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"In October 1897, in the middle of the Dreyfus affair, Zo d'Axa tried a new experiment. Whenever he could, he published La Feuille. The following fragment could be its manifesto:
  "We will also speak to the people, and not in order to flatter them, nor to promise them oceans and mountains, rivers and natural borders, nor even an upright republic or an honest candidate; nor a revolution that foreshadows the advent of an earthly paradise...
     "All these anthems are currently crooned; here we will speak clearly. No promises. No deceptions. We will speak of more varied events, we will show the latent causes, we will point out the reasons. And we will reveal the tricks and tell the names of swindlers, thieving politicians, literati--all the sir whatevers.
     "We will speak of simple things in a simple manner."


"In Plato's writings, Heraclitus is as much the target of philosophical
diatribe as Gyges is the target of political diatribe. Gyges was a master
of  monetary  exchange and Heraclitus was a master of the kind of
linguistic exchange Plato most disliked. The Platonic attack on Hera-
clitus usually takes the form of mocking the Heraclitean doctrine of
motion and exchange. For Plato,  all motion  "culminates  in the.. .
idea,  which is  the highest object of  knowledge."  In  grammatical
terms, "this means that the 'ideality' peculiar to the verb is hardened
[by Plato] into a concrete substantial concept, whence it is expected to
satisfy more exacting tests of intelligibility." Plato makes ousia into
a substantial concept  that, he hopes, will lift the philosopher out of
the mire of economic exchange.  What  Plato dislikes in  Heraclitus's
philosophy is the lack of a concept of metaphysical stillness and of a
concept of  justice  above the supposedly escapable  movements of

The title of this piece –

On Leaving and Being Left Behind

– was chosen long before the meaning which it now most dramatically gives itself over to was to appear in our conversation here. Intended as a small homage to that work of Stephen H. Jones quoted towards the end part of 2010s' “PRECESSION OF SIMULACRA,” (On Leaving and Being Left – A Tribute to Jean Baudrillard)it has taken on a new meaning in the light of where we are now – or where the west is now – in the long drawn out process of dissolution… the drawing down of life, of the presence of the soul, the preparation for the end of a long experiment in human freedom. Jones was absolutely brilliant in his description:

"Amerika has entered its apotheosis – “a fearfully maintained utopia which is nonetheless viewed,
consensually , as the only acceptable option open[ing] a dangerous door: to the spilling of blood to save blood; to the creation of disorder and destruction in order to maintain order and avoid destruction

I was - as usual – thinking & writing simply 10 years in advance of what was gonna go down. My whole life has been like that.

 I suffer no more doubt, you see, that the “west” is departing, being taken down, taken apart – nor that it will be reborn, perhaps even in truer representation of itself, somewhere else. If it were a point on the compass merely, that would have precluded the notion that its ‘values’ were universal, a melding of different strands of being alive to life as lived to its fullest capacity – not, in the shadow of death… but in the full awareness of deaths’ opening of a doorway to our rebirth and return. Not a rebirth as part of some religious passion play, or sacred myth of dying gods and spring-sprouting verdure, but the coming forth of that identity which merges with the ‘other’ for purpose of making ourselves more fully ‘us’ as we learn and grow through the eons.

In every way becoming what I had hoped and intended this space could be, the interface tween this bottle caster/message scribbler and those who have received/retrieved said messages as they float upon the surface of a Bermuda-Triangled wester world  - flotsam and jetsam swimming away from the sinking ship full of Gogol's "Dead Souls" - has reached the point where I need do no more than steer the rudder on this life raft of intended 'soul survivors' - whilst sorting out those who are indeed the refugees of the real it was always my intention to pick up, from those jellyfish-like predators seeking to climb aboard in order to capsize the craft. And as my last response on the previous thread suggested..

"the flow of conversation has quite "organically" delivered us to a fork in the path where "souls," "death" and "dying" become the components of a new dialogue which replaces all thought of "staying" or "leaving" in the physical sense of embodied territoriality... on that linear plane of our mere(ly)present existence
with the [heretofore perhaps]unknown possibilities of goings and comings of the somewhat "immortal" kind which the forbears knew to be our actual 'space/time' trajectory as "mass-free" fields of energy particles "charged" by the flame of our collective 'soul' journey. And in a beautiful[to observe]conjunction with this new direction we've seen the faces of those who not only fear the successful flight of the soul from that entrapment/destruction which it is the goal of the kabbalist-talmudic project to secure, but in their new (zombified)role as Golemised minions of that same project, advocate for the abandonment of such "morbidity" for the happier pastimes of dreaming up new hopium filled vessels of delusion whilst living carefree in "hospices" of the terminally witless kind!

this 'live action" melding of desperate survivors and desperado golemized 'hungry ghosts' after flesh and blood snacks - all in the confines of a tiny raft originally designed to serve as nothing more than my personal getaway KONTIKI =

"A kind of "hyper-reality" which is intruding pon my ability to keep up with the flow here"...

has exceeded my ability to produce crisp, clean 'copy' of the now celebrated[even if desperately ignored]'neo-journalistic' kind. Indeed, a parallel track of information overdose and confusion-causing 'breaking developments' has added to my stasis - as the evidence starts to flood in daily through the doldrums of August... that ALL OF my previous two years work - and especially the stories written on this platform last winter - are being proven spot on in their accurate prognostication of the HumptyDrumpty meltdown and converging 'meltup' of 'emergin market' puppet states as prisoners in and to a "Urassian Energy Cartel" of the vampiric kabbalistic tamudic kind... I am somwhat... overwhelmed. What to do... what to do?

