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— by new game new game
perhaps a sip of the dictum punch at the lonely hearts gathering will lighten the spirits of bigly change a comin. no disa"greed" meant at this gathering!
fight or flight. with retreat always an option irregardless-yes sir on that!
i know that having nothing beats the back of burdens.
the pain of possessions, owning the soul to a state of denial.
and then there a this nagging issue of family, ya know dem dare  grand kids and all that sneaking into the psych of reinforced denial.
 but, i wonder if a life on the run from TK will be the happiness i strive for or just mere survival for me, repeat- for me!. i truly envy your life bel. you have fulfilled my dreams. keep writing about you life experiences. i am curious how many languages you can speak, other that the umteen thru your self education?
this is good stuff, and i greatly appreciate the thought process with some folks that get the got before too late.