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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
Ooops! After writing the above, I see that Mr. >not so{J}has 'gone away' ...AGIN...
ONCE again deleting his comments in a huff... when they proved not good enough... to fool this ol campaigner. Lot's of words.... zero 'feeling' content. Knowing the difference may prove rather essential to all of you.

There you have it dear reader: you've now been witness - in a short span of time - to one former member of the congregation melting into a puddle of sexual angst... from which he was apparently 'refined' into a Golem-ist tool to haunt the site with diversions and false trails. He shall howl out his suffering not amongst us, but rather mongst those fellow 'hungry ghosts' of the netherworld/

exhibit B: the recently 're-arisen' J who appeared on your screen  as but phantasm of the man whom I warned [privately]from the very beginning to be extremely, extremely CAUTIOUS in his undertakings here...
now flounced off as a[nother]noxious ghostly example of THE REALITY of kabbalistic hell realms for the unwary. I may still get on with the expose of the chaps' Eygptian hero... seems instructive, if a diversion from the main event here,

but for now... let's just say that the evidence is in. This is NOT A GAME. Nor place for passing time in idle discussion. If you have any doubt about your motives for being here, or ability to sustain challenges to your 'spiritual' integrity... this would be a good time to run for "shelter."

"J" by the way... was a 'real' seeker. It's a dangerous pastime.