Which is why I've decided to post this here piece and ...NOT... be done with it! Instead... I'm gonna post what is really the roughest form of working draft resultant from a month or so of high meadow musings... and

let the cacophonous cries of the multitudes who will doubtless respond to this widely read and uber-influential blog of mine serve as inspiration for its' subsequent editing into a polished piece of lapis lazuli of the post-western kind! That's right folks! I've come to so trust the contributions of the milling mass of respondents - both those of - "honest and noble" intention, as Mr Neumann recently put it.... and those of the nefarious and negligibly authentic amongst us,

both having played key roles in moving my thinking forwards,

that I am going to await your responses to the provisional piece and tinker with it accordingly. In the meanwhile, think of it as a bit of Kerouac style 'stream of consciousness' creation... "On the Road" to a really real place where zoot-suited cats clamber up Altaic heights of modal musical experiment while dawgs of deceit descend into infernal hell-realms of their own making! A "free-jazz" festival of interposing ideation which will 'acoustically levitate' spiteful talmudic ghosts out of their hidey holes and clean the communal altars like waving sprigs of sweetgrass.

For years now, any impulse I might have had to ‘personalise’ my stories with anecdotes from my own life, or draw upon my own experiences to illustrate or amplify a theme, had to be expunged with the maintenance of anonymity being the first and foremost concern. The condundrum of which I speak is a long standing one – but crystalized and brought to a head recently via the back and forth of commentary here. This is really the first site of mine which has allowed for reader comments [the platform actually did- but the functionality was so advanced in ease of use, that readers seemed to not see – and therefore use the thing!

The expectation that I might receive feedback valuable to my thinking process has been more than met – I’ve let the flow of commentary lead the way to how posts build upon on another, and cause me to prioritize one direction over another. The cross pollination which has resulted from the interaction has also given me the confidence to mix previously segregated  historical and contemporary elements so as to give shape to a more dynamic presentation of the overall precis – kabbalism in action!

For anyone reading an essay such as PRECESSION OF SIMULACRA – THE NEW TENOCHITITLAN with a modicum of attention, the end point of ‘kabbalism in action’ is and always must be – ‘the rest of us in traction’ – as in dead, immobile, consigned to an endless realm of talmudic hell such as is the goal of their necromantic magic. Now that – some ten years hence, we’ve reached the point where all of that ‘idle speculation’ and crank musing is actualizing in a hyper-real hyper horrible fashion in front of  those few who refuse to turn away their gaze…

even on these very pages, like some kind of Borges story we’ve entered by accident, we are witness to the ‘turning’ of men who failed to pay due regard to what was written there… kabbalism ‘works’ by inveigling the innocent into carrying the guilt – and paying the price – for the kabbalists’ own crimes. To that simple maxim I added the equally easy to grasp assessment – there is no more innocence. Those not ACTIVE in disassociating themselves from the complicity which America has unthinking assumed for the crimes of its own destroyers, assume the guilt of those same evil doers. I’ve begun here lately to imply what ACTIVE might imply – not so that it be imitated – tis far too late for that – but so that it is at least understood, what is happening to one, and why! Some, for whom this knowledge is inconvenient, yet who remained burdened by realization in some part of themselves that it be nevertheless true - we have already seen – attempt to divert, play games of enumerating ‘positive developments,’ question why mortality – misnomed as ‘morbidity,’ should even be subject fit for focus upon.
/next segment:

Two years now since the mask of turco-talmudic terror was pulled over the tortured face of an Anatolia held hostage to "kabbalism in action," we are now witness to the spread of that same viral madness into every interstice of the western world via a steady, if stealthy breakdown of all those bonds which have held its' people together as an organized, defensible entity for thousands of years.

In exact accord with the predicted course of events elucidated in the field report I issued at the conclusion of July 2016
those who have been placed in positions of political power throughout the westerworld have  proved themselves equally prey to a process of seduction, corruption, and serial sellout of their own kind; without any doubt the judicio-political class of the western world is ever so plainly tasked with bringing the mask of talmudic terror coming down on every one of the formerly free countries of the west. Morally bankrupt, psychically twisted puppets of a power hidden in plain sight, these underlings - Drumpf, May, Macron, Merkel and so on, are the final stage of a long devolution of culture and civility it took the entirety of those same thousands of years to build up into a recognizable legacy and gift to all humankind.

Heedless of all warning, contemptuous of all who sought to spark a notion of resistance within them, the denizens of that benighted demi-monde now sit on the edge of an abyss from which there is no escape, no way left of avoiding. Are |we| there yet? Yes... you indeed are... yet as usual… few to none are in any way aware of that fact.

