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Been quite a while since I've seen the "stand ones' ground" thing thrown into the mix... it used to be the stock device used in response to my introducing the notion of one's simply leaving Dodge behind... after the obligatory expression of outrage that anyone would dare to hop the pot! It's a useful handle, however, to use in bringing up to date anyone here who might not know how my thinking on that subject has evolved over time.

Yes. Standing one's ground. Standing for what one is and believes in. I know it goes against the Marxist trend of the herd and the Collective. But so be it. Have had many options to leave and even have kept a second passport up to the date for that purpose.  But as I have stated, my choice and belief is to be here now. Where I am. Standing in my ground. In my self. In my choice. Not wavering at whatever cult is to flow down the stream next. Been there, seen them, no thanks.

The time for thinking about seeking refuge from the GULAGISTANI PLEASURE DOME & ABATTOIR is long gone. What I ceaselessly advocated for consideration of ... back in say, 2014, maybe even till 2015, is not any longer a viable plan of action. Being witness to the incredibly steep learning curve and absurdly long "decultaration/acculturation" period in my own case, I know that there simply is not enough time left for folks to be able to 'embed' into a place outside the fallen lands in hopes of sheltering from the storm. Any who would choose to leave now would just be leaves in the hurricane in their new locale. Roots are slow to grow, and are the only thing which keeps one grounded through hard weather.

Where does your fatalism stem from? Too much focus on the demonic side of the equation and not on the creation side? Health issues? Mortality? I ended my posting leaning on that issue. Choice in the duality. Mortality and Eternity. Incarnations after incarnations. Hopefully adding to the positive rings of the magnetosphere of karma and not the negative rings. Angels wings. Angles of energy. Some that create, others that destroy. No moral judgment involved. Part and parcel of duality.

That leaves one .... where? Guns and property rights? I can't even go there. To not have kept up with the co-joined erosion of personal protections under "law" and the refinement of control and elimination technologies[drones are something that just take out furreingers & terrorists, right?]leaves one seeming a bit like Elmer Fudd an his shotgun. You not gonna get that rascally rabbit, son... fore he gets you.

Law still exists here. Sure, its gone sour and corrupt at different levels but I do sense, and am extremely sense-sensitive, a change in the people. Pure water. Pure air. Forest. Pond. Quite happy as storm clouds gather. But guess what, epic changes have come and gone throughout time and eternity. A curse of our age is the instant access to information and the `need' to know everything that's going on. How about just being happy and feeling blessed in the moment. Having faced down challenge and potential ruin at varying stages in my own life, I know the drill. Antifa spinning up their engines and getting knocked down. Yes, that is progress. People standing up against them. Not fleeing away to some hinterlands waiting their mortality.

As student of military history, I have stayed transfixed for half a century by the Iron Dukes' dictum... "never defend a fixed position, always be prepared to withdraw your assets and retreat in good order to fight another day on the ground of one's own choosing"... I'm 'funny' that way - once I run into a truth which has proven itself over and over for longer than scribes have been around to record its merits... I don't budge much from it.

I suppose its archaic simplicity and elegance dooms it to irrelevance in the age of the over-educated, under experienced naifs who will not even be around any more by the time I finally get done with writing down how the forbears[here in Asia, "our" actual "homeland" employed it for millennia in order to "keep the drive alive!" Milton seem a fine friend for waiting out the remaining time before the apocalypse with... as a guide to keeping one's head above the waterline, I'm sticking with Poe and his Dupin.

All of which is to say.... imho... the debate has indeed moved on from questions of location, rights, good or bad news, or even whose to blame for it all. As I keep a sayin... "it's over." Now, in this next phase, the words of Catalysm loom ever larger. Just to acknowledge seeing the FOUR HORSEMEN in front of one is a major effort - one obviously few westerlings feel they can afford to make. To stay free of either hope or despair is an even deeper pull on resources dwindling by the day.

Is it over? Is it a mortality issue that you are transfixed on? As I have stated, it's a duality. Creation/destruction. Two electromagnetic poles. Where does one place there emphasis, attention and desire.

That's where I see myself being most of service now. The clock having run out on advising people of their chance of escape, it time to reorient to what comes next... as in... after death. It's not, you see, death itself which is of great import... we leave, return, forget, relearn, safe inside the collective journey of our 'volkstream.'

