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— by Bel Suave Bel Suave
What strikes me about the 'direness' of the warnings issued herein WMW... is that they ATTEMPT to address dangers NOT so bluntly apparent as "death" or "hurtin"...


and therefore more manifestly dangerous to those who are "ensouled" yet take that status lightly! As for the 'soul' itself... to be noted as entirely distinct from the mere 'thing' engaged by religious polemicists as otherworldly occupant of 'celestial' spaces... and much more correctly oriented towards the first half of  von Klages' soul/body versus spirit/intellect polarity,as delivered in his masterwork Der Geistals Widersacher der Seele,


we have reached the stage on these pages where the flow of conversation has quite "organically" delivered us to a fork in the path where "souls," "death" and "dying" become the components of a new dialogue which replaces all thought of "staying" or "leaving" in the physical sense of embodied territoriality... on that linear plane of our mere(ly)present existence


with the [heretofore perhaps]unknown possibilities of goings and comings of the somewhat "immortal" kind which the forbears knew to be our actual 'space/time' trajectory as "mass-free" fields of energy particles "charged" by the flame of our collective 'soul' journey. And in a beautiful[to observe]conjunction with this new direction we've seen the faces of those who not only fear the successful flight of the soul from that entrapment/destruction which it is the goal of the kabbalist-talmudic project to secure, but in their new (zombified)role as Golemised minions of that same project, advocate for the abandonment of such "morbidity" for the happier pastimes of dreaming up new hopium filled vessels of delusion whilst living carefree in "hospices" of the terminally witless kind!


A kind of "hyper-reality" which is intruding pon my ability to keep up with the flow here... and therefore write successfully about what we are witnessing! No complaints about that - by the way... getting 'left behind' by events is a necessary challenge occasionally needed to be encountered, as it spurs fresh thinking and clears away mental cobwebs. But it sure

is playing havoc with my publishing schedule!


So what have I just said here? News from Catalysm jolted me out of my comfort zone... and into a space fraught with the discomfort of needing to up my game. Exactly as it should be!


Lurk away there buddy! Tis unfortunate indeed that I failed to get all the old stories posted up in decent, reader friendly format - I have them ready here to be so displayed, but the slowness of the internet connection we are enjoying this summer has made uploading a near impossibility. Soon come!


Gomer as in "pyle" is corect// that biblicism site creeps me out somehow.