2010's PRECESSION OF SIMULACRA - THE NEW TENOCHITITfLAN set the yardsticks by which the measuring of that process of a west disappearing into the maw of kabbalistic hell realms would proceed.

 Every ritual of liberal governance still religiously observed in form, the western "democracies" nevertheless are full security states where - in essence - the principles of law as they were long ago formulated, whether in the tradition of English Common Law or its' Continental equivalents, have been replaced with the imposition of judaic noahide law. Where the over-riding of constitutional, judicial and popular rule in a place such as Turkey is blatant and transparent, nevertheless, in a more screened yet equally all-encompassing manner that same imposition of talmudic tyranny has now blanketed the formerly "first world."

Traitors, fifth columnists, even some who were still - at that point - unwitting dupes of the moneypower.... all were quick to rush out and stifle the reports I made from the middle eastern front, and the dire conclusions I directed towards the attention of the former kith n kin, as to the replication of those terrible events which would be coming their way. Given the playing out of almost all the predictions contained in that decade old essay, and its’ follow up from two years past - all that remains is the final - bloody-most - chapter.

Now, free at last from the need to further advocate for the survival of those impermeable to even the idea of rational self-interest, I'm drawn to look back at that time when it still seemed possible that the west could be pulled back from its fatal trajectory towards extinction. What such retrospection can bring, other than the satisfaction of knowing one's instincts were unerring, might be the clear evidence for any still lurking in some semblance of whole body/mind back there...
of the full horror of their situation, and need to decisively ACT ... or perish, now...

The Mishpuka (Jewish Mafia) leader Pritzker who lives in seclusion on Haulon Rd., Libertyville, IL 60048 on a 1300 acre piece of expensive real estate, had the Dalai Lama consecrate a shrine for him. Haulon Rd. has two access points, a northern and a southern. (The road was bought by Pritzker and is guarded. Pritzker has been active in Chicago for the Mishpuka. He is reported to have spent millions renovating his house, where for some reason, dead bodies keep showing up on its estate grounds.)

as the charnel ground which America is soon nuff to become spreads out from those initial outliers of ashkenazi abattoirs in the various "Libertyvilles"… midwest and elsewhere…
 into the full measure of the now fallen republic. It was of course that same billionaire family of judaic pirates who undertook and paid for the first full English translation of the necromantic "Zohar" text, ably actualised by Moishe Abel, in a work of academic evil which stretched over almost 2 decades. Like supplying Tibetan monks to invoke the Kalachakra ritual over NYC just prior to the intial attack on the towers, all these little gestures have built up the scene for the ultimate Blood Sacrifice to come.

As the usual scoffing rises in the gorges of those likely to be among the very first of those to become victims of the forthcoming anti-gentile pograms, it behooves us to begin by asking just why the intensity, the virulence of this passion = "leave nothing alive" talmudic blood theatre thru so many many centuries. It begins, when my book project, BARBAROUS RELIQUARY gets around to that pertinent part of our hidden history, with an outpouring of angry dudes from the "urhemeit"  of those who would long later come to be known as "Europeans" "Aryans," and even more abstractly and mistakenly - "Indo-Europeans" - a 'ground zero' in the sub taiga Altaic Mountains of Inner most Asia - a single sex dispersion throughout Asia, Europa, North Africa and the middle east, so poorly understood even where noted as to be an ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM kind of clue as to what would follow... and make of our world an incipient hell realm...

at least that is were it begins in a manner where we can be absolutely sure of the anthropological premises, the charting of genetic diffusions, dna haplogroups and those markers of "paternity" from which has been inferred an entirely fallacious doctrine of both human evolution and world history!

I intend to take that starting point back much farther still, into the realm of the pre-historical era of "homo georganicus" and via some reasoned speculation provide a means of understanding wherein the roots of both semitic and turkic anti-humanism are to be located. But that must wait for a long time down the rode.

[Ha! I love lil spelling mistakes like that one... we are indeed ... on the rode... again, a wild [joy]ride through time n space of an Asian scape 'time outta mind', in search of the fruits which our forbears left for us to sample in a garden of Edenic splendor only a mind n gender bender of a talmudic kook could refuse to endorse as the really real course of this procession of souls we was always meant to be embarked upon!]

/next segment:

I arrived to this refuge from a wester world… however illusory it might prove be, with 5 books to hand, a vast personal library decades in the making all jettisoned, left behind. Overweight at the airport checkin, refusing to pay the scandalous fee, faced with the need for resolute decision, the tent, sleeping bag, extra boots, misc. paraphernalia got chucked into the dumpster… the books stayed put in my bag. Two of the four volume Unesco series on Civilizations of Central Asia, das Guptas’ Esoteric Buddhist Sects of Bengal,  most incriminatory of all – de Rougements’ “Love in the Western World.” I say incriminatory, because what could be more culpably ironic than fleeing the west with a manual of its most pervasive, mysterious and unsolved dichotomy – a history of the heresy of ‘passion’ as recounted through the study of the troubadours and their myth of courtly love? A ‘heresy’ the roots of which have stayed mysteriously untraceable even to such talents as Denis!

