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— by WhatMeWorry WhatMeWorry
Looks like this here meeting place place can get a feller hurt or kilt based upon the above dire warnings... I shall endeavor to stay keenly aware and focused while visiting then... and hopefully a nanny moose.
Since just past my teen years I have been (sometimes) earnestly seeking for The Really Real amongst the refuse that masquerades as truth and reality in this modern world. I have taken a wandering sort of path sometimes climbing breathlessly and seemingly close to the summit of TRR only to slide back down on the scree that was underlying yet another false trail. I stumbled through Christianity, Rosicrucian-ism, metaphysics - Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky etc. until finally standing under the wide open sky of All That Is I simply, patiently, optimistically await my glimpse of TRR which I trust to have before making my way to another aspect of It after this sojourn.
Just wanted to chime in and say that I am very grateful to have stumbled upon this place of yours Bel Suave and I will be busily reading, researching and lurking. My intentions are noble and honest here.

I saw the word gomers used and assumed as in USMC Gomer Pyle - no?

Then I saw this and in it Gomer today: 

Seems kinda close to what I have read here so I read it through.

Anyway, as to should I stay or should I go now - I'm staying. We had a permanent residency starting in Central America but dropped it to finish out our lives in the Pacific North West of the fallen states. Figured good a place as any to make like the buffalo and stand our ground. But we don't really stand still as some of our abodes have wheels under 'em! btw, I have seen the mighty buffalo actually standing it's ground while in South Dakota a few years back - cool.

Hasta La Vista