visible' to us were we but bold enought to 'LIVE' to the fullest as travelers in a 'mindscape' neither bounded nor closed.

For Lorca, the artist, that unbounded capacity of living was the work of the creative dimension to express -

well, I can already see that this is going to take me into something way too involved for a 'comment' to include. I will try to append the document with Lorcas' own words on this matter, as preparation for coming back to this theme in a posting.
What's most important here is this - the appertunances which you are catching glimpses of are not to be taken lighty, nor really - if truth be told - to be taken account of at all! That is because the westerling is devoid of any protection from the intent of those shades creators. Need I mention what that intent is?

Both you and Horn have brought up this topic, either here or in private communication - and it behooves me to point blank suggest that - yes - while the most important topic to pursue on these pages could indeed be 'background dependant' epi-phenomena such as you describe... it is one which is only 'safe' to handle when one has taken incredible pains to immerse themselves in protective shieldings of the psychic kind.
Thus, it is not so much a topic of 'discussion' as a matter of 'technique' - the means of shielding oneself from harm - the learning of which may not even be possible from within the gulag of the west.

If the current essay is read on the level intended, it can be see that I'm up in the air as to whether/andor/how any body might/could still be alive and whole in the wester world. And if they are not - just who am I addressing, or is addressing me?

We have available to us the very timely example of one who has indeed crossed the threshold before our very eyes - the ruin of a man who is now tasked with defacing every effort to continue the original precis here, who I am not so much indulging as allowing - for demonstration purposes - to show the audience what it means to have been "taken." Since that is the very last thing I would wish to happen to any(other)of my readers, in between musing whether any such parties authentically exist, anymore, I am wondering how to get this message across -

what's actually 'happening' back there in the fallen lands is waaay more 'scary' than you imagine... the most dire and far out warnings which I managed to assemble over the course of the past ten years are pathetically inadequate to address the peril any authentic surivor still at large is in. I was waaay over cautious in those pronouncements. 
In order to hightlight said point, allow me to draw upon the reference which you'e made several times to the paucity of readership... which can be no fsurprise -if - the westerlings are already held within kabbalistic hel realms... I am quite sure this is the very last door they would be knocking upon. And if you are in fact among the flotsam and jetsan of those not yet 'podded' you will surely recognize the zhombified state of those whom you float amongst. 

In this situation, 'readership,' as in the absence of - is hardly an issue of concern, when the matter at hand is that what readers there are may be imperilling themselves simply reading... and underestimating the gravity of both venue and the intent of those who 'are watching' it - as the case of our resident evil has made clear - the unwary will be harvested... 'at will!'
Don't get me wrong - there's nothing I enjoy better than an extended discussion of the points which you raise. Where I run into a roadblock is in wondering how any 'discussion' can take place, if the participants have been inveigled into talmudic hell realms meanswhile! 
(the Lorca .tiff doc exceeded the max  allowed mb. I'll have to work out something else.)
To end this on a happier note - one final quote from "Duende -Or, This Happy Sadness"

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