Years later, of course, it would prove out in further dose of irony that – rather than fleeing the west, I had been seeking it out – searching implacably for the real source of the legends and myths which formed the pervasive if unconscious underpinnings of the psyche of all of us born in the fallen lands of the west. Just as it would turn out that I had left my “homeland” to seek out my real ‘roots.’ In Asia! As I’ve gradually filled in the details of how that search needs proceed, tracing the origins of the Europoid peoples beyond a welter of false trails, phony history, “fakelore” invented to deceive what the heart was born to perceive…
each step along that track through time has been accompanied by a parallel one through my own mind.

Disposing of an invented “fake” personal history acquired at the behest of family, society, educators, unmasked to myself as a person whos’ roots are so bizarrely different than what they were taught to believe, I gradually began to understand that the “people” I was seeking out were such a mixed group of souls filtered out through the sands of time from the most improbable combinations of dna, ethnicities, religious persuasions and geography that they were indeed equal to the incredibly mixed lineage which proved to be my own. Neither autochthonous to the European subcontinent, in other words, nor speaking, from the beginning supposed “indo-european” tongues, no more “christian” in origin than a half dozen other spiritual leanings which come, go, and morph into each other, those people who shared over the long highway of time my melatoninally challenged skin tone, strange light eye color and head topping were anything BUT what I had been taught to believe they were. AS WAS I!

At the end of all this de-construction, personal and political, genetic and generic, stripped down to its’ core premises,  I could claim only to be a human being of the male gender – “Caucasian” itself would prove to be a bogus invented term with no application to real anthropology or history, the name on my passport was not only immaterial to my quest in life but almost anti-thetical to it, the people who I had related to for half a century were folks with whom I felt but the slightest commonality of outlook or interest, and almost nothing of what I had been told about myself and my background by my own family would prove on close inspection to be real. Such a biography – as one can imagine – puts a Premium upon “the real”… and searching it out can turn into the intent, if not purpose, of ones’ life, itself.

But all that presupposes that there is indeed a “real.” Born into an epoch of time when the intellectual currents heavily flowed against such a premise, I was not long in disposing of any affinity to modern “social sciences” in their post-modernistic and structuralist forms, nor comfortable at all with the presumed purpose of ‘knowledge seeking’ in a world declared random, devoid of teleological meaning, and most definitely devoid of anything remotely ‘divine,’ Welcome to the modern world? Thanks but no thanks. I’ve got other plans.

A human being of the male gender. Tis enough… to weave the stuff of greatness with… or was, for the mighty men who were the forbears.  Tough as nails, gentle as the seeds of milk thistle, inside them thorny spines, our folk were the ‘bearers’ of testosterone… a precious ‘mettle’ which has been both curse – when unbridled and indulged – and blessing of humankind for as long as we’ve been ‘we.’

We… are the result of a diaspora of sullen refugees who fled from the web of wonderous majic which the Age of the Womb wove over folk, refugees who would in time create out of their madness the Age of the Tomb in which the collective soul of our folk now sits… waiting for either release or destruction.

In the end, leaving the benighted ‘west’ would take me – not to where the real ‘west’ began… that would come much later, and much farther east, but where the ‘spirit’ of that really real west had lingered on the longest, after the putatively “western world” of Greece and Rome had been terminally poisoned with talmudic trickery and become nothing more than satrapies of the moneypower. In an “Anatolia time outta mind” I would find subtle scents of the past which no accredited scholar could allow to exist at all.  A past which had been buried not just under millennia of rock strewn rubble and earthern upheaval, but more dangerously under the mounds of phony ‘history’ by which that same moneypower reworked its pedigree into a fairy tale drama of epic deceit. Far from being the “epicenter” of western civilization, Greece would prove but a jumping off point fort the expansion of talmudic values and judaic invention into the rest of Europe, where, in time those would become the dominant currents of thought and law both.

Lycia, Caria, the Luwian Lukka Lands and close by Crete, with its’ Minoan matri-local culture not so deeply buried by the flows of lava and fake history both – these are the places where I have sniffed out traces of the real – a scent which gets into the nose of those who seek to know the truth about past and present, forcing them into heresy against their own invented identities and mischievously made up social pedigrees.  

Sniffin out the 'real' as it happens... involves sniffin out the dead trails and buried records which have been carefully covered up by crafty kabbalists who have made history reflect nothing more than their own propaganda.

In declaring war upon this fake narrative and the kidnapping of our own true history, my opening salvos, ten years back, were based upon an awareness that the alliance of moneychangin kooks and gender confused mooks of the 'homosexualist' kind was the main enemy. And it was in the 'lush rainment' of "Hellenic Civilization" that our main enemy hid their hideous form. Though I came out swinging in fine form... in outings such as "Musings" - "Black Sounds" and "Trawler of Horizons,"

"When seen as the sum of their parts, religion, science and the arts all are a seamless project to recreate man as the master of the universe. The agents of this desire, in their modern form, have done an effective job of disguising their objectives, and their implicit distaste for the feminine. Once we turn things right side up however , it will be seen that both women, and the great majority of men, are to be robbed of a natural fount of lifes’ value and pleasures, as well as the dignity that comes with being in possession of their vital functions. Thus it must be specified that deified man is never ‘mankind’ as such, but rather an artificial clique of ’super’ man who has power of life and death over the rest of us. The syphlitic ravings of Nietzsche clothed in the lush rainments of Wagner become the passions of the ‘collective soul’ that ushered in the era of the Pink Swastika. The controversies between theist and atheist, capitalist and communist, creationist and darwinist are all but dialectical cinema, by the end of which performance we all are to be “equally” dispossessed of the intrinsic qualities that go to make us human in the greater sense…."

