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Interim Report and Message in Bottle
— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
This is NOT the post I've been working on and hoping to publish sometime this month.

It is in fact a post entirely different than the one which I would like to be working on right now - but am getting hopelessly distracted from! In sum, my powers of disciplined focus have deserted me completely... in the face watching the full and complete playing out of ALL my various divinations of some two years back ... now, LIVE TIME.

 Rather than continue to dangle in between sporadic efforts to get on with my intended business and the fascination of finding a complete confirmation of my blockaded and blacklisted work seeping thru the cracking edifice of the "news mediaz" I will use this post to try and get that monkey off my back. I guess that most who have found their way here know by now that I live right in the heart of the TERROR STATE... yeah, that one... the one about to explode as predicted. Just how far the lava will spread is an 'unknown known.' But just as with my story - Physis and and Techne - detailing the monster wave which changed the face of this here Aegean/Mediterranean region in less than a day.... life is about to change again - fo'ever!

If it's not at all clear just what I'm going on about here - I fully understand. Let's see if I can fix that a bit. Herein I will try to summarize my experience of watching financial and geopolitical events unfold over the past ten years in  a way which makes explicit and clear what I had only previously alluded to or left it to the reader to puzzle out.

We are now two years on from when I distilled my experience of watching Anatolia fall under the joint control of two covertly allied MAFIYA STATES... Russia and Srael... via a silent coup(detailed here)which the entire world knew - and knows - nothing about, since the entire worlds' media is directly under the control of the guiding hands behind that stealthy takeover. After a dozen or more dispatches written in the direct aftermath of the events of July 15-16 2016, and which now serve as the ONLY on the ground and accurate accounting of them, though two years later STILL EMBARGOED by the entire complicit media sphere -  I summarized the meaning of the PHONY COUP and the significance which it would have fo the world at large in the immediate future.

During the winter previous to that summer of 2016, I had determined that the chance of random, in other words, spontaneous, unmanipulated, events happening in the world at this point was next to nil. If everything was planned, controlled, and executed according to a hidden master plan, there could be no more news - only staged events and/or false flag doings designed to mislead or hamper accurate perceptions of our collective situation. After delivering my revelation of this new stage of "post-reality" simulation of news I was pretty much ready for anything which might crop up - including a coup organized by a regime against itself - and indeed, had accurately predicted exactly what would unfold later that summer - 8 months prior to it happening!

But the reason I was able to so quickly delve into and parse the nature of the fraud was because of my having chosen that country as my residence in exile, after abandoning a western world under the sway of a talmudist culture war which made life unbearable for anyone with a penchant for livin free and thinking likewise. Since a putatively "Moslem" country was the last place I thought I would find the same scenario unfolding, you can I was greatly shocked to discover the same stealthy talmudic takeover was happening once again around me.

It's not that I wasn't already aware of the duplicitous and corrupt nature of the persons running that place. As someone whose chosen survival strategy was centered around "holding gold in a post-western world," I had believed Turkey to be the right place to settle. The two independent mints could be expected to produce metal product not contaminated by the talmudic devicing used to defraud naive westerlng "investors"/victims in the 5 EYES countries, and the traditional place of gold in the savings and attitudes of its citizens made me feel right at home. By buying both gold and silver in domestically produced formats at the beginning of the decade, I held something I knew would be instrumental in getting me through the acculturation process and the long slow building of a new, soul survivor lifestyle.

That's how I came to be the sole accurate witness and reporter of the first big fraud which the same regime would perpetrate upon its' people. Back in 2012 I started noticing a big push in the banks and the media here to "put your gold to work!" - meaning, to bring it to the bank and change the real thing into a paper product from which one might 'earn interest' . Finding this hard to reconcile with what I knew to be the muslim prohibition of debt/usury/interest, my antennae were raised by the conjunction of government, finance,and media in an obvious scam.

