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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Nice to seem a melange of old n new voices a roamin in the gloamin here... and welcome Mr Neumann - Alfie I presume, to call you such? And thanks for identifying yourself outright as another unschooled/full foreskin intact reprobate - in the course of this past year I've sometimes felt as if I must immediately flee from the presence of anyone who entered the gates of ire heducation, as if the resulting brain damage is contagious.

New Gamer... I did take careful notice of the details you dropped - with particular attention to the announced birth date as described in the TWO SUNS story - which qualifies you for a pedigree of a mere 1262 years or(roughly - 66,000 weeks) since that date of eclipse was announced by  a Mayan prophecy of 755 AD. Perhaps your scions amazing Mejicano adventure was indeed a search for roots o the longish kind!

As for Catalysm -whose apparent immunity to full brain atrophy as brought on by  university type experience irritatingly forces me to suspend all judgement on whether said experience is a guaranteed cerebral death sentence - or not -
I'm enjoying your intercessions here, as they allow me to take a break from hatching the next Pegasus of a post, the gestation period of which can be weeks - and catch up on some misc details what slipped thru the cracks previously.

Mike M I checked out this winter past after a readers' mention - his style of investigation is intriguing, but leaves me puzzled as to what is really going on. If my own dictums are true - that nobody writing real information in their own 'name' gets to stay in the game for very long - he would appear to be an anomaly of rather large proportion. On the other hand, it is possible that he fits comfortably into the prevailing 'limit hangout' model of media\...
because there's a huge hole in his knowledge base which makes his methodoolgy useless for getting the the real bottom of things. Which I discovered when researching the "Jackie Did it" post - and reconnecting with old diggings into Angleton and the Gorby Deception. I'll give you a great example of MM's dead end reseach.

That 'cabal' of people who all fit into the group around Oswald you see - including the obvious red flags of both Mary Meyers and Jackie being graduates brought on aboard the CIA and trained to be "journalists".... had at its' center the mysterious George de_Mohrenschildt- who is described and supposed to be by EVERYONE without exception in the JFK conspiracy game and associated musings, to be a "White Russian refugee" ... and by that logic, a "right winger part of that supposed 'right wing' conspiracy falsely alleged to have done Jack in.
But Butt - when one understands the Sabbatean Frankist connection to hidden talmudic trickery, the mask dissolves quickly - de_Mohrenschildt being nothing more than an assumed name like Rothschild that when broken down - "Dark Shield" as the germanic version of Moor - spanish for dark skinned, we end up with the classic judaic identifier - Mohr - and yet another of those Russian Commi plants in the american blood stream who would become Oswalds controller as well as intimate friend of Mary Jackie and other suspects in the real assassination cabal! You don't get to work those puzzle pieces into the jigsaw unless you know all about the frankist background. "White Russian" my ass - more like a "Sex on the Beach" ashkenazi porn hustlin gangster trotskyist imported by Bronfmans' (Seagrams) to spice up the mix o Bnai Brith/Permindex plotting against the guy who didn't like what his intelligence agencies were telling him was going on at "Dinoma."
So while I loved the stuff he did on JFK, Nappie, and others, at the end of the day, I'm still up in the air about "Mike." Whose output is prodigious - and that may be one reason that the 'committee' idea could hold some water. For every story I manage to get posted, I gots 5 or so sitting in draft never gonna leave the garage. Like the like ancedote I just mentioned here.
I dropped a few clues also this winter as to the nature of "Johann Sutter" - the man who literally 'made' California and its 'gold rush' happen. Nary a peep - so nobody know, stills, that the guy behind that state was - yet another - Frankist central european talmuic 'adventurer' - presented in all histories as a "Swiss." So that incredible story stays on the shelf. I just do not have the time to go in all directions... such as Mikey apparently does!
I'd also love to address you allusions to his stuff on 'art' as well as physics, as Baudrillards famous "The Conspiracy of Art" essay covered much the same ground, in a more profound manner, which I would really like to cover.

But that's for another time. As well as the connection between the aforementioned frankist-sabbatean covert culture war operations and recently departed former confreres here, who appear to imagine my role as being to succor their crushes on (hidden)judaic authors and get huffy when it finally becomes clear that my appointed 'role' is indeed quite the opposite. Note to all: this is NOT ANOTHER 'alternative media' enterprise... and therefore the lazy assumption that I am here to coddle or coerce like said faken media channels are ... needs be left with the hat check lady on arrival.