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Bel, heartfelt thanks for your compassion toward my wife. I translated your kind words for her and she was deeply touched by your sentiments. In reading aloud to her your own experience with the passing of that beautiful person in your life, I had to struggle to keep my voice from cracking as I wiped away tears. I fear going through the same ordeal with my wife and hope that that particular cup may be withdrawn from me. Some deaths of loved ones are vastly more heart-wrenching than others, and the worst is to lose your soulmate.

To succeed in blocking the evil forces that seek to impede the passage of a dear soul to the other dimension is to stand tall, rather than ‘to stand one’s ground’ and merits a crown of glory imho. I’m going to be most interested to see how, in your next posting, you assemble and intertwine the various threads of magic, spiritual combat, intuition of things and forces both seen and unseen, and intimations of the realms of the ‘really real’.