I pretty quickly cottoned on to the fact I was in a big stadium filled with a hostile audience and a crew of ghoulish opponents who knew nothing of fair fights or gentlemanly conduct... who indeed would make short work of any naive enuff to bring such fairy tale principles into the ring with them.

Exit stage right....snagglepus... and live to fight another day. On the ground of ones' own choosing.
Hey! I'm back. Older, but wiser, with a sneaky right hook refined from innumerable sparring matches with satans' back door choice.

And now we're back to 'ground zero,' heroes! Jus as 'chain mail,' horse ridin, and Arthur and his round tables were invention of our Altaic forbears who tumbled out of their long hiber-nation in the far Asian forest/steppe margin to become "Hiberians" and other storied members of our western clans...

we also imposed the concepts of 'chivalry,' 'fair play,' and 'gentility' pon this sorry ol world. Gentile gentility, ya see?

I'm back. I'm ready. Dirty tricks? I've seen em all. Pick up yur weapon of choice orc-boys, and come out to play. I'll win this here fight fair and round.

Round Nine. Your move necromantic pederasts.

/next segment

Mortality –as in the ‘going’ part of our comings and goings into this dimension – is the distinguishing characteristic of ‘man’ – as in the male. For women, of the fertile form, at the least, the truncation of life which man suffers never even really happens – so much of their own ‘being- physical and otherwise, has already gone into those that they have brought into this world that the ‘death’ of one part of themselves is offset by the continuity of another. Were that true also for the male – or if at least the male were to believe it true, we would have no long timeline of struggle by mortal man to gain ‘immortality’ no huge and grievous wound to the psyches of all of us do the the perennial ego-driven terror of ‘not being’ which fuels the fantasies, and fatal errors of talmudists and their fellow travelers lusting after what is unobtainable to them, yet the legacy given over to all the rest of us!

"The story of men such as Francis Bacon, John Dee, or Giordano Bruno needs be seen as part of a thread of malevolent influence running uninterrupted from the remotest period of recorded history. The work of alchemy, both eastern and western traditions, needs also be viewed as a metaphorical description of this intent. Since the prima materia, as with nature itself, is seen as in essence the feminine, the absorption, removal, transmutation and destruction of that aspect are all part of the program by which the scientist/alchemist/occultist masters reality. The same thread of influence will be found by the careful investigator to run through the societies of the East, with the same destructive effects. The congruence of techniques and applications that sorcerers east and west have used for thousands of years bespeaks a common origin, which it is a necessary part of the purpose of these pages to explore and elucidate, for at this very moment the effects of the unification of those two streams of dark impulses are impacting upon us with greater and greater force. No less than a return to the feudal conditions of the past is what is sought by the occultists who now control what is left of the political power of the west." - from "Dossier - The Occultic Background"

For now, what matters is that in the now known history of the Pazyrk Culture (and its forerunners)in sub-southern Siberia, we can trace the impulse of the angry male fleeing the matriarchal world which had been our forbears first social organization, in search of an 'angry god' with whom to commiserate and plot revenge, as well  in search of more malleable and obtainable female flesh than that of their own kind.

Of the long process of that diffusion of (mis-nomed)"indo-european" hordes of horny and dangerously aggressive dudes from the original starting point in the Altaic, archeology has done a fairly competent job of tracing the advance of patriachal cultures and the retreat of peaceful, somewhat egalitarian ones alongside it. Yet "evidence" of the physical kind is of little benefit to the recording of real history unless its interpretation is objective and accurate. In that capacity, the social sciences remain pathetically inadequate to the task of taking the proper cues from the physical evidence of the past and reworking them into an empirical framework which reveals more than hides the course of our real history.

As we will eventually see once I get down to the business of correcting those faulty lenses and the premises which have distorted them, remarkably 'advanced' cultures to great degree free of 'technological' applications of physical force existed far further back than those sciences have accounted for - and indeed created those remarkable 'advances' thru means and methods far far different that the crude technologies we toy with today.

Once the fantasies of "Egyptology" are dispelled and replaced by the knowledge gleaned thru fields such as astroarcheology, we are witness to a far different spectrum of learning and its applications than what fakelore passed off as 'history' and 'science' would have us believe. Through the work of uncompromised investigators such as Bruce Cathie, working for the love of knowledge instead of the hidden talmudic agendas of phony science we've already gained some clues as to the abundant evidence of powerful fields and the human intent to utilize them for spiritual and practice purpose both. We can also begin through such evidences to rebuke the equally phony speculations contained in the notion of human 'evolution' and regard a model of the past which might suppose it at least equally probable that the real trajectory of humanity has been a devolution of powers and perceptual abilities!

