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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Have to agree, NG,
tis "good stuff" indeed. Hope even Firth of Moray will agree that the frisson of debate can produce a mighty tidal pull twards truth, which is a rare earth material yet commonowned by all... save the hoarder, and those who place themselves outside the border of civility... and common goals [stayin alive?]
If Mr Firth will stick around a bit longer, I'm disposed to produce quite some evidence as to why his mirth...

re Einsteins uncanny resemblance to a certain OTHER denizen of the judaic Alsace community...
as well as more au courant causes for his merriment... may be offset by some details which would bring "the original J" whom I engaged with ...
to a point of "catharsis." Of the no return kind.
Kinda sorta... weird - folks  gettin uptight bout bringin 'death' into the mix... on a platform dedicated to the revival of our forbears hard earned wisdom and providential alliance with the full spectrum of allies [still]available to all who be - soul survivors.

Kabbalists don't get the benefit of those 'pearls of great price.' When it's over, they sink into the mirk of Mordors deepest cesspools. No 'right o return'  atal - as it turns out!