 My three part series of 2013-14 - THE DEVIOUS DERVISHES OF TURKISH BANKING completely nailed the whole story via first hand narrative of the inner workings of a plan by which the regime would use its citizens savings to play games of international intrigue. At the time though, I hardly thought that I had only uncovered the tip of the iceberg. Only years later - when I came to write the GOLD FOR OIL - OIL FOR BLOOD series would I even begin to realise the enormous nature of the scam. Suffice to say that all these investigations were deliberately ignored/buried by ALL media... my first suspicions of what would later be proven true thereby started - that this same ALL MEDIA was but a craven appendage of the $power, and would report NO real news contrary to its masters wishes.  As I was an active participant in the precious metals world, I had a high level of motivation to peek through the smoke and mirrors to find out what was really going on; it was a matter of personal survival.

Now that the triad of financial terror had surfaced in my vision,  I was better prepared to go deeper into the murky waters of international geopolitical intrigue. Without having really ever set out to do so, I found myself creating a portfolio of stories recounting financial crimes and the criminal political cabal behind them. While I was certainly enjoying the return to journalism which had been my very first occupation, I was at least equally driven by the need to discover what was really going on in the world, so as to eliminate my ongoing naivete and thereby make critical personal decisions without error. Now that I understood at last that the long arm of sionist intrigue had extended itself right over the middle east, it was clear I was going to need to rethink the whole idea of 'safe refuge.'

Asia is a big place - the biggest continent on earth. I made it my mission to explore it from west to east, in order to discover if their was anywhere  free of this talmudic contamination. I'd already done much the same in the western hemisphere - plowing up miles in country after country below the Rio Grande, in vain search of somewhere I considered a safe place to rebuild a life needing to be remade after a grueling, decade long, all out battle with the very top echelon of the talmudic financial cabal which took down my friends, my colleagues, and finally, the person dearest to me in this world. Saved by a kind of sixth sense and innate skepticism for agit-prop storylines from buying very much into the meme de jour of that period - how a coalition of countries opposed to 'western imperialism' was going to come to the rescue of the whole world - as well as lucky precious metal investors in particular - I was able to parse from my trips to China and other parts of the far east the sort of objective, empirically based conclusions which remain totally absent from mediaz "alternative" or otherwise.

 Once I had conclusively settled the connection between talmudic moneypower and 'communo-socialist' political scams, it was easy to see that the hand of that criminal cartel stretched right around the world. Supposed political enemies would prove upon close inspection to be members of the same mafiya... and even supposed opposed religious persuasions likewise all joined at the hip in material malfeasance of all kinds!

While I was certainly happy to see further scales fall from my eyes, the reality that no escape from the long arm of the $powers project to create hell upon earth in truth exists was not exactly music to my ears. Nevertheless, it was clear that only by pressing on with my plan to make a mobile lifestyle centered upon survival off grid would I be able to maintain the morale necessary to keep writing and investigating what was really going on behind scenes. After three years of concentrated attention to the financial chicanery going down in the precious metals world, and endless attempt to steer witless westerlings away from the pied pipers leading them towards a cliff which most have now fallen off of, it was time to switch gears, follow the money trail into the dark and putrid world of international politics.  

It was actually one of my chief discoveries from the middle part of this decade - that the two streams of sewerage - financial scamming and international false flag gangsterism not only converged on the pages of the self-described "alternative media," but that they were both(PLUS THE MEDIA WHICH HAD BECOME THEIR VISIBLE CHEERLEADER!)run by the same talmudic mafiyas! No matter the superficial name tag of the system employed to run countries world wild, in the end, the puppet placed "in charge" of each was reporting to the same bosses. As would become all too clear once Trump and Putin were brought onto the world stage as hand puppets of Srael, the rot had spread so completely as to make a joke of the term national sovereignty - anywhere!

And the master plan was gradually coming into view too... bankrupt the wester world - morally and economically, then impose a state-capitalist model on everyone everywhere, converging 'capitalism' and 'communism' into one amorphous fascistic feudal regime run by rebbes with a raging revengeful hatred for goys. Already too dumbed down by their 'social media' fetishes to even look up and notice what was going down, the westerlings would be in the bag faster than you could say 'TRUMP DECEPTION' - which was the phrase which I started using in the run up to the potus puppets [s]selection two years ago, in describing the way that the orange haired gangster-in-chief would be used to take down the once mighty republic fo'ever.