But what has hitherto remained almost totally absent from the realm of speculated but well founded possibility is that the powers of creation inherent in the human form - as 'embodied' in the female of the species - so surpass, or once surpassed - the pallid imitative recourse of male-created and worshiped 'techne' as to be of an entirely other level of human achievement. Achievements, as I will argue the case for, which still lie buried under millennia of compensatory coverup whereby the runaway angry guys who checked out of pre-patriarchal society in search of an angry god suitably capable of aiding them in creating a 'hell on earth' so as to make sure that we never ever again have to face the possibility of living in a heaven on earth of our own making!  

Does all that imply that pre-patriarchal human society was a paradiscal playground of love and libido, freedom of thought, and artistic expression, nobility of spirit and equality for all? Doubtful. We need to approach the reopening of the record of our real history in the spirit of those who are under no illusions about the capacity of human beings - of whichever gender - to create problems and degrade lifes' possibilities and promise like no other species to be found on earth.... yet at the same time be open to the notion that much of our current maladies and disenfranchisements could indeed stem from having removed from our own toolkits half of the implements necessary to making life on this planet a fount of pleasure and happiness instead of the mere charnel ground it has become.

Here in Anatolia, the physical remains of places such as Catal Hoyuk offer a revelatory indication of a state of neolithic humanity far different than the fakelore versions peddled by historians and even archeologists. Yet again, interpretation - as in accurate, unbiased evaluation of the evidence - is everything, yet sadly lacking as the academic world bickers over entrenched positions which either need to see "goddess culture" everywhere, or the opposite pole which needs to dismiss all notions that there might have ever been anything but brutal patriarchal "caveman" human development in the distant past!

In analysing the world view of talmudic kabbalism in its modern and well as ancient forms - judaism as an entho-religious idelogy of supremacism and contempt for 'the other' in all iterations, the solid evidence for a longstanding contempt of the feminine - and a firm root of fear behind that same contempt is one of the greatest constants we observe. Yet more than just a 'judaic' pathology, the fear of and contempt for women is a shared trait of the semitic cultures. Arab and 'jew' are united in the need to express institutionalized dominance of the male as a compensatory mechanism to gloss over and minimize the inherent envy of and hatred for the female creative capacity. One of the most prevalent themes developed in the course of the old storify platforms' progression was that of the "Millennialist" quest to place all creative function - including off course, reproduction of the species - in the hands of a cabal of homosexualist madmen with a vision of turning this earth into a vast and arid 'monastery' dedicated to the worship of their angry god deus ex machina, and ultimately, to the extinguishing of all form of biologic life.

As I dreamed up various internet platforms with which to express my developing understanding of the real dangers to western civilization and indeed to life itself on this planet, only to watch them quickly fall prey to various form of malfeasance and attack years ago, I gradually became aware that lurking behind all of the really deadly peril I described was an anti-life force which hinged upon the attack upon gender. All of the phenomena of culture war upon the west which I was busily working on witnessing to and explaining in the context of kabbalism even back then, was secondary to and but a part of an even greater evil which used the corruption of the most basic life impulses - the creative dynamic and spark between male and female - to advance an agenda of turning both male and female into warped caricatures of humans, now so blatantly apparent in their 'transgender' social conditioning as advanced through every interstice of their communications monopoly.

This lurking - supreme - menace I sensed intuitively to be hidden within the kabbalist-talmudic agenda was impossible to get to grips with head on at that time. As a social project and the tactical means by which to accomplish the goal of destroying the west, it can be descried ... and described. But the even darker objective my sixth sense was picking up big time was the quenching of the human spirit for all of entirety I eventually decided. The "AI" revolution and the degradation of what inherently 'human' faculties still remain to the already diminished remnants of the race are part and parcel of the implacable desire - of SOME FORCE OR OTHER- to totally destroy us. As the theme has resurfaces in the course of this platforms' development, the question has naturally arisen - is kabbalist talmudism a manifestation of this even deeper evil, or the source of all? I've delivered my current opinion on the subject in the course of the previous posting, but that is but the tip of the iceberg.

[ADDENDUM]At this juncture- of a post I've described as being published in 'draft' format - it would be seemly to insert some information which both responds to the initial feedback and amplifies upon the above paragraph.

As much as I am now returning to the theme initiated long time back, on previous platforms... of the conjunction of talmudic terrorism with the 'homosexualist' cabal to wreak havoc upon this world...

there are many permutations and hidden alliances within that 'conspiracy' which haven't even begun to surface. When one of them does - such as is the subject of my next intended posting - it brings upon the further tying up of loose ends whereby bizarre phenomena witnessed by myself and others start to become... to some degree at least... 'rationally' explicable. It's in the context of that ongoing "jigsaw puzzle solving"  I insert this addendum. The experiences described by our correspondent "Catalysm", in the comments section, are, if verifiable, perhaps the very first anecdotal evidence of the process of the wester worlds' descent into talmudic hell realms. Where he writes:

"I’m a person of no importance and I have done nothing that could explain how I came to be selected for this. I conclude that it must have something to do with intangible factors, perhaps the same mindset that led to my interest in your writings. These dark forces are picking up on something and interfacing with human and not so human agents" 

I perceive the description of a persons entrapment into a world of 'terror'... wherein states of 'living' and 'death' start to precariously mingle, in a way that - as my response below indicated - most accurately 'imitates' or 'repeats' the theme of the 1950s chiller 'CARNIVAL OF SOULS.'

