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— by WhatMeWorry WhatMeWorry
Just found my way here via ZeroHedge today and I'm glad that I was killing some time there or I wouldn't be here. Funny how things work out.
I'd read a comment from you after the article A Dire Warning and proceeded to stalk your ZH profile so I read 15 or more comments you had posted previously. Now extremely curious and hooked, I went looking for you and so here I am.

For a guy who bailed out on higher education you sure do write well, and I am struggling a little here-and-there to comprehend bits of it as I'm only formally educated through high school myself.

This essay (I'm just halfway through or so) is very important and should be seen more so I will share the site with those I think will resonate with the information. I have been reading it to my wife and she has now looked up the website and is quite interested - don't fold up the tent yet, others may be coming along...  

Here is where I really knew I was going to be at home:

"So how did a drudge, a nobody, and a 'non-educated' one at that, who spent the entirety of his working life deep in the bowels of judaic monopoly capitalist "enterprise" become possessed of the means by which to divinate the way things have really worked out, report the 'news' uniquely flavored with a quotient of 'truth-in-media' now almost TOTALLY absent in other venues, large or small? Where ALL others failed to report the real story about Syria, Turkey, and the muddled east in general, why did an uncredentialed nobody scoop story after[still ignored]story, to the point of running away with the whole race?

Beats me. I never really ever left the world of Deputy Dawg, QuikDraw, Heckle n Jeckle, Boris n Natasha; those ol toons and comix were my political science tutorials, Mad Magazine my sociology seminar, the adventures of Rowdy Yates my graduate school. I never lost the simple childish joy within me, for some unknown reason. By not 'growing up,' I stayed mature where all my contemporaries became immersed in the falsitudes necessary to 'get ahead in life.' And now, at the end of it all, the payoff.

I write what I like, live how I wish, avoid all those who would impinge upon my bespoke manner of doing so, find the heart of things in the forgotten places which modernity has passed by in contempt of. In attempt to share any or all of that, I've discovered that I am universally reviled, by those who might have most profited from the hard won experience it has been my lot to accrue. Twenty years ago, still slaving away in the bowels of 'the system,' I simply could not have even imagined being here, living my dreams, my life at last given some formative grace via simply being outside of the fallen lands. Wishing to share that dividend, and all the lessons learned along the way, was as natural for me as eating or drinking."