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— by J J

Yes it is J. Was not aware that I did not sign off with such and sorry for that.

When the site when dormant, I deleted my account to cleanup any internet footprints of sites that seem to have gone dead.

My personality has not changed, which is hilarious to even address. I was curious as to where you were going with this site and was hoping to gain further insight that you may have garnered in your research. But, for me, you are spinning in circles going over the same material. Which is of course your freedom to do so. Your writings certainly are of a fatalistic nature as you seem to mock those who:

`stay behind in the fallen lands waiting for the apocalypse', `The clock having run out on advising people of their chance of escape, it time to reorient to what comes next... as in... after death. It's not, you see, death itself which is of great import'. 

Seems crystal clear. But I  have no desire nor need to pass judgment or criticism on someone I do not really know.

I do hope you get around to publishing a book. I have gained bits of wisdom on a few topics from you. And I thank you for that.

Asynchronous communication on these sorts of discussions does little good for me as time passages let the spirit and direction of the conversation wither, and thus I still prefer a book as the author has to hone it into a singular vision.

We are, alas out of sync and perhaps for the better of us both.

I wish you well.


14. Aug 2018 13:50 by [hidden email]:

Escape to where? The belly of the beast. The death cult of Islam? Seriously.

Seriously? Good let’s get down to business then, as I sense the exercise will be helpful to those who come here silently, and read without question or comment. Firstly, in so doing, I must suspend judgement about whether or not I am corresponding with my very first interlocutor on this site, the erudite and ever thoughtful – J – who of late carefully ended his account and removed all of his previous comments. He is stil using the secure email by which we previously corresponded, so we can remove the idea that someone is ‘spoofing’ his account and name. However the same subtle difference in tone and insight which I began to detect earlier this year and drew back as a result of, is in evidence and in expanded form even The care I put into ‘packaging’ my response so as to allow for a personal or ‘feeling quality’ of interaction is definitely not producing that result. So my correspondent has changed somehow on the interior level, but it remains to be seen just how… and how deeply. .. as does their reason for returning after such an abrupt departure. With that out of the way…

We appear to be in agreement – there is no ‘escape’ – for those in the fallen lands, who must now indeed ‘stand their ground’ or be gently lowered into it, the one being not entirely exclusive of the other… on a long enough timeline! Over the years I’ve interacted with many ‘guns, grub and getaway’ guys… they never seemed quite up to the challenge of explaining to me how they would ultimately meet the challenge of a security state with the tools and mandate to … in as leisurely fashion as desired… locate and eliminate every resistor hiding out with a stock of arms designed to produce a defense against personal attack by several persons,, rather than the full weight of a rogue state armed with everything from AI to drones and in between. I’m having a hard time imagining “J” as one of those guys… but, if it were so… as I said in my post here… good luck.

The belly of the beast? Again we are in agreement there. Without wishing to over emphasize any possible connection in the sense of courage, duty, or determination between my miserable self and Tolkiens small pilgrim with the large burden and mission.. I must heartily say YES! Someone had to do it. I’ve learned everything anyone would ever need know about Islam and Moslems on my journey, and have been intending to speak to that soon, but for now, I shall just point out that you misrepresent – wittingly or not – my mission here. I came to learn, first hand, about those imputed to be responsible for the horror of 911…and if determined to be not implicity ‘guilty’ publicly defend their right to be known as such, as well as potential allies in a struggle against those who really were responsible. Seriously. That mission is completed. And your ‘death cult of Islam’ is out of order. I am in no way allied to that cult… or any other at this point

Law still exists here. Sure, its gone sour and corrupt at different levels but I do sense, and am extremely sense-sensitive, a change in the people. Pure water. Pure air. Forest. Pond. Quite happy as storm clouds gather. But guess what, epic changes have come and gone throughout time and eternity. A curse of our age is the instant access to information and the `need' to know everything that's going on. How about just being happy and feeling blessed in the moment. Having faced down challenge and potential ruin at varying stages in my own life, I know the drill. Antifa spinning up their engines and getting knocked down. Yes, that is progress. People standing up against them. Not fleeing away to some hinterlands waiting their mortality.

I have some trouble following the line of thinking here. I’d therefore prefer to pass over without comment.

Where does your fatalism stem from? Too much focus on the demonic side of the equation and not on the creation side? Health issues? Mortality? I ended my posting leaning on that issue. Choice in the duality. Mortality and Eternity. Incarnations after incarnations. Hopefully adding to the positive rings of the magnetosphere of karma and not the negative rings. Angels wings. Angles of energy. Some that create, others that destroy. No moral judgment involved. Part and parcel of duality.

Where does your misrepresentation of my overtly action-oriented and forward minded position come from? Anyone coming here and reading with attention would realize quickly that fatalism is among the very last positions assignable to me. I’ve taken matters into my own hands in a manner few if any other ‘westerlings’ have or ever will, and made the changes to my self and my life appropriate to someone who sees a future full of possibilities for those strong and brave enough to make a break from the dead culture of the west and its talmudic torturers. In announcing the advance of my thinking from putting further attention on attempts to rescue the unrescueable, towards actively partcipating in the creation of a ‘post-western’ world, Here I sense the “fishbowl” effect which I’ve long noticed in the psyches of those westerlings I term “exceptionalists” – for them, anything and everyone which/who operates outside of their premises and prescriptions…. “does not exist.”  I’ve apparently passed beyond your comprehensive and/or solidarity. I can’t otherwise imagine you’re ‘angle’ in terming me ‘fatalist,’ My comments pon “Duende” have clarified for anyone interested my position on ‘death,’ elementals, and the creative flux on the various points in our journey(s)through living and dying. I don’t think you are John actually, after reading that paragraph… at least NOT the one I was acquainted with. He was far too much ‘on the mark.’ I DO think that my somewhat off the cuff comment a while back about ‘pods’ and melon wagons was all too plausible. \things are started to seem a frighteningly ‘hyper-real’ in the B movie sense!

Yes. Standing one's ground. Standing for what one is and believes in. I know it goes against the Marxist trend of the herd and the Collective. But so be it. Have had many options to leave and even have kept a second passport up to the date for that purpose.  But as I have stated, my choice and belief is to be here now. Where I am. Standing in my ground. In my self. In my choice. Not wavering at whatever cult is to flow down the stream next. Been there, seen them, no thanks.

Sounds a bit more like “J” at the beginning, but by the end of that paragraph, I’ve lost the thread… again. Must be just me. Hope so, anyway I’m going to move further into my ‘fatalistic’ role as psychopomp to a westerling world quite clearly and desperately in need of such guidance in the ‘twilight of the west’ phase which you have now entered. I sense that such a role irritates you in both concept and execution. I will attempt to keep it in abeyance, therefore, in any and all further conversations we might have. Allow me to say in closing, your comminque has had the effect of encouraging me in the belief that I indeed may be reluctant witness to the biggest, worstest “horror flic’ of all time – I hope readers will therefore grok that we seem to be passing into a part of the ‘hyper-real’ which outdoes even the grandest imaginations of those who proposed its coming and effects!


for those who can 'parse' betwen the lines still... no, it's not over by a long shot. Outside the western world. I've delivered the message which needs be delivered, not in expectation of it meeting with agreement.... but again... because somebody had to. 


"The west has actually now fully fallen into the abyss - if you care not to believe that, I've absolutely nothing else of value to offer you at this point. " 

I'll still be around as long as there is even one of youse who - unafraid to recognize the truth of your situation... remains bold and grounded enough to seek a way thru... to the other side.


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