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Bel, I find, perhaps due to my own slowness that I must always read your articles several times before I get the sense of them. I pick up right away on certain themes that are of interest to me personally, but to really get the message you are delivering requires several re-reads spaced over a few weeks. No fault of yours--your communication skills are nonpareil.

In this post, you explain how you have traversed the planet--Asia and Latin America in particular--searching for a refuge from what could be termed the 'talmudic zeitgeist', only to discover that even the most seemingly protected places have already become infected. I have been watching a lot of videos by Dutchsinse on Youtube on earthquake activity around the world, and realised that what is happening in that domain is an uncanny geophysical reflection of what you show is taking place in geopolitics. At this point in my descent into smashed paradigms that were previously used to represent the world, i.e., deterministic materialism, rather than view these two domains as metaphorical reflections of one another, I'm at the point of becoming a card-carrying pantheist. This tendency to view everything as metaphor seems like a prophylactic demand that is imposed by the increasingly moth-eaten worldview of our current masters--a way of displaying our bonafides and acceptance of their dominance.

What is interesting about Dutchsinse is that he was previously looking at earthquakes from the point of view of p- and  s-waves that occur with normal seismic activity. These apply more or less to earthquakes as a local phenomenon. However, recently, he has realized that recent earthquake activity is more accurately represented by VLF (very low frequency) standing waves. These wavelengths are in the thousands of kilometres. A standing wave occurs when a wave that is created is reflected upon itself when it hits a barrier. The peaks and troughs gradually settle into a wave that only moves up and down but does not travel forward or laterally. As more power is added by the force that caused them originally, the wave-peaks eventually become so large that they spill outside of their channel, causing widespread destruction. The planet can be viewed as a kind of gelatinous ball in which these standing waves originate deep below the earth's crust. As the standing wave forms, a series of equally spaced earthquakes of the same magnitude will form a chain across the tectonic plate boundaries. As more power is added, new quakes will occur at the exact middle between two previous quakes. This standing wave idea was more or less forced upon Dutchsinse by the regularity of the observations he was making (equal spacing, equal intensity). He goes further and suggests that the earth's core is a plasma.

I hope from this, you can see that nature is imitating art--namely what you are exposing in your posts. You ensconced yourself in Anatolia only to find that 'seismic' activity has recently arrived in your haven. I have already mentioned those giant rogue waves that steal energy from surrounding waves and spontaneously appear seemingly out of nowhere. These are probably similar to the giant red spot on Jupiter, a pure result of deterministic chaos, which seems to be a fitting description of our dear friends. This standing wave phenomenon is a perfect representation of the results of their incessant plasmic agitation.