Escape to where? The belly of the beast. The death cult of Islam? Seriously.

What kabbalist diabolism seeks to achieve now, however, and is closer than ever before to - is the truncation of that entire journey, and the enchainment of souls in it torture chambers from which the talmudic monsters among us feed upon the energy of endless suffering.  Maimonides, Isaac de Luria, Tsevi, Schneersohns PARADISE FOUND... YOUR ULTIMATE DOOM.


Cats' news shared here yesterday was a hard blow on this ol bloke - not just because this is not the first time I've heard such news from those who seem to share a common cause with me, but because of the painful truth that they - the enemy - always search for the weak link to work through... namely, the emotions. Remembering the length and severity of my own battle to keep those terrible but necessary thorns in our side - our feelings - from demobilizing us from required action and firmness of character, I responded with a quick run around the bases of emotion myself...

before finally settling down to an appreciation of just what I needed to "get." I've had my heart pulled out and metaphorically eaten by the savage aztec-like talmudic demons several times before... and managed to find a way to salvage out of that terror a new way of keeping the blood flowing each time. They attack us through who/what we love, use our own feeling for others to capture and enchain each resistor. It's too late to explain the whole long process of immunization of ones' self from that too. The west has actually now fully fallen into the abyss - if you care not to believe that, I've absolutely nothing else of value to offer you at this point.

I've got only this left in my bag o tricks for any friends of Felix who might still be lingering in the "Havens." After death... when life is done, your work is not. I want very much for C's wife to get well again. I will write my next post with that object in mind, knowing that - when I wrote "DUENDE - OR THIS HAPPY SADNESS" ten years back, it was for "her"... for the ladies I'd had to leave behind, my efforts, my resources, exhausted at last. The terrible psychic war on the feminine spirit which I witnessed first hand back in the fallen lands was the last subject to engage my attention before departure... and ultimately, the final stimulus FOR that departure. I could not take the pain of watching them go down, like nine pins one after the other. I did not abandon them, I hope I can truly say, but rather, withdrew to protect my remaining forces, so as to fight another day, on ground of my own choosing. And here - I am. Ready for that battle at last, but finding my assembled army... rather slender in depth.

Here's what I learned, watching my own soulmate preparing to leave this dimension, from her incredible nobility of spirit, indomitable bearing of pain, and unfathomable love for me...

all that she needed was to know that I would go the distance, in seeing her through safely to the other side. Yes, there is another side... and the kabbalists' job is to snare souls before they make it through. Something in me was so awed by both the intensity of the faith which she put in me and the burning shame which I bore for having never found a way to frame my own feelings of love in a way which could cut through my own conditioned ego psychoses to just say what needed to be said...

that I finally took the measure of my miserable self... and got her through. Everything else I will ever write here is small beer compared to that one accomplishment. And Gentleman - if you are indeed "a man" in the sense I am still prepared to use the term.... you must steady yourselves to be prepared for the same course of action. They have closed the exits, there is no more escape from fate in the fallen lands. That's the "bad news"... the "good news" is that you will rise to the occasion. I know that. If I could, then pretty much anybody can. If you are lucky enough to know someone is depending upon you, for the highest stakes of all.

We will 'return'... to fight another day, on the ground of our own choosing. Funny thing that - the woman who taught me to believe I would fight - and win - the battle against against talmudic kabbalism... was ashkenazi on both sides. Now that's a "really real" REBEL!

p.s. Good to see you back - "I think." If you will recall back to the time of our initial 'virtual' meeting, I made a point of emphasing at that juncture the importance of your being 'protected' from any harm which could accrue from such an acquaintance... and its' bearing upon those for whom you are ultimately responsible. This was done out of a kind of shambling sense of guilt - which I knew to be essentially groundless yet nevertheless indulged myself in feeling - for having seen others put themselves in contact me, without sufficient grounding of protective nature... and quickly have bad things happen... to their "weakest link."

If you have succeeded in a kind of 'resurrection' by which the 'tomb' becomes the womb, I am delighted, and do sincerely welcome your contributions, hoping that you have realized that my cautions and concerns were a heartfelt gesture I make towards those for whom I have fellow feeling.

Once that basic understanding of solidarity is understood, I'm prepared to put on the gloves and spar with anyone over the details of what comes next.

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