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Welcome back. I think.

New service in China: a monk will go to the family home of the deceased, for a fee of course and pray for the soul of the departed to go to a better place in their next life. For an extra 500 yuan, they will pray that the soul winds up in America. LOL.

Been everywhere. Still, America is the best of the rest, IMO. Flee to where? Europe? African Muzzies have been weaponized by the Usual Suspects and have run amuck raping as they go. Japan? Radiation seeping into everything. Oh, but wait, can’t talk about Fuksuhima. National security. China? LOL. Thailand? LOL. Mexico? LOL. Australia/New Zealand? Nearly full Marxist now with the Muzzie contagion spreading. Canada? With grand solar minimum creeping in, extra ice is on the menu for them.

Certainly, Evil is running the show. Call it Kabbalism, Talmudism, Islam or just pure Satanism. If nothing else, the Trump election has awoken a part of the populace to the crimes being done unto them and done unto the world in their name. Mock it if you need to, but the basic simple Christian beliefs that the rural Americans have has saved two essential rights that are of great importance, certainly to me. Gun rights and an ability to homeschool. Still have water and property rights second to none, IMO. Monsanto is being outed and flocks of class-action lawyers will now be descending on them. Perhaps Bayer would be an awesome short at this juncture. There are good things happening that could not have been predicted. Certainly the amplitude of evil would be db higher if Clinton's side of the mafia was in power.

Keep it simple. Re-read Milton. Michael Walsh’s new book is an excellent carry-on from his previous Devil’s Pleasure Palace. There is an awakening. One chooses sides every day. Be it in their own mind or in their interaction with the outside world.

Being overly complicated at this juncture serves no one. Best to stand and if need be, be the last man standing. The Founders, mocked as they are by the current rash of Cultural Marxism, were brilliant and put together the best governance model the world has seen.

Angels. Or Angles. Angles of energy manifest in by the Elementals. Perhaps those with the extraordinary vision to see them could discern these Angles of energetic manifestation. Angel wings…pattern dispersion. And on it goes…

Round and round it goes. Where it stops, no one knows.