Several posts back now, I gave notice that I would do no more than 'provisionally' accept the authenticity of any of my interlocutors here - noting that there had already been examples of those who had proven 'fraudulent' even if 'initially' sincere. This means, in practical terms, I'm neither believing or disbelieving any claims brought forwards... and in this case I simply note that Catalysms'  situation, if 'true'.... needs be studied closely by any who might be still "on the fence" about whether any of what I'm writing about here is  "real." I would also note that those old cinematic efforts from more than half a century past - while packaged as simply mass entertainment vehicles, where in many cases EXTREMELY accurate in predictive capacity. I've mentioned several titles in the course of these postings already. There are more.

Back to the present: what I propose to be writing about next - the shocking case of Keith Ranieres' NXIVM cult  - will bring together these previously un-noted, or under-noted strands of mischief by disparate players with a collective allegiance to "EVIL" in such a way as to allow me to complete the entire ten year cycle writings which began with PRECESSION OF SIMULACRA - THE NEW TENOCHITITLAN, and move seamlessly into an entirely new phase. Some of the themes... the harassment, mischief making, etc., such as Catalysm would have us believe he is subject too, are elements of this coming post -

"118. Based upon information and belief, the applicable Defendants' inflictions of severe
emotional, financial, mental, and physical distress on the Plaintiff have been
masterminded by Raniere/Vanguard, coordinated by Keeffe, and funded by the Bronfman
sisters. Also based upon information and belief, specific elements of these inflictions
have been carried out by various Defendants who have acted alone and/or in concert with
one another - and who may have been assisted in their efforts by one or more of the
named and/or un-named Defendant law firms and/or the Defendant attorneys.
-from Joe O'Haras' civil suit against NXIVM

which I find to resonate greatly with my own experience, as I spent a very long period battling the very same financial forces and families, without at that time fully recognizing who they were and what they represented in this world. I gained a great deal of information about the nature of 'evil' in the course of tha battle. Unlike C, I cannot say "I have done nothing that could explain how I came to be selected for this" because I know supremely well the hows and whys of what have brought me here. If as a result of finding that the manifestations of human-fronted evil are even greater - as in even more far flung and powerful in their various mafiya mushrooming forms - than previously was discernible.... this could certainly be cause for 'alarm'... yet, on the other hand... to know just whom one is faces seems always preferable to a faceless, unknowable enemy! -END OF ADDENDUM

Getting to grips with the real ROOT of this evil is the ultimate objective of the BARBAROUS RELIQUARY book project, but the route to getting there is clearly going to involve some twists and turns unanticipated by this scribbler. If one of them happens - as appears to be the case - the complete collapse of the west in the meantime, I can only wonder if the fulfillment of that objective will serve some kind of purpose ultimately. As long as Asia is my stomping ground, however, the course remains set, the work will move along. Just how long the odds of succeeding are was brought home to me late last year, when I reopened my file on the work of Jeanne Kimball Davis, in order to start unwinding the long path from ... the exhaustion and despair which filled me in the aftermath of 2016s summer of TERROR -

"When I sat down a week ago,  to organise the thoughts which would crystalise
into "Twi light of the West," I had no idea that a whole seven year period of
divination had just completed - the denouement of a cycle of predictions which
had begun in the dying West,  and completed in a now equally "deadened" East.
Is i t possible to use the terms "dead," "death," or "deadened" in reference to
places and spaces where "people" still wander in apparently complete
corporeality - walking,  talking,  breathing,  and carrying on as if fully "alive?" I ' ve
given some thought to the question,  and would argue that it is not only
possible,  but appropriate,  in describing the condition of the denizen of thi s
"modern" world of post-reality as really a liminal state of consciousness.  That is
to say,  neither fully "dead" nor "alive" - occupying,  rather ,  a space on the
borders of both conditions. -from "ANATOLIA CALLING - THE TERROR TEMPLATE HAS ARRIVED"  

 to Pazyrik, and on to the "Empires of the Steppes" and the rise of the nomad horse cultures which spell the end of peaceful human development everywhere. This rock petroglyph,
-hey well... even the image wouldn't load up!
 found in the central asian highlands by a Chinese team in the last quarter of the previous century, was only given wide exposure in the current millennium through the talmudic-controlled media... and what an exposure it was!

To my amazement, once I starting looking into the way that the incredible, in your face evidence of our previous social forms and sexuality was been interpreted by that media, I realized that the Kangi glyphs were being deliberately mis-represented as an argument for THE HOMOSEXUALIST AGENDA!


