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— by new game new game
let me try to sum up everything history has taught us of man-unkind!
humans find a way-with-all to be lead by a lower common denominator
than themselves [and my/their ideals]. it is like we enjoy being preyed upon,
a self immolation of sorts. why? these types are all around us. by my estimation,
1 out of ten(from selling new homes for 19 years and observing human behavior). of these ones, they struggle to be the king shit. yup-we board the canoe willingly and give them the paddle and float on the river of shit they create/deliver to us.
through this process we[not you or i], by
ignorance, ignore their ulterior motives and place them on pedestals of leadership, which they craft with help from many supporting actors vying for their king shit place in history .
the crowd mentality debates upon a scripted  outcome, hence this lower common denominated, become a leader of choice.
find me a quite stream unpolluted by other umans...