This prescient news met with the same kind of deafening silence and/or contemptuous dismissal as all my other now proven deadly accurate description of a)what would happen for those holding metals in the fallen lands b)the collusion of kabbalistic judaists with islamic extremists to create a network of TERROR STATES c)the dissolution of NATO and the break up of Europe followed by its components becoming bankrupt appendages of the original TERROR STATE in  the s e Med, except for Germany, becoming aligned with neo-Bolshie Russia and China. Drumpf has worked hard to fulfill that mandate, and the Pootine puddin is almost ready to set ... like the sun on the horizon of a drowning wester world.

Yes indeed - we are almost "there" ... the road map I laid out two years back having been followed with almost no deviations whatsoever. Silly westerlings having fallen into penury via buying into the siren songs of shiny salesmen along the way. If it seems like things are speeding up as you read this... well, that's because the other, most definitively ignored divination of mine is arriving at last on schedule to be a big part of the "main event." What I wrote in TWILIGHT of the West as to the impact events in Turkiye that year would have in the wider world was shunted aside along with all my other well placed advisements. Too late will the impact of some of my precis developed on the way to writing the 13 parts of the GOLD FOR OIL OIL - FOR BLOOD series register with the gomers whose greatest achievement of the past decade has been to convince everyone around them to hit the snooze button instead of waking up to the sound of an imminent Krakatoa demanded IMMEDIATE reaction. Sleepingwaking into JONESTOWN 2.0... SUCH is the epitaph which will be written soon, of the folks whose most vitriolic venom was reserved for those most disposed to and able to assist them in stayin alive!

I've gotten awfully lazy when it comes to fulfilling needed projects like getting the library of my past work organized and accessible.... delivering further updates on the geopolitical front, advising those who still harbor notions of escape just how to go about it. I'm no longer as invested in any of that it would seem. It's over. Now we move on- whomever "we" may be. I realize I 'should' be getting these posts organized and accessible because... this is really really standing out to my attention as I read them in conjunction with "events" of the moment... ANYONE who has not read through my dispatches from 2016 to the present CANNOT have any clear idea of what is really going on the the world. Period. And that's a big responsibility.

Bigger than I care to take on... to be honest about it! I weigh the desire to have the incredibly high quality of [neo]journalism achieved in this past ten years known to the world - as it should and would be, were we indeed living in the really real -  against the truth of my last posts' aforementioned dictum - true humility as the 'scabbard in which my restored mental powers must sit.' And in the balance, it seems I'm just not that eager to become known as the one person who called it all - on the money. I've grown accustomed to my faceless anonymity, the brutal denial of any and all outlets for any of my messages in a bottle, the take down of allies, confreres, colleagues and collaborators. It is what it is. Or sumthin like that.

If things heat up - get a little crazy in the next couple of weeks - I'm still here, beavering away at my intended next post... but... butt... I already know the end of this scripted fake narrative they are playing out now 'live time' post-reality style.
Good luck.

Edit: of a Monday morning.
Rereading this now, I can see that I have still not completely made the situation clear.
The Turks will be used as 'the final nail in the coffin' whereby Frumpf completes his task of dragging America away from all possible allies - and straight into the hands of its' enemies. But do not think for a minute that any of this is actually "happening" in any spontaneous fashion. It is all scripted, planned, and being executed with the collaboration of a faken news media which uniformly works for the triumph of kabbalist talmudism. Speakin of which - its FULL DAMAGE CONTROL over on talmudic kabbalist blog HQ! Spinning the situation in order to save the phony narrative of the DEATH TO AMERIKA ghouls, we are supposed to be surprised to discover this breaking news from the regime reporters themselves: American journalists worked for the CFR!
 I'm shocked.... shocked I tells ya. And I thought all along that they simply did whatever their talmudic masters told them to. How silly of me!
How pathetic the Zhombies have become.  Given the gullibility of the gomers who gobble up the tylertrash like hot cowpatty cakes... they make the GREEN FOREST GANG look like hardbitten gangstas!

postscript: well, this post went ahead and published itself without my wishing it to... I wanted to get links to all the referenced stories into the body of it before hitting that button. Signal strength has dropped too low to allow me to do that task. Maybe later. Maybe not. We'll see.

well... got a couple up.

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