İf I go any further here… this post will run right outta control.
Best to stop… see who be out there, lookin in, await some kind of debate about where to head this camel caravan towards next. Said it before… I’ll say it again, in closing…
Exit stage right....snaggletooth... and live to fight another day. On the ground of ones' own choosing.
Hey! I'm back. Older, but wiser, with a sneaky right hook refined from innumerable sparring matches with satans' back door choice.

And what I got lined up next is a TNT stick to the rear entry of all those who still imagine themselves part of that continuum of culture which was known vernacularly as "the west"... WE'VE MOVED. On without ya.

“The movement known as Theosophy, which roughly concurrent with the rise of the Decadent and Symbolist currents gave emphasis to a syncreticism of religion and the occult well matched with the synthesis of gender sought by the avant garde writers and painters of Europe. Since mediumship at the time was still one of the areas in which women were acknowledged competent, characters like Blavatsky, Theosophy’s founder, who were fundamentally sexless in orientation acted as strong influences on the culture of the period. This complemented the intentions of the parallel artistic stream, which Peladan summed up with the memorably blunt statement “The order has one single motivating goal: to ruin sexual love, passion, and to substitute the abstract and aesthetic rites.” No better summation of the goal and desire of the faceless cabal which has hijacked western culture exists right through to the present day. Through Theosophy the next wave of artists, though breaking with form in favor of the abstract, were trained to carry through the mission statement intact.”
From 2009s “Musings.” You see what I’m up against? And what I’m defending? Got testosterone? Might be time to use it.

Should be no mystery, to anyone who has read this far. In an era of spineless, spongelike girly/men who are all that is left of “American malehood” in this blighted age, I’ve let the characters of this morality play speak – and act – for themselves. I gave this Project 10 years in which to build a base of active resistors capable of forming a cadre of THINKING/ACTING guerrilleros  whose common cause would be retrieving a joint inheritance stolen by mindfukkers pretending to be part of our tribe.  No takers – jus fakers. Guys with cojones joined to a working brain stem are just not in stock anymore in your part of town it seems. Stand your ground… you’ll blow up real good!

So be it. I’ve let that invitation run its course. And its time to move on. I’ve had a back up plan all along, but didn’t really think I’d have to use it. Yaz proved me wrong. An that’s – all right...

I got's this here T shirt says - I"m with PARACELSUS dummy!

His motto was "alterius non sit qui suus esse potest" which means "let no man that can belong to himself be of another"

It ain't much as  a suit of chain mail... but the fit is perfect.

"In the early middle ages the Pharisees continued to thrive. They began to call themselves Rabbis and only used the name Pharisees when remembering historical events from the Second Temple period. In the 7th century the Islamic Empire swept the Middle-east. The Muslims had no interest in imposing Islamic religious practice on the Jews and gave them a degree of autonomy under a system known as the Exilarchate. The Exilarchate had been founded hundreds of years before under Sassanian rule but until now only had influence in Babylonia and Persia. Overnight the Rabbanites turned from a localized Babylonian phenomenon into a political power which stretched throughout much of the Middle-east. From the 3rd-5th centuries the Babylonian Rabbanites had developed a body of religious law known as the Babylonian Talmud which they now imposed on every Jew in the Empire.

Resistance to the Rabbinites was fierce, especially in the eastern provinces of the Empire which had never even heard of the Talmud. The historians tell us of Jewish leaders whose resistance against the Talmud put them in direct conflict with the Islamic government, which had empowered the Rabbis and given them full authority over other Jews. One resistance leader who refused to accept the Talmud was named Abu Isa al-Isfahani and it is said that he led an army of Jews against the Muslim government. Other attempts to cast off the Talmud were also undertaken but all failed and the Rabbanites and their Talmud seemed unstoppable"

The second half of the 19th century witnessed an astounding array of changes to the social, economic, and intellectual life of the western world. Our educational system, for one, is much the product of intentions advanced in those times. Due to the manipulations of those who goal it was to form and control the minds of future generations, that very system now serves to cloak facts vital to understanding the present moment of crisis in the West. In order to reveal what really occurred in that seminal period the investigator needs not only dig deep for external truths, but as well go deeply within to purge acquired impediments to knowledge and analysis. Vestigial vision serves as both elixir and antidote. Waking up from the spell we have been placed under we regain the freedom to think and act in accordance with our true nature. Drink deep, friend, and see through fresh eyes what before was veiled

\can't get any of the background stories to upload [agin!] -signal too weak! But here's the sidebar from the ol VestigialVision site:

About Vestigial Vision
Although science and magic are posed to us as two entirely separate spheres of activity, close study of the available evidence shows their conflation underpins the structure of our daily lives. Vestigial vision is an innate human faculty to recognize the nature of things as they really are rather than how we are educated to perceive them. Here it is employed to examine what is effectively a trick of conjuration that binds us to a view of ourselves and the world profoundly poisoned. Use of this faculty enables humankind to abjure allegiance to this counterfeit reality paradigm, creating the freedom to finally enjoy self and other.

which I sometimes fancy to have really said everything I ever needed to!