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— by Catalysm Catalysm
Bel, you are right on the money with your pro-dia-gnosis, certainly for me as one whose fingers are clutching the edge of the cliff here in one of the fallen countries. It becomes hard to fight off despair as you feel yourself surrounded by a whole society marching Pink Panther style off the same cliff. It almost feels like dying. You have paid a high price and what you said above once again brings a tear to the eye. Love is what is the most under attack and suffers the most.

I had the same attitude about trying to use my understanding in its various modes as a survival mechanism, which is how I landed on your writings. In spite of my edjumacation, my balast has been my decidedly under-educated spouse who did not graduate the equivalent of high school, for precisely the reason that she is so gifted with intuition that all the attempts they made to indoctrinate her ran across the grain. But I sense that she too is under attack and she has fallen gravely ill, perhaps due to this phalanx of infernal forces that been vectored toward her from earliest childhood. It would take another Shakespeare to throw into dramatic relief all of these cross-currents that are taking us to the edge of doom. I hope you will find the energy and will to secure your own legacy, a veritable samizdat for survival for those who can still read, even if they will mainly appeal to historians!

Looking forward to your upcoming big post!