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Bel, while patiently waiting for your next big post, I have been looking at some lectures on physics and stumbled on one by Nima Arkani-Hamed on why the concept of space-time will soon bite the dust. Now I should admit that I have a difficult time cottoning to Nima, mostly because of his personal affect or style, for lack of a better term. I know others really admire him and say that he is, unlike many particle physicists, a humble practitioner of his trade, etc. Whereas (the magic word), I find him to be quite the egotist who enjoys being in the limelight. As I was listening to his space-time lecture very late at night, I fell asleep and had a dream in which I was trying to ask Nima some questions but, with the lecture still pounding in my ears due to not having shut off my iPad, he would never respond to me and kept talking in his usual "I can talk as fast as you can read" manner. In my dream, that came across as arrogance!

I just read an amusing take on particle physics, and particle physicists themselves, by Miles Mathis at

which essentially compares big physics to the modern art scene. Both are basically inaccessible to ordinary Joes, and we must rely on the judgement of experts in the respective domains. The uptake from this short article is that both are money spigots that depend on taxpayer goodwill. The money spigot's human avatar in this case is a Russian billionaire named Yuri Milner. Even if it is true that Miles Mathis is not a real person, but a committee, as has been argued from the sheer magnitude of his output on diverse topics such that no human could actually undertake--I forgot the source of this information but that source  tried to buy tickets to a Miles Mathis lecture in Albuquerque New Mexico so that he could catch 'them' redhanded, which resulted in their refusal to sell him a ticket to the event. I will forgo finding the name of this critic for the time being since I have little time to write this. Miles Mathis argues that the Standard Model itself is a scam...

"What this means is that the standard model, like avant garde art, is here to stay until some giant public relations catastrophe kills it, or until the government becomes convinced there is more money in real physics. Real physics will never win on its merits, since rich people don't get rich from merit. Tesla proved that a century ago, and things have only gotten worse since then. Since real physics doesn't naturally exist in a data hole or create a perfect money hole, it will never succeed as a tax-and-spend scheme. Only fake things exist as perfect money holes. Which means that the standard model will fall only to a public relations catastrophe, of the Challenger sort. The public will never penetrate the scam that is particle physics, but it can penetrate explosions, deaths, sex scandals, and other mob-related sensationalism. This is how these things always end. They implode from their own dead weight and from the sheer weight of corruption. Once the rich abandon particle physics for some other scheme, a more sensible physics can again get its foot in the door. As with art and all other human endeavors, advancement takes place only once the money is removed. Thoreau was right: money curses everything it touches. Contrary to current wisdom, the best way to corrupt something is to fund it at high levels. If you wish to see it cleanse itself and move forward, defund it. Which is why I am happy to be funded at the one-dollar level, and am happy to see these famous physicists given 3 million apiece. It can only further corrupt them, leading ever more quickly to the necessary collapse of the